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"Name Withheld"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today, I went out and got a few little things needed to complete the "Christmas Meal". I got home and it was time for counseling. As we were sitting there, a UPS truck pulled up outside and knowing that I wasn't expecting anything, I doubted it would be anything for me. However, the counselor and the kids kept looking out the window all excited to see where the UPS man was headed. Lo and behold, he got out of his truck and headed straight for my door.

Bekah opened the door before he could really even knock, LOL. I was wondering if I was gonna be mad at hubby for something and she brought back a flat cardboard UPS envelope. I opened it and was unsure what it was at first, it was a piece of paper and I immediately recognized the "stretched dollar" as a Save-A-Lot advertisement and then I noticed a card attached to the paper. It was a Save-A-Lot gift card!!! I had never seen one before, LOL! I then looked and my mouth fell at the total of $50.00 and then when My eyes beheld "From: "Name Withheld" I started crying. I could not believe my eyes! It took a few minutes for it to sink in that this was a REAL card, for me and my family and I had no idea who had sent it!

Sure, I have ideas of who MIGHT have done it of several "who's" who could have done it, but I have no REAL clue. I am ok with that! I just thanked God for placing me on someone's heart to bless me and my family like that during this hard time we are going through right now!

I will thank them by using it wisely and buying frugally and as healthily as my local Save-A Lot will allow! Now, I can fulfill my obligations to the places we go to celebrate Christmas (it isn't much) and more than that, I can fill my family's belly's as they have really been "missing" meat lately, haha!

Thank-you to God and thank-you to "Name Withheld", may God bless you above and beyond what you have blessed me.

Merry Christmas!
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