a Grandma?! What a Present!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

So I found out this past weekend that I am going to be a Grandma! I am doubly blessed because it is TWINS! I am so happy for my daughter and her husband!!!!!!! They have been trying for awhile(2years) and didn't want anyone to know until they were sure! So, now they are excited, anxious, scared, thrilled, freaking out, anticipating the new arrivals and so far so good! Mom, she says,"how are we going to be able to afford 2 of everything now?" What do Moms say, "Don't worry, God only gives you what you can handle!" "It will all work out!" With this being our first Grandchildren, It is amazing watching her go through all the changes with being pregant! I can't wait to hold those little bundles of joy in my arms!!!!!!! They say Grandparenting is so much more fun than parenting! I loved parenting and really enjoyed my kids so..........................WH
EEEE! Let the Loving begin..... and of course the spoiling rotten of those little cuties of love! and then giving them back.................heeeeehee
eeeeeeee. So, 5 months from now you can bet this Grandma is going to post tons of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!Have a Blessed Christmas because I Sure WILL!
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