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A Little of This, A Little of That.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Usually when I blog I have some topic I want to write about.. Today it's a little of this and a little of that.
First off, today at the tender age of 17 my youngest grandson is having hip surgery. No joke !!!. He plays varsity football, lacrosse, soccer . Very athletic. But his hips have been bothering him. Had a multitude of tests done, Ruled out a deformity or the dreaded cancer.
It seems his hip socked doesn't rotate as smooth as it should, causing pain. He will have one hip done today , then there will be six weeks recovery, and then rehab, Hopes to be playing football by August. Then next spring have the other hip done, then the same recovery and rehab. Ready to play again when he goes off to collage next year.
Who would think a healthy, strapping young man would need hip surgery.
So Grandma, with her troubled knees, will be looking out for him next week. I will still get in some of my gym classes, then go and be with him, while his dad goes to work.
His mom works early and get off around 1:30 so between all of us he will have round the clock care..
I told him , he will have to return the favor. He will be up and around , when I go in, then he can come over and look out for me. I think he is going to be out of school for a month.
Taking lesson at home.
Well today is the dreaded April 1st. or better known as April Fools Day.
I decided not to pull any tricks on anyone. But when I told Tyson , at the front desk ,at the gym I had locked my keys in my locker and would have to cut the lock off, they thought it was a April Fools Joke. It wasn't. I usually have my keys in my hand from scanning the key card at the front desk, then I drop them on the bench in front of my locker. But today I came in another door, so I had put my keys in my jacket pocket and forget they were there. I hung the jacket and , all my stuff in the locker, and put the lock on. And as soon as I turned to get my water bottle and keys I realized what I had done. April Fools Joke on myself. So I decided to sign up for a permanent locker, they will put a combination lock on and I won't have to worry about locked keys again. And if I forget my combination, Du?? They have a record at the desk
I am walking better today. Even walked out to my car without help today. I also parked further from the gym entrance , so I had a chance to walk more.
Today is one of those beautiful Spring days, that you just love being out in. The sun is shinning, the air feels fresh. You really want to be outside. If I had a garden, that would be where I would be.. If I could still play golf, I might be doing that. Once I get my knees fixed, I might be able to play golf again. I would not rule out anything with me. I have a way of doing the improbable or impossible. If you tell me I can't do something, that's when I have to prove I can. Or at least give it a good try.
I have been very fortunate this week.
I was expected to do my first large art fair show this past weekend. I had already paid my entrance fee and made my plans. Had created some new beautiful pieces of jewelry. I had sent out my cards to my regulars customers telling them where I was going to be, and hope to see them. Then the knee gave out. There went my plans for the show. It was to late to cancel, so I lost my entrance fee, which was $100.00. I did manage to cancel my motel, didn't have to pay there. But it was a bummer. I was looking forward to making a nice amount of money, that will go into my vacation fund. Or what ever I might need it for.
As much as I love to make jewelry, I do it for the money I make. So this week I started to get some of the new pieces ready to take to some of the stores I sell at.
But then I got a phone call from a local women who buys from me. She has been a steady loyal customer for about 9 years. She asked if I had some new items, and would I mind coming over to show her. You see when I had my office I had a studio in one of the rooms and I would let customers come there to buy. But I don't want people coming to my home. No matter how well I know them.
So I told her sure I would bring some pieces I think she might like. She then said she was having a few of her close friends over to see my jewelry too. They had been begging her to let them in on her private designer. So if I could bring some other pieces too, so they could look and maybe buy something.
Well that's no problem, I have jewelers cases that roll on wheels, so I packed up some of the latest and that made a good selection.
I went over after work on Wednesday. turned out she had asked seven close friends over.
It turned out everyone bought, some more than one piece. There was a little squabbling aver a couple of pieces. You see I only make one piece in a certain stone. That way each piece I design is an original. I 'll create the design in other stones, but it always looks different, for it is. But everyone was happy with their purchases. I gave my original long time customer a free piece and a discount on her purchases. She bought three necklaces. I ended up making more than I would have at the show. I never had to leave town. The dog did not have to go to the kennel. I saved motel bill, gas bill, food bill. My over head for the sale was just supplies.
It turned out to be a great day. And some of the other women want to have a "jewelry party" in their home. I might not do a show in a large venue till later this Xmas season.
As some of you probably have guessed, I like to shop. Even though most of my buys have been from thrift shop, or my favorite Goodwill. Well as long as I can continue to find designer clothes at prices that hardly put a dent in my checkbook, I will continue to shop that way.
