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Thursday, January 06, 2011

As you face this new year...of revised energy and enthusiasm...I present...


I saw...what I found to be a VERY INTERESTING interview the other day...some GREAT quotes...that I thought about.

I invite you to read them...(additional points from Todd in ( )...) If they inspire or make you think about your own personal journey...then well worth the 2 minutes it took you!

* "There reaches a point when a diet becomes a disorder." (insert any other word for diet and think about what you obsess about)

* "Exercise is an interesting word...I don't like to use it and I don't like to do it!" (but if this were true for you...what if you found ONE THING that you loved and JUST DID THAT? It would be BETTER than SITTING. So what if your BFF is an aspiring runner...maybe YOU are GREAT at something else!)

* "There is a very thin line between being private and being ashamed." (I have thoughts...)

* "To live your ENTIRE LIFE thinking your body will be better." (so many key words here)

* "Love can heal you." ( comes in all forms)

* "Normal healthy person" (define please)

So you see...this interview literally sent me spinning...wheels are still much to absorb...feel...understand!

I invite YOU to reflect too! Please share with someone that needs to think about their journey!

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