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My Senic Route Part 3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ok, I think I am ending this. But don't quote me hehe

After we pass the ranch with the Cows and Goats, I turn onto a dirt road. This is where it gets interesting for the dogs. They know we are getting close to the ranch. But first we have to pass a house that has the cutest German Shep. He waits for us to drive by, just so he can A. bark at Sarge. (it is always Sarge, not Alice). B. I bet he would love to chase a car someday.

This dog also waits for us to drive back down the road. Too cute!

Ok, we are at the ranch now. I just love their Statues.

The other day when I got to the ranch, I noticed the Moon was peeking over the Hills. Good thing I had my camera.

On our way back to our house we pass a Cherry Ranch. (There are several in this area). The trees don't have flowers yet, but it still looks pretty.

Not far from that ranch I noticed this old oak tree. It has a interesting shape to it. As I was taking a picture of this tree, I saw Brewers Blackbirds, and Starlings on the top of the trees. There were a few Meadow Larks singing as well. I was so glad I stopped.

There was another area close by that had mostly shade, but the sun shinning on this one little section. Made it interesting.

As I turned around to walk back to the car, I looked to my left. In the distance I could see the San Gabriel mountains range. There is snow on the mountains. It looked so pretty. There is a ski resort called Mountain High located in the town of Wrightwood.

(I hope the snow shows up in this pic)

Further on down the road, there is a gentlemen that owns a Bison ranch. I love these creatures. They always look so wise to me. Even as a little girl I felt the same way.

Interesting note. When we had the bad fire last summer, people got all of the live stock out of the ranches, except for the Bison. The man was out of town when the fire broke out, and he was told the Bison huddled around the water troff to try and keep cool. I tell you, the Firemen are so awesome. There are about 8 homes in this area, and all of them were saved. Including the Bison.

Last, but not least, not far from the Bison ranch I spotted wild flowers starting to pop up already on the hills. They are so pretty. I'm not sure what they are, but I love looking at them. The flowers are also in an area that burnt. I was so afraid we wouldn't have wild flowers near us this year due to the fire. Glad to see I was wrong.

Up close of he flower.

Another 2 of 3 mins. then I am home. Oh, I forgot, Sarge had fun watching me taking pictures from the back seat of the car.

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