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Friday, January 07, 2011


There was a visual moment...not just a feeling...not just a desire...but a moment when you looked, saw, and thought...THE TIME HAS COME TO TAKE MY LIFE BACK!

Be KNOW you had one.

f comfortable...coming SOON...I will share mine...and you WON'T BELIEVE IT!

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  • ALYON58
    my "ah-ha" moment came after i looked at the pictures from christmas. i looked like "jabba the hut". i was diagnosed with kidney disease in aug 2005 and had to go on dialysis 3nights a week for a 4hour session. still working on the days i had treatment i was gone from 6am to around 1130pm. eating supper and then going to bed so i could get up at 5am the next morning and start all over. in nov 2009, i was lucky enough to get a new kidney. so is spent 2010 making up for all the things i couldnt eat while i was on treatment(very restricted diet). when i saw the pictures i finally caught on to the fact that i really needed to do something. so my daughter, who is also on spark, gave me a wake up call. she said that she didnt want to loose me and that i really needed to start taking care of myself and my new kidney. so her i am. i have lost almost 10lbs since i started in december. im glad for the support of all the spakies out there.

    3744 days ago
    I knew I had gained a lot of weight and knew it was affecting my health. I wasn't so naive to not notice. But I had somebody I had known all my life, that I hadn't seen in a while (a man who is not very nice on a good day mind you) walk up to me and ask me when I got so fat. Just like that. "When did you get so fat?" Of course being the person that he is he did it in front of my 50+ extended family. I laughed him off and acted like I didn't care but I went home that weekend and promised myself I would do whatever I had to do to never hear anybody ask me that again.
    3780 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2991697
    After I had my 6th son...about three months later I was being scheduled for hernia surgery. I thought...No big deal, after 6 c-sections...what's the big deal! Well, I will take c-sections over hernia surgery any day!!!

    My doc kept me at the hospital for 6 days! He knew I would not take it easy, so he kept me in "lock up". LOL! Anyway...after my 6 week check up I had asked about my weight because I was really beginning to get down lighter than I had been in years! Then the hernia thing! He kind of joked and said..."Well, after 6 kids, you will never be much smaller than you are now. Especially in the midsection!" So, from that point on I was determined to find a way to prove him WRONG!! And baby....I am doing it!!!

    I am now smaller than I have been ~ about the same size at child #3....and still going!

    I will keep doing it til I hit my weight goal and my personal goal!
    3783 days ago
    My visual came the other day when I was looking at past teacher photos. I'm tired of being 'one' of the fat ones. Class pictures are in May.
    3783 days ago
    the minute the dr told me I needed diabetes medication. I had just lost my dad maybe 3 years before to complications to diabetes. He was on dialyses for years and also got an infection in his foot that eventually ended up being removed. I was to young for all that.

    thnx for the reminder


    3783 days ago

    I've had a long day and too tired to think about it, and maybe TOO OLD to remember when I CAN think about it! LOL!
    3783 days ago
    i showed my fat pic and story in my last blog. it's bad when a person goes to town and just puts a hat on instead of taking the time to brush her hair and put on some lipstick. all of my big clothes we finally too small to hide the rolls and every time i saw a woman who spent 5 minutes fixing her face and ironing her clothes, my hot flashes would flare up and i would mutter under my breath how i "hated her" for looking so dang nice! oh, and one day, a man called me sir. baseball cap, no lipstick, earrings, etc... i was so embarrassed!
    3784 days ago
    My reckoning came when I filled out an insurance form that asked if I had gained or lost 20 or more pounds in the past year. I had gained 25 pounds, and realized that if an insurance company was asking that question as a condition of being insured, it must not be good for my health! I'm 5'9" tall, so I can carry 25 pounds better than a shorter person, but it still concerned me. I went to my doctor and asked him what I could do. He said, "Put your fork down and push yourself away from the table." Big help he was!

    It took many more years before finding Spark, but this wonderful group of people who encourage, cajole, and inspire me have been a safe haven for me! Spark and SparkPeople ROCK!
    3784 days ago
    I can't remember any more, but I'm sure glad I'm here now! (And I love SAILSCALL's answer!)
    3784 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7632332
    My visual moment came one day when I looked in the full length mirror and my belly was bigger than my boobs....and my boobs are big! And that's the honest to goodness truth!!! emoticon emoticon
    3784 days ago
    My moment that I turned my life around was in August of last year, when I stumbled upon SparkPeople quite by accident. Reading the reviews on of what an inspirational web-site this is, I jumped in with both feet and haven't looked back.

    Preface: I had gone out on a stress-related disability from my high pressure job as a Control Center Operator for a major electrical utility in MA. Mens' lives were in my hands. I was attending a training class and the pressure to produce was not within my comfort zone. So I stepped away from a job I love, but one that had taken it's toll on my health ~ too much stress, too many 12-16 hour shifts on a 24/7 schedule, not enough sleep all contributed in my deficient immune system which resulted in six cancer encounters (either in a cancerous or precancerous statuses). In addition, a serious lack of respect and a mob-like mentality, my 6-digit salary was not worth dying over.

    My job defined my life for the past 12 years. Feeling like a failure, I found myself in bed for a week. I sank into a deep depression that nearly cost me my life. I had dropped 30 pounds in a couple of months having lost my appetite for life. I've never walked away from anything before, and I've been through some really rough times. My husband responded by bringing home a rescue pup. He knew that she would get me out of bed and give me something to get my mind off my loss. Slowly, I started realizing that what seemed to be the worse thing to ever happen in my life actually gave me an opportunity to HAVE a life.

    I was looking for self-help books on and found many references to this web site. Joining SP has truly turned my life around! The friends and support I've found here have made all the difference, especially people like you, Todd and our Make It Happen teammates. I define my life now and my future is finally in my own hands.


    3784 days ago
    I woke up one Fri AM in June 2010 hung over, sore, fat and stupid. I could fix 3 of the 4. There is no cure for stupidity. I just hope I got a little smarter.
    3784 days ago
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