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Monday, January 10, 2011

In the spirit of aiming high, linking goals to emotional events, planning what to do if something goes wrong, handling disappointments when I fall short, and being reasonable with my goal-setting, here are my revised goals for RIGHT NOW and BEYOND.

I have them printed in this checklist form to keep where I can see them. Desk, magnet board, wallet, bookmarks, among my blogs. Easy to track & remember at the right times.
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With weekly benchmark reports, I can stay on track to reach my lowest maintainable weight, my SP goal, this year. Maybe I'll start a pool to guess the date.
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WEIGHT—starting weight on 1/1-2011 (148.6)
~JANUARY minimum--2.25 lbs (146.35 on 2/1)
~BEYOND—Unattainable “Wouldn’t it be great if I could” (125 on 5/3-birthday)
Plan B—if I fall short (125 on 7/4-“freedom from fat” day)
Plan C—if I’m not free yet (125 on 9/1—50th anniversary—was 127 on wedding day)
Plan D---if the last lbs are giving me fits—(125 on 12/31)
Plan E--if I'm not quite to 125 and it's New Year's Eve Day--(Proclaim the number on the scale THAT DAY as my SP Goal, my lowest "maintainable weight", and continue the work of maintaining it & being among those of us who are determined to improve the statistics--at present, 95% end up back where they started or worse--I know. I've done that repeatedly. I like to think I have a fighting chance this time).

~SCALE—routine weight check ONCE daily & record data.
~DEFICIT—270 daily average for Plan D, 410 for C, 548 for B, & 849 for the unattainable
~SLEEP—7 to 8 hrs daily
~IMAGE & MOTIVATION—wear clothes that fit daily
~KITCHEN ROUTINE—Maintain daily

("I deserve it. I earned it."—link this thought to the reward & the action)
~$1 daily for 80% compliance & above (price of a cheap cup of coffee)
~$10 bonus for 80% compliance & above for the week (price of a couple of drive-thru misadventures)
~$0—for under-performing (no drama or “costly fines”—just ignore it & move on—make mental note of lessons learned & specifics to improve)

MY “8M” *ACCOUNT—(to be spent guilt-free or saved for a “biggie”--my choice will likely include some expenditures along the way, to feel special about my progress and to keep me motivated)
~January balance--$15 so far
*( More Magnificent Muffin Movements Mean Many Merry Minimizations)--inside joke between some friends and me "ala Betty White" and a Sparkfriend who "takes her Muffin for a walk".


Here's the link to an inspirational song that a Sparkie friend's blog brought to my attention. It tears me up (excites me) and gives me confidence. Maybe it will do the same for others.

After listening to the song with my morning coffee and reading the lyrics as they
scroll past, I feel unstoppable. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Boom, boom, boom...make 'em go "Oh, Oh, Oh..."
Babies, yinz are fireworks!!!

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C'mon and show 'em what you're worth. Ignite the Spark & let it shine!
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