My latest find is a designer handbag , a Dolce & Gabbana, beautiful leather, interior finished so well. It has all the right hardware on it. and the correct label. I know because I already own a different Dolce & Gabbana. Now don't go into shock when i say these bags run over $800.00 dollars.
I have some designer bags that cost more than my monthly rest which is $900.00. But I have had them for years. Some of them have increased in value. They are what's called vintage.
If I had not ran across this bag and managed to know it was real and get it for a fraction of it's worth, I would not spend that kind of money. But a long time ago I earned a lot more per year. It was not unusual to spend 2 or 3 thousand a month on clothes. And if I counted my daughters clothes too . I easily shelled out 3 or 4 grand. That was a different chapter of my life. I don't really miss it. It's like been there, done that. I have moved on.
i have always enjoyed the good hunt for a bargain. I have had to got that from my Grandmother. I know when I was married to my second husband, he would get so exasperated with me for bargain shopping. He would tell me I give you money to buy regular clothes , why do you have to try and save money. I don't know, it is my nature I guess.
I can hunt out the best bargains, and feel so good. Then go to the shoe store and buy 5 pair of shoes. Maybe that's why I bargain shopped. So I would have more to spend on items I could not find on sale or bargain hunting. I am sure there is an sub conscious reason I do what I do.
I got my new heart rate monitor watch the other day. it is so cool. Tells time, has an alarm, it's a chronograph. tells my pulse. Will keep track of my fitness minutes, then tell me how many calories I used up. It's water proof, so I can ware it in the pool. I really like it.
Jim, my BF wanted to let me know that I could stay at his home, to recuperate. But I told him, it's going to be easier to get around in my home than his. Plus I am taking rehab at the gym, and that's a few blocks away. The Physical Therapy is separate from the gym, downstairs, but they use the gym facilities.
I met a women who has had both her knees done at different times. she rehabbed there, had nothing but good things to say about the staff.
Glad I got that arranged .
I have to put my adorable Titan in the kennel. I will miss him so much. I figure he will lose a pound , he always does. He doesn't eat when he is away. . But he's over weight, so can afford to lose. He's a foodie like his Mom. And his Mom has got to stop giving him treats.
I got down to 169 last week. My appetite was off with the pain I was in. But the pain has gone away almost entirely this week. And I am eating normal. I don't see any real loss.
I think I might be in that plateau that everyone talks about reaching. I am building muscle. You should see my arms, awesome. And the muscles in my legs.. You can feel my hip bones, there is no fat lurking on my hips. My jeans are zipping without sucking in my breath.
I'm not afraid of wearing them out and not being able to use the loo., for fear I can't get them fasten again. Smile!!
I'm still on my no meat food plan. But I am having dreams of a huge steak. That tells me that I am not cut out to be a vegetarian. It's OK for a while, but lets face it I like some meat.
I know I can have some on Sunday. So I guess I will indulge in a steak this Sunday.
Then back to my meat fast. Not sure what I will eat at the hospital.
I feel like I should be bloging about some profound interesting thing. But I am not in the mood to get all serious about nutrition or what we should or shouldn't be eating or doing.
That will be another time. Much too your relief, I'm sure.!!Smile!!
Do you ever feel that you need to stop for just a little bit and not think about calories, carbs, fat, protein, whether you are eating right or getting enough of what ever.? That's the way I feel today. Yes, I am normal.. I have not turned into a complete health, fitness fanatic. I have my moments that I need to relax and give it a rest. Then I remember how great I feel and look and I am back to thinking about health and fitness.
I am going to have a wonderful relaxing weekend. Jim and I are going over to the beach house at the coast. Got to do some Spring cleaning. Hope the weather hold up. It's so nice and Spring like. The sun is shinning, it's in the 60's.
I just got a call from the Physical Therapist's office for my rehab , my first session will be April 27th, at 9:00am. That will be one week after my knee replacement. So excited.
Oh for anyone interested in any recipes that I mention. I post them here at Spark. I also include them in my cookbook, Tisha's Dish's. So feel free to look them up, give them a try and let me know what you think. I have some really great ones that I have yet to post,. or at least my friends think they are great.
Have a wonderful weekend. Stick to you food plan. Losing weight takes no days off.
What ever you do, enjoy it. Stay positive and you'll go far.
Remember time waits for no one,
Peace and Love .
. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a nice surprise to have an impromptu jewelry party! Sweet. I have signed up for my first arts and craft fair this July. I'm making practical fabric items. I have no idea how it will go over, but it has been fun making things to prep for it. So sorry your grandson has joint problems at such an early age. I hope he makes it through the coming year without the other hip joint causing too much troubles. WTG on maintaining your weight. I love your comment, "Stick to your food plan. Losing weight takes no days off. " emoticon
    3693 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    How about enlisting your grandson, when you're over there, to take some pics of your jewlery and upload them to your SP page so we can see too. I don't know any 17 year old that doesn't know how to post pictures on the internet emoticon

