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Clear Thinking & Common Sense

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Proverbs 3:21 Dear friend, guard Clear Thinking and Common Sense with your life; don’t for a minute lose sight of them.22 They’ll keep your soul alive and well, they’ll keep you fit and attractive.23 You’ll travel safely, you’ll neither tire nor trip.24 You’ll take afternoon naps without a worry, you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep.25 No need to panic over alarms or surprises, or predictions that doomsday’s just around the corner,26 Because God will be right there with you; he’ll keep you safe and sound.

That was part of my bible reading today and it resonated with me, so I wanted to share it with all of you!

I updated my list from yesterday on the blog and I completed everything except the laundry aspect. I admit, I have truly been procrastinating on the laundry. I just hate doing it!

Today, I have:
~Taken my shower and gotten dressed
~ Went to the doc and got my physical and dropped prescriptions off at drugstore
~ Went to DG and got toilet paper, pantiliners and dish liquid
~ Gathered one load of laundry and one dirty blanket which will make 2 loads overall
~ Read my bible
~ Now blogging
~ OH YEAH, I earned the P in Spring fever as I slept 8+ hours last night!

Rest of day:
~ Go to mom's and do laundry - DONE (2 loads)
~ Exercise 5 minutes - DONE!!!
~ eat lunch - hopefully mom has something to eat! :) - DONE
~ pray in journal while clothes are in washer/dryer - DONE
~ Be home by 3/3:30 - CLOSE
~ Take Bekah to doctor and Jonah for allergy shots - DONE
~ Pick up meds - DONE
~ be home by 5pm for counseling - DONE
~ 7pm Biggest Loser - NOPE
~ Figure out something for supper in between there - DONE
~ Update my list here - DONE
~ think about tomorrow's plan and if needed get ready for it - NOT SURE, but THINKING!!! :)

I love you people's!
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