Super Star Tattoo (pics)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Well i got Tattoo 6 1/2.
i call it that because it is a two-part tattoo with 5 years time between each part...and i couldnt be more thrilled!!

as a little girl and on thru young adulthood, my grandpa and i would often just head outside with snack in hand and a little radio, just to sit outside on the patio and stare at the stars. there is where we had some of our fondest memories and deepenst conversations.
when he passed away, i decided that i was going to get a constellation of stars on my left hip in memory of those moments. but i also decided that i was going to only do an outline...and that i was going to leave it that way until i was older...i wanted there to be a far deeper meaning behind my tattoo and what it represents.

the other day i was looking at pictures of myself from a few years back, and then thru the years until current and i amazed to see what a transforamtion i had made. i am still the same ol sabrina, but new and improved and determined. i decided it was time to get the rest. i picked out a couple different desings to represent different moments in my life... and part of that is my weight loss. i have lost a decent amount of weight for myself and i never thought i would be capable of that...and i def dont plan to stop. getting this new tattoo and see how great i think it looks, definately gave me added incentive to lose weight so i can show it off more!!!

24 pounds down since the last time i saw my tattoo artist...
and he was so impressed by my motivation and success...he did the tattoo for Free!!

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