Wedding Anniversary Walk

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today Paul and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. Today was the lowest astronomical tide of the year. This second fact has some interesting practical consequences. The sea water which normally covers a considerable section of the coastline between Tenby and Saundersfoot recedes and leaves access by beach between the two towns. We have done this walk twice before, both times leaving Tenby to walk to Saundersfoot. As the lowest tide and our anniversary coincided, we decided to make it a special celebration walk and this time to get the bus into Saundersfoot and walk back to Tenby. We have been crossing our fingers for good weather ever since we decided to do this walk. The scenery is stunning and the feeling of being a castaway is magical. The need to get the time right so as not to be caught out by the tide adds another dimension of excitement to the trip and walking around the end of Worms Head which is normally buried deep beneath the waters of the Atlantic is a wow! The first time we did the walk, there was a terrific head wind and so we had to battle our way along, muffled up against the flying sand and the battering wind. We did our best to appreciate the scenery but it wasn't easy. The second time was much better. It was clear and bright and we enjoyed it tremendously except for the fact that it was bitterly cold. Mind-numbingly cold. This time we wanted mild, clear, windless weather. What we got was fog. It was so thick I really didn't think I wanted to risk it. I was freaked by the fact that we might not be able to see the coastline if the fog came down any more and find ourselves wandering round one of the coves in circles, not being able to find the way to the next cove. Anyway, I we decided to go. It was the most eerie walk you can imagine. I think the photos might illustrate how very odd it was with the sea lapping to one side and shapes coming out of the mist every so often. Ah well, there's always next year for the perfect weather but I shan't forget this walk. In its own way it was very special. The bag I'm holding contains our tea for tonight. Juicy mussels picked off the rocks that can't normally be reached.
Back home and checked the pedometer. 20,281 steps today. Quite a walk. Paul says I can have the day off tomorrow.
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