    That was very sweet of Jim to offer his home during your recuperation... he's a keeper!!!!

    Love you, Linda
    3693 days ago
    I want to see pics of your jewelry too! I want to get back into beading. Will be praying for your grandson! emoticon
    3694 days ago
    I'm glad you had a great day, and it was a really great blog. Happy April Fool's Day.
    3695 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8667808
    This is a wonderful blog! I hope your grandson recovers quickly, and then you do too.
    It's so neat that you sold all that jewelry! I love supporting people who are making a living with their hand crafted talents. The island I live on has over 400 artists doing all kinds of cool things, it's so great seeing them thrive.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    3695 days ago
    Well I really enjoyed your "this and that" blog. emoticon Like you said sometimes you just get tired focusing on your healthy lifestyle and just need a small break. So it was nice to just relax this morning with my coffee and read what has been happening in your world. The jewelry you designs sounds beautiful and with the price of gas these days, it must have been nice to not have to travel to make your sells.
    I hope your grandson does great through his surgeries and is able to get back to normal soon. Don't count on him taking too much care of you. LOL You know how kids are. LOL
    I know you are getting excited about your upcoming surgery. You will be having it about the same time as my grandbaby is due. You are lucky to have your gym and rehab so close to you. Sorry you have to kennel Titan, but sometimes it is best and you will have your hands full trying to recoperate from your surgery. Beside maybe he needs a small vacation! LOL
    I know you will miss him and he will miss you but you will have him back in no time!
    Well have a nice weekend and enjoy the Spring weather.
    3696 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7055356
    Yep, it was just a bunch of this and that...but it was interesting and sometimes it's something you need to do (just write about random stuff).

    There is a life outside Spark...and a life outside fitness and health (we all have one), and thank GOD we aren't all relegated to thinking and doing Spark 24/7. emoticon

    Nice to read a blog that's something different. You wrote it well. Have a great weekend!
    3696 days ago
    Thanks for posting your thoughts today. I loved reading all your this and thats! You are an amazing person--your way of dealing with all the little (and big) ups and downs is really an inspiration.
    emoticon emoticon
    3696 days ago
  • no profile photo DIASTER
    Also would love to see some of your jewelry. There is nothing like an original piece created with an artist's eye and made with love.
    What brand of watch did you find that is waterproof, have been looking for something that measures calories burned while doing water jogging, walking and water exercise?
    3696 days ago
  • JILL313
    Tisha, as usual your blog is so interesting . . .I wish you'd take some pictures of your jewelry or do you have a website where I can browse? I don't wear a lot of jewelry but some of my friends do and they would make wonderful gifts for birthday, Christmas, etc. I've said it so often but truly mean it you are just such an awesome lady and inspire me . . .

    I'm so sorry that your GS has to have hip surgery at such a young age . . .It's great you'll be able to watch over his recovery. You are a wonderful GM.

    Continue to have a great weekend and enjoy that juicy steak! We're in the 80's here today but it's supposed to dip back into the 60's tomorrow.


    3696 days ago
  • MISSYW73
    Your blog was very insperational to me and helped give me that added lift I was needing today. I just wanted to tell you thank you so very much.
    3696 days ago
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