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I'm fat.. among other things...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's ok for me to say that, because.. I am. I'm fat. I'm obese. I'm not making a harsh judgement call on myself. It's simply the way I am - at this point in time.

My BMI is 34.8. That's Obese. That's also MUCH better than 42.2, which is what it was when I started this journey.

I embrace that success!

I weigh 235.2 (as of this morning, yay!). That's a huge improvement over 285, my weight when I started.


I have 33 more pounds to lose to be only Overweight. I'm excited to reach that milestone! That'll be a BMI of 29.9.

So, why all these declarative statements? I recently joined the Slow Fat Runners team here on SP. A couple of very dear friends worried about my being part of such a group, or at least, a group with that kind of name. I reassured them briefly via a quick message that it was ok to be a part of this team, that it was not a negative in any way. I'm expounding further here.

I am slow. I am fat. I am a runner. The team title just lays it all out without apology or sugar-coating.
Slow Fat Runners

815 Members
Even overweight folks can run or walk a 5K to a marathon with pride in their accomplishment and fitness. This team is for us slow, fat athletes for whom winning means finishing the race.

I think that's totally awesome, and I'm slowly investigating the team, the posts, the members, getting a feel for things.

I'm never going to be an ultra-runner. I'm never going to win medals or finish in a top spot in any of the races that I participate in. I'm never going to be svelte or gazelle-like.

That's ok!

I AM going to run. I AM going to participate in and enjoy races. I AM going to continue becoming more healthy, more fit, less fat, less slow.

I'm fat. Yea, so? I am a whole lot more than that. One little three-letter word doesn't define me, stop me, or scare me.

Thank you both for your concern. I DO appreciate it, and love you all the more for it!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    congrats on losing so much weight! i bet you feel much better now :)
    i'm a slow runner too. i've been doing c25k and have gotten a little better about it, but still don't like running where people can see me! (i have short legs and thus a short stride, plus exercise induced i'm not fast at all!) thanks for inspiring me to get out there and run anyway!
    3793 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8072637
    I can think of another 3 letter word that starts with F that describes you...FUN! Candy, your enthusiasm, spunk, and charisma comes through in your honest and FUN posts! You aren't slamming yourself in any way. Fat is a descriptor, not a definer the way you are using it. And honey, you're on your way to not even being overweight anymore. I know from experience that doing something you never dreamed you would do can change your perspective on yourself and how you relate to the world around you. Back in 2000 I started walking at a local park on a regular basis. One day I had a revelation after building up my distance to 3 miles a day...I never thought I would be someone who does THIS. It felt so good to identify myself as someone who exercised, who walked 3 miles a day. It was a real shift for me and it helped me lose 70 lbs. I know it is healthy for you to become an active participant on that team. I know you're gonna rock the races you do in the spring. I know you're gonna finish. I know you're gonna beat your own times you set for yourself. You know why? Because you're a slow fat runner. Not a slow fat quitter. A slow. Fat. RUNNER. A runner who knows what she's doing. You go girl! You got this! Mwah!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Christine
    3794 days ago
  • AMYSPARK2019
    I'm almost speechless and that doesn't happen to me often. I haven't looked at myself like this but I think I will now. You're awesome!

    3798 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2946534
    3799 days ago
    Love your blog! I am always sugar coating things, see that is not your style though. I believe they call that "keeping it real". emoticon Victoria
    3803 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6896537
    OMG I can't wait to check out that page!! I'm so anxious to get back running. My first 5K last year sucked big time....BUT I did it; I finished it and that's more than a lot of people did! So you keep it up girlfriend and I'll be right there beside you!!
    3803 days ago
    Great work on getting your BMI down! And yes, you are a lot more than a 3 letter word!
    3804 days ago
    I emoticon your attitude & spunk! emoticon
    3804 days ago
    What a great post. Slow and steady wins the race. It's not how fast you get there, just that we get there. You COULD be svelte, in your own definition!! :)
    Besides, you're not fat. You're phat!!
    3804 days ago
    You are a BEAUTIFUL runner!!! awww, Candy, even your name makes me smile!!! emoticon

    Sooooo proud of your progress and motivation!!! emoticon

    Lets keep sparking!!! emoticon
    3804 days ago
    emoticon blog and emoticon progress so far!
    3804 days ago
    I started just a little lower than you, at 244 officially, although I was likely a little over that at some point. I lost weight as you are doing, I started running, I am a runner. I put back on 10 pounds from 150 to 160 due to concerns of various family members that I had originally said I would stop at 160. (I slipped below). I am now planning on seeing if I can get that 10 pounds off for the May 2011 Ottawa race weekend. Not a big deal, but I thought I would like to see how it alters things if any.

