temptations EVERYWHERE!!!! (you know what I mean.)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

okay, so I'm down 15 lbs now....hooray! bu-ut~ oh my gosh!!! not without kicking my own butt several times in the process.

I think on the next round, or rather should have done this first time around- during load days, make sure that all the food stuffs you have around (hm, I forgot about the things I had at work!) should be eaten or tossed into the garbage.

I would start my days off just fine, then---hello, a jar of peanut butter I had at work....calling my name....I had a bite, then another, then another...omg, it was good! It was THEN, that I looked at all the fat and calories I had just shoved into my piehole! CRAP!

And it did not end there. Several other times.....especially late at night....feeling weak already, here comes the stupid pizza, Baskin Robbins and Burger commercials.... it's all I could think about! A piece of cheese here, a little (or a lot) of chocolate there..well, you can see where I'm going with this.

SO~ yes, I could have done much better than I did, lost a little more, but I know I'm not alone in deviating from the task at hand. We all do it....slip up, but just remember to get up, dust yourself off and get back on up is NOT an option! We have a job to do, right?!

Let me know how your past week went. Are you feeling a bit psycho yet? The emotional roller coaster as we adjust to life without our comforts (for me it's pasta, taters, etc.) can take it's toll, but you're not alone. We can do this!!!

Good luck this week! Cheers!

(note to self~ find plenty of activity for the weekend, eating and drinking like you used to, isn't on the agenda!!! - sure would love some of my favorite beer, and not just one!!!)
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    By the way, I've subscribed to your blog and you can subscribe to mine if it might inspire you.
    3828 days ago
    I know what you mean about the temptations. I mean, we didnt gain weight because we ate healthy! I have fantasies of chocolate, peanut butter (MY WEAKNESS), and eating out. I have not yet strayed and I'm on day 13 or so. I've lost over 12 pounds and that is keeping me motivated. It was especially hard when I made my family lasagna and didn't even taste the sauce. However, I keep telling myself that I can have this stuff in moderation as soon as I face my internal reasons why I overeat and as soon as I lose enough weight to eat it in moderation. I am learing to eat fruit with every meal, and have you heard of the Food Lover's program? I'm thinking of ordering that for when I've lost all the weight. It supposidly teaches us how to eat properly. I never dreamed HCG would work for me, but it's working!!

    Please add me to your friends list!!
    3828 days ago
    Aw, thanks for your comments! I really appreciate your support!

    I am doing the Hcg diet protcol....the peanut butter isn't on there...but it's was awfully good. I can do an occasional chocolate treat, which really helps!

    I actually stayed on track yesterday and dropped another 1/2lb, so maybe that will keep me going for today....who knows, it's just the start of the day. hah!

    Planning is everything...oh, and my husband just informed me that he's hated everything I've been making....although he's been eating it everyday...and I'm a really good cook, so he's just fighting the diet. I also told him, "well, looks like you'll be preparing your own meals from now,eh?" Boy, was that the wrong thing to say to me....and the jerk has lost 30lbs choking down my food! LOL ! Don't you just hate how men can lose twice as much?!?!!! Not fair is it!?

    Have a great week! Happy eating! emoticon
    3848 days ago
  • CHIPMUNK1977
    My weakness is potatoes. I had a major craving for potato pancakes and found one that wasnt to bad on calories on here. well it said add peppers if u like... I added peppers alright red,yellow,gren, and orange bell peppers. Well I didnt add extra egg or flour so they came out like hash browns instead, but Oh my do they take care of my craving for potatoes in the morning!! Oringinal serving size was 1/4 cup but with these 1/2 cup is only 99 calories!!! I have the recipe so everyone can see it I labeled it O'brien Hashbrowns if ya want to check it out.
    Congratz on the 15 lbs keep up the good work
    3848 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I feel your pain in having some bad days. Yes, we all have been there. What I do now is incorporate all foods staying within my calorie range and using portion control. It's not easy everyday, but if I deprive myself of those things I really enjoy I know I will just jump off the track and don't know when I would get back on.
    3848 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7300351
    Good job, 15 pounds is a lot. Having a treat now and then is okay, peanut butter is the good fat! You don't want to go too fast, you will burn out. Two pounds a week is a good goal, the less likely it will come back if it comes off slow. Congrats on the blog, you have a great attitude and wonderful sense of humor, I love that! I hope you have a great day!

    emoticon emoticon
    3848 days ago
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