Mind Over Body

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mind Over Body
10 Steps to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

1.Put the “I” in Your Weight Loss Plan. Learn how knowing the answer to one simple question can improve your chances for success by up to 100%.

*I have added 'I" to make weight loss plan a long time ago. It is hard with the family because as a mom and wife ,I always put them first. But, I needed to do this for ME to be better for ME and THEM!

2.Take the stress out of weighing in. Is your scale making you crazy?

*I don't go by just the scale. How do my clothes fit, how do I feel, how are my workouts?

3.Tame your " toxic guilt" before it wipes out your will power .

*I have learned we all fall off the wagon. I just get up dust myself off and go on again. We are not perfect! And I do have bad days but I don't let that get me down!

4.Tame your Emotional Eating Beast .

*This is the hardest one for me! As many of you know I have a handicapped son who is home now all day. We have good days and bad like in any family. I am an emotional eater. I try to have healthy choice in the house so when I get really stressed (not as often now) I reach for sugarfree gum ( my favorite) or a sugarfree candy or fruit. Yes, it is hard, but it can be done!

5.Take the mystery out of staying motivated. Take steps to become your own best motivator, and put the problem of disappearing motivation behind you for good.

*I have learned long ago, I have to pat myself on the back! I know I am doing a great good on all aspects of my life.

6.Write your vision statement. Learn why a good vision statement is crucial to success, and what you’ll want to include in yours.

*I have the picture saved of what I will look like when I loose all the weight. I want to be off all meds and healthy. I AM on my way!

7.Plot your strategy. Read about setting effective lifestyle goals and finding strategies that work.

*Yes, at the beginning I set goals that were so hgh. I have learned to make smaller goals that are more attainable.

8.Give yourself a reality check-up. Make sure your own beliefs aren’t getting in your way.

*I decided that this is a journey to a better lifestyle not a DIET! That has helped me with this journey.

9.Pave the way for persistence. Organize your personal world so that it keeps you going when the going gets tough.

*I tell everyone about my journey. Where I came from and where I am going. Sparkpeople helps alot with all the support and encouragement.

10.Learn from yourself. These important tips explain how you can let your own experience help you create the plan that will work best for you.

*I am the only one that can do this for ME. I am doing this for ME! And I AM Worth It and I CAN Do This! One day at a time!

Good Luck to all of YOU!

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