    On interesting fact is I have had more concern expressed that I have lost weight and am 160, and that I run (am in the best shape I have been in 40 years, than I ever got being obese and inactive. Funny how there is some well meaning concern expressed at my making a healthy change, but there was no concern expressed that I was Fat and inactive.

    Good running and be careful out there.


    3804 days ago
    Great blog!
    3804 days ago
    Do a marathon or a half and you WILL win a medal! Way to go. emoticon
    3804 days ago
    You have such a great attitude. Great blog!
    3804 days ago
    Fat and Functional - I love that! So am I... and almost proud to say it! Not proud to be fat, but proud to be fat and active! :) NEVER ever say NEVER Candy.... you taught me that!
    I think I'd like to check out the slow fat runners too!
    3804 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8986089
    I love this blog! I love that being fat is just functional for you, what a healthy attitude. And I love that you joined slow fat runners. Do they kick you out someday when you aren't fat anymore? emoticon
    3804 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7466362
    Yes! Say it loud, get it out there. It's obviously no secret I'm fat. I think people who are not working in the downward direction may feel sensitive about it. Keeping a positive attitude is over half the battle.
    3805 days ago
    Actually, I was not ever concerned. I believe I know you well enough to say you know what you are doing.
    And I just very recently left the obese category. Now I am just overweight LOL!
    You gotta love that! How on earth do people get in healthy category and stay there!!!! My question is with the last category... people who are too under weight? Wow. I don't know whether to be jealous or have apathy for them.

    Well, my dear Candy....may I add to the "among other things" You are wonderful!

    3805 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8206016
    I'm fat too, the obese category. I appreciate your sharing. It reinforces my determination and knowledge that being obese will be a thing of the past.
    3805 days ago
    I'm fat too! Glad to meet you!
    3805 days ago
    Good attitude!
    3805 days ago
    Yep, we gotta "own" it in order to do something about it...whether it's the numbers on the scale or other life situations. And you are doing a FABULOUS job of taking care of yourself and kicking butt! I'm proud of you!
    3805 days ago
    Awsome blog! I agree with all the other comments. You will never feel so proud of yourself as the day you pass your first finish line, even if it's a slow walk! woohoo for you! I just wrote to someone that ugly feelings bring ugly fat! and I worried that I was gonna affend someone, well hey it's the truth! We are all here to get healthier and shooting for a lower # is a grt way to look at it. Kudos! ~Maci~
    3805 days ago
    i like all of this blog except for the "i'm never" part. you're still early in your journey. don't assume you'll "never" anything. we athletes keep surprising ourselves, you know!
    3805 days ago
    What a great post. I think one thing that holds many of us back from our goals is our failure to acknowledge where we are. Without accepting your starting place, how do you get to where you want to go? I applaud you for embracing the terminology and turning a hurtful word into something positive.

    3805 days ago
  • no profile photo CD489681

    Very well put!!!!
    3805 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8532529
    Awesome, Candy. I love your attitude! We should all embrace ourselves alot more!
    3805 days ago
    Fantastic blog and great thinking. Why do others have such a hard time with an individual who can see what he/she is and doesn't hide that fact? Does someone who is overweight really not realize it? Or should they not see it? Silly if you ask me. You have taken on a challenge of who and what you are right now, who you were many pounds ago and who and what you will be in the future! Kudos!
    3805 days ago
    Awesome blog! Sometimes it is seeing those truths and saying them outloud that really motivate us. And you are more than just 3 little words.

    You have made great progress so far,keep up the good work!!!
    3805 days ago
  • GAYLEP67
    OMG Candy! Awesome blog and I know exactly what you mean. People often cringe when I refer to myself as fat or obese but I'm simply calling a spade a spade. I call it "owning who I am". can bet your bottom dollar that we all think you're more than that too!!!

    3805 days ago
    You are so strong...and so awesome :) Thanks for this blog, I really enjoyed reading it; you have come so far and you will continue to lose weight and get healthy with such a positive attitude!

    3805 days ago
    And let's enjoy our running today...and every day. Can't yet figure out whether I'll go brave it outside or hit the Y for my "run" today. Slow and steady does win the spark race, you know.

    You go, gal!!!!
    3805 days ago
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