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Monday, March 21, 2011

With the help of my spark friend Kimberou, I'll be putting this list into my affirmations. :D This is awesome...Thanks Kim!

*This is a repost for myself from June 2010. Love how some things never change!*


So here are my Top 20 things that make it worth it....

1. I can put on a pair of Levi's and a white t-shirt and look awesome!

2. There is a nice curve on my hamstring when I wear shorts - and NO cellulite!!

3. I can wear my fitted dresses and not have to strain myself to suck my gut in.

4. My arms look great in sleeveless shirts!

5. My shoulders and back show muscle even when I'm not flexing! :)

6. I can wear a bikini and not be self conscious!

7. All my clothes just look better and fit well!

8. My calves look killer in high heels!

9. I walk with my shoulders a little more back and my head held a little higher because I feel more confident!

10. when I'm look in the mirror while getting ready I can see definition in my stomach!

11. People compliment me on looking good!

12. I can still hang with my younger friends :)

13. Younger men check me out - LOL!

14. I can lift like some of the guys and do more pushups than my neighbor!

15. I always have enough endurance to run even when I haven't for a while!

16. When I feel good about myself, life just keeps getting better!

17. I can still shop in the Junior department ;)

18. My man thinks I'm smoking hot - ahh!!

19. I can do unassisted pull ups and that even impresses me!

20. I feel very comfortable in my own skin and even the flaws I embrace because I know I'm at my personal best!

It's the little things that keep me going !
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