Friday, February 04, 2011

Looking back.. in the last 2 years I have learned several lesson that ring true for me:

*Understanding and working through "the issue(s)" that led me to overeating and gaining weight was the first key factor. It allowed me to STOP being afraid of losing weight! For myself, I was scared to lose weight no matter how much I desired it. So I had to work through some deep issues. Otherwise I was on a diet and would not have made a lifestyle change.

*So I will never diet again! Never!! Diets put weight on me. As soon as I stop the diet I eventually gain all the weight back. So I decided on a lifestyle change. New Years eve of 1/1/2009, I took a shot of wheat-grass rather than a shot of alcohol. I have not drank alcohol since.

* SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT. I have struggled doing this on my own and discovered it is impossible. It takes a team of supporters, such as friends, family, and Sparks People!! Reading Sparks People blogs, articles, and being inspired by those that "keep on keeping on" and don't give up! For example, I have a regular walking partner now. I also attend OA (over-eaters anonymous) meetings regularly. If I don't, I don't lose weight..figure that!! In addition, there is a higher spiritual power that created me and knows me very well. When I talk to my God I receive blessings of peace. I need that!

*Less Calories in then Calories out! This is where journaling calories and exercise is important for me. Sparks People is such a fantastic tool for this!

*I need accountability... so I now report every mile I walk on the treadmill to my friends and family on face-book. It lets me know they are watching and going to see if I stick to my workout goals. I really need the accountability and the encouragement they give.

*When I eat vegetables I eat them raw always!!! I stay away from canned anything, which has to much salt. I learned this lesson recently, to stay away from sodium, unless I am putting the salt on my food, which is very little. Canned foods kept me from getting to my 100 pound goal! So now Mrs. Dash is my friend :)

*Oh, I almost forgot, I have learned to stay away from empty calories, soda, alcohol, chips, crackers, junk foods/snacks, ketchup, etc. This does include pasta/bread, my favorite! Flour and Sugar are deadly for my weight control. I just recently learned this lesson too! So for now I get all the fiber I need from fruits and veggie, legumes, beans, etc.

*I love to snack, so I snacking on Sugar Snap peas instead of chips. Also, I snack on fruit when I crave sugar. Because I believe my body is craving for a reason, so I substitute the cane sugar and/or corn syrup for any fruit I want to eat. Yes that includes pineapple, berries, grapes, bananas, apples, etc. I have a HUGE fruit ball on the counter ready for snacking. Yum! Oh I keep an apple in my bag/purse at all times :)

*I work hard to make sure I journal every calorie I am eating, I strongly dislike taking the time every day to enter my foods, it is not my thing. Still, I am doing it. Even when I mess up and really blow it then I am really afraid of entering in my foods and seeing the caloric damage. But I believe that truth is knowledge and knowledge is power!

*It is what it is. When I mess up and blow it by binging or eating something off my food plan, I let it go. I can't go back but I can go forward. So I choose to feel bad, sometimes really bad and then let it go. I find if I don't let it go I will binge for days, weeks, and even months. I am ashamed to say I have a strong track record of binging like this. So the key for me to LET IT GO as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE so I can move on and work towards my goal(s).

***** This lifestyle I have chosen may not be for you. But for me it is priceless. *****

Peace & Blessings to you all, Carrie
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