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Friday, April 01, 2011

I'm so down right now.
I'm stuck in a difficult situation.

My soon to be ex husband is arrgghhhh! He wanted the divorce and it really was hard. My self esteem and self worth is non existant.
Now, hes turning it around on me and asks me to stay in this relationship committed to him but he he already has a fiance. He wants both of us!!!!

His words were.. "I want you to be my wife 100% but I will split my time between the two of you and you have to remain 100% faithful to me".

I already know in my mind he is NUTS if he thinks i'll ever agree to that. My divorce is going to be finalized in a month.
he's making it so hard for me. He comes home most days to our home(we both own it) and he says his only reason for doing so is to see our 4 year old..

I asked him today.. divorce is finalized in 1 month.. u cannot stay here..and he says..well this is my home too and i'll move all my stuff to another bedroom..

LOL We are going to be divorced but living together!! Im so mad..and annoyed and hurt.

Im so over this and he's not letting me go or let me move on. I can move to my parents house but thats alot of change for my daughter and I. But i think at this point maybe that my be best to avoid this situation.

I'm at an all time low. I feel horrible. I feel ugly and I feel like Im going to end up alone. This whole situation puts me down and my ex says stuff like he doesnt think anyone would ever find me attractive because I'm fat.

I dont know what the rest of my life will be like. I feel helpless and desperate.
Please tell me it gets better with time!

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  • ASMOM51

    that means alot to me. It's very hard but I know in the end i need to do whats best for my dd.

    I'm glad you seem to be doing well. I've been told it gets better and Im looking forward to it.

    3686 days ago
    It gets better but you need to get out of there. I know it might not be fair or easy but I think for your best interest and in the end your daughter's best interest, you need to be away from his toxic crap. Do not let him, his words, or actions dictate who you are. He is obviously delusional and you are on the right course to divorce him. He is going to be a jerk if that is what he wants, do not let that affect how you feel about yourself and how you live your life. I know it is hard but you have to work hard on getting on with your life without him. He doesn't have to let you go if you let yourself go from him. You have to keep your contact with him strictly about your daughter or issues to finalize the divorce. He has someone else and you can't let keep you on the line like that. You have to be strong for yourself and your daughter. You don't want her to think that a when she is older letting a man treat you like that is acceptable. It's not. Not for you and not for her.

    I'm currently getting divorced after my husband cheated on me and left me. I'm 6 months in and it sucks. Some days suck way more and some days not so much. The sooner you get out of there and away from him, the better. I know how hard it is to walk away from your house and get out of there but sometimes that is what you have to do. I had to leave my house too. Our divorce is not final yet and if he has it his way we will be going to court in August. But I refuse to let him and his actions define who I am now or how I live my new life. It's hard but you can make it through this.

    I'm sorry if I have over stepped in anyway but I definitely feel passionate about this topic and I hope since I come from a similar place I can be of some help. I cannot imagine what your situation is like because I thankfully don't have any kids with him. Be strong and hang in there. Sometimes you have to take it a moment at a time, a day at a time, whatever seems manageable. It will get better as long as you keep moving forward. Hugs!
    3686 days ago
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