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finding the running joy....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this started as a reply to a sp friend's blog but it got seriously out of hand, so i thought i would post it as my own blog instead. for you, brandyn.....

i NEVER, and i mean NEVER EVER, thought i would enjoy running. why would someone run unless being chased?!?! pfft. it made no sense to me. then i met a couple spark friends, both runners, who professed a joy in running. i thought, i have jazzer-joy, why would i need running joy?? running is silly. then i left town and there was no jazzercise and then my kids were sick and i couldn't go to jazzercise and then it snowed to beat the band and i couldn't get to jazzercise. and then it hit me ... i needed an alternative, back-up-plan exercise. they loved running, maybe i could too....

i tried running on the treadmill first. WOW. i HATED it. i was sucking wind BAD. i could walk faster than i could jog. it hurt my feet. it hurt my lungs. it hurt my hips. why could i jazzercise every day and not have these problems? running was LAME! and no one was chasing me, so why should i continue?? i whined about it to my sp friends. again, they professed their running joy; encouraged me to keep trying. and, then, because i'm stubborn, it became a personal challenge. i was gonna find this running joy because if there can be jazzer-joy, there can be running joy. my friends had it. i could too.... dammit.

i researched running. i watched youtube videos on proper form. i went to the running store and bought special shoes. i was gonna figure this out if it killed me!! i kept trying and i kept trying. it still made no sense. i still wasn't feeling it. but, i kept at it. then one day i ran a mile non-stop on the treadmill. OMG! i was thrilled!!! even though i wasn't setting any world records for speed, or even particularly enjoying myself, i was pleased with the accomplishment. i was getting closer. there was a satisfaction in completing the task.

all this time i had been running indoors on the dreadmill. then, one glorious day, i pushed my commitment to myself by signing up for a 5k with a local sparkfriend. the 5k wasn't on a treadmill. i was gonna have to run in the world ... where people could *gulp* see me running. we worked through c25k together, supporting each other online and meeting for a couple runs together at a nearby track. running in the world was a HUGE hurdle for me. (no running pun intended.) but, lo and behold, running in the world was a heckuva lot easier than running on the dumb treadmill. i could go faster and could run longer in the world. 30 minutes in the world was a breeze compared to 30 minutes on the treadmill.

i was scared spitless for that first 5k, but we ran/walked it in 36 minutes and some odd seconds. it was a RUSH to cross that finish line. i honestly didn't think i could do it. the pride swell was ENORMOUS. we had done it with energy to spare. later that very same day, high on, oh, yes, RUNNING JOY(!), i signed up for my second 5k. a month later i ran that 2nd 5k in 27:16. i thought i might BURST when i crossed that finish line. i had set a goal to run it in 30 minutes. blew that sucker right out of the water! w00t! i had done that. ME! i ran 3.1 miles in 27 minutes. ME!! the i-only-run-if-someone-is-chasi
ng-me girl? yes, that would be ME! i signed up for the first 5k of 2011 this morning. are you sitting down?? get this ----- running can be as addictive as jazzercise. WTFHeck?!?!?! *grabs chest* i know!!! who'da thunk it?!?!

if you want to, IF YOU REALLY WANT TO, the running joy can be yours. i challenge you to keep at it. work a program like c25k that builds your endurance over time. or, heck, put together a killer playlist and run a song, walk a song. you don't have to run FAST, just run at a comfortable pace. push yourself to the end of the song. you'll likely find it gets easier. or, you might find you hate it and this entire novella is for naught, but know there are people who hated it who grew to love it. will i run a marathon, probably not, but i do enjoy recreational running and have challenged myself to complete a 10k this year. it adds another dimension to jazzercise; an alternative. it's a different endurance test.

for me, a really good playlist helps a TON too. i'm not a "listen to myself breathe, get in touch with myself in the solitude" person. i need a back beat, a distraction that keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. i get a lot of my running songs from jazzercise. footloose is a fantastic running song too. i'm not even sure i run to that one so much as skip/hop/wiggle. it's hard not to fist pump. seriously. lol. keep trying. experiment. challenge yourself. seek the running joy.....

my 5k playlist from last year:
i like it - enrique iglesias
getting over you - david guetta/fergie/chirs willis
i know you want me - pitbull
club can't handle me - flo rida
dynamite - taio cruz
every morning - basshunter
i can transform ya - chris brown
footloose - kenny loggins
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I found a t-shirt to go with my comment on this blog.
    I didn't know how else to share it with you so I made a blog about it.
    3696 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3478301
    WHOO-HOO! You rock, girlfriend! So happy you've found your running joy . . . we all knew you would!

    And I hate the treadmill too, but in the dead of winter it IS a nice alternative to the weeks of wet, windy weather that prevent me from getting outside . . .

    Spark on, my running friend!

    3729 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3729 days ago
    you know, if it wasn't for spark and the people i've met here, it never would've occurred to me to run, let alone that i would come to enjoy running. i just never would've done it, and i would've missed out on the running joy i've learned to love and appreciate. a HUGE thank you to everyone who's influenced and inspired me. i absolutely wouldn't have pushed my self-imposed limits without your encouragement and your successes i wished to emulate. much, much love..... emoticon

    all you guys who are running ... ROCK ON. all you guys who are gonna give it a try ... ROCK ON. continue to surprise yourself!! never underestimate your capabilities.... emoticon emoticon

    and, yes, rain, i fully intend to outrun the zombies. emoticon
    3729 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/31/2011 2:41:08 PM
    The best part is when something IS chasing you - you will ready.
    When the devouring hordes of *your favorite apocalyptic threat here* are scarfing down the rest of us - baby YOU will be a survivor!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3730 days ago
    Knew it was a good idea when I added you as a SparkFriend!! What a hoot to read! You are so inspiring and encouraging! Thanks for being who you are, and sharing it with all of us. I used to run all the time, and am working my way back there. Another friend of mine asked about 5k's we could sign up for...and this motivates me to keep going, keep looking, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.
    3730 days ago
  • BET212
    Wow! Thanks for the reply that turned into a blog and for the term Jazzer-Joy! emoticon

    Just so you know....I still haven't ruled out running. I've even been looking at some of the SP resources and may have to dust off the treadmill or go run at the track down the street. I'm thinking about it. Mostly I want to see if with some training I can beat my time from that 5K that I didn't train for. emoticon On the other hand, I really do like walking a 5K with a buddy and socializing while we exercise.

    I'm glad it turned into something joyful for you. Who knows, I may be adding running-joy to my vocabulary, too. And "I Like It" and "Every Morning" are two of my favorite Jazzericise routines.

    Spark on! emoticon
    3730 days ago
    Boy you're former anti running self kind of is what I think. My husband did a 1/2 marathon last spring and I was so inspired by his accomplishment (he did only one 5k prior to this) that I thought I would give it a whirl. Well still haven't found that JOY you have and haven't given up hope that MAYBE, just MAYBE I will get that runner's high one of these days. I haven't ran since early fall because I keep getting the same injury despite getting special shoes and following a program to get me on the right track. You gave me an idea though about form. Hmmm Will have to check into that :) So happy for you finding your runner's joy emoticon emoticon
    3730 days ago
    Oh Honey!! Good for you!! I want to find that joy!! I have the joy of walking.. I throw some running in there.. but walking is my style!! not gonnt lie!! Proud of you!! Stayin' Sparky!
    3730 days ago
    Congratualtions on finding the joy! I'm totally addicted to running and I love to hear about others who have found it! I ran my first Half-Marathon last year and plan to do another in Oct this year. Keep it up!
    3730 days ago
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