Disgusted ... can you say it.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Yeah I have to say that I am digusted with myself! I have such a hard time giving up the food that I so need to give up to get my health back. I am constantly saying, I will give that up tomorrow. I can start a diet tomorrow. Well tomorrow never seems to come for me. I have no idea why, but I know that it doesn't..
The true of the matter is that if I don't lose weight I could die and I know that. I don't want to die. I used to be one of those girls who used to say," I will never let myself get that big" . However, even though I may still feel that way, my example of people have gotten heavier as well.
I used to be one of those people who thought that I could do it on my own. I know now that I cannot and that irritates me. I feel like I am at a loss and I have no idea what to do. I know that I need a plan and a quick plamn. However, I know that gaining this weight took along time. I guess that is stands to reason that it is going to take me a while to get the weight off.
When I begin to think about a plan it is so over-whelming that it blows my mind.
I really have no one to buddy up with. You know someone to help me and I help them. I need someone who needs to have me back. I tend to keep up with the person for a bit of tme and then it seems like between the 2 of us we can get busy and lose track. We end up not talking for days and then I am back to where I started, simply beacuse I have no one to be accountable too.
I know that making my lunches would have a vast improvement on my life. It is the time issue that I have a hard time with. I need the extra time. I have to have someone tell me that sometimes you. Not just because having me time is essential. If I wanna live and succeed with my life I need to take the time to exercise more eat less, eat healthy, sleep, drink more water.
You see no all these put together seem so overwhelming and all them are essential to losing weight. I know I am rambling
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    emoticon I know exactly where you're at.... it seems like you'll never get around to doing all the things you need to do and it's all so overwhelming. My advice, pick one thing at a time and work it into your routine. Try starting with something like packing your lunches and once you feel like you have a handle on that, add more water to your repertoire, and just keep going that way until before you know all those things that were so overwhelming at first are now second nature. All those small changes will help you change your body as well but yes it will take time. emoticon and if you need anyone to talk to feel free to drop me a line anytime!
    3648 days ago
    Hey girl... I know it is overwhelming. I joined the Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Spark Team and it has really helped me with accountability. It lays out a clear simple goal that is just one day at a time. Everyday is a new day and a new chance. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Even changing one of those things at a time is a great accomplishment!
    3648 days ago
    it is overwhelming. thats why, before i began, i simply took a few weeks and made my plan of attack. that involved reading about food, how to measure, what a serving size is, reading about working out.... and then decided what i could do. that involves asking questions like: can i drink 8 glasses of water a day? if no, what CAN you commit to? i couldnt commit to 8 glasses a day. so i committed to 4. and 4 glasses were of carbonated water.
    could i commit to tracking my food? yes, i could commit to that but i couldnt commit to using the spark tracker. so i had to devise my own plan for tracking food--a notebook that i leave on my counter in the kitchen.
    take it issue by issue, step by step and find what works for you.

    on another note, i am always here.....but i do hope that along your journey you find that being accountable to yourself is the key. YOU are the one that matters. all i could do from a distance is either guilt you into working out or scold you for not doing so, in the tough love realm. but if you dont want to do it for yourself, chances are you wont want to do it for someone else, either.

    3683 days ago
    I've already added you as a friend. I'm still here for you! Remember that day that the vending machine didn't get your money? Celebrate each small success and keep building on it. We all have rough days (or weeks). Keep at it. Come here every day and do something even if its one thing, keep at it. You can do it. We're all here to help each other. emoticon
    3686 days ago
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    I agree with what everyone else has said. You can't change everything at once, you have to pick one thing that you KNOW you can do and then do it. Once you've accomplished that goal set another one for yourself. Maybe start out by adding a serving or two of fruit to you day. Once that becomes a habit start drinking more water. Take things slow and don't get discouraged. Like you said, you didn't gain the weight all at once so it isn't going to come off all at once. I'll be your buddy if you want. We can do this together.
    3689 days ago
    emoticon I have been exactly where you are. If you need a buddy, I'm here. I'll add you to my friends list. If you have a lot to lose, it does seem overwhelming. And if you try to change everything at once, it can seem like you'll never be able to do it. So don't. This is not an all-or-nothing game. Change one thing once a week. It's that simple. Start with cutting one thing out of your daily diet. Or take a 10-minute walk. Or drink one glass of water. The next week, try something else. And then the next, another thing. You will see results. And, yes, it will take time, but you are worth the effort.

    I was obese my entire life. Seriously. I lived in a constant spiral of self-hate, binge-eating and starving myself in punishment, only to binge eat again. I have tried and failed more times than I can count. The only thing you can do is not give up. You will succeed. And you will build upon that success. And more success will make you want to succeed more. This is not about giving up the things you love. This is about gaining a life you will love living. emoticon emoticon
    3689 days ago
    I hear your ramblings, Candace. It's a tough fight. I win some battles but it seems that I keep losing the war. My toughest time is in the evening. I do well all day and then I'm prone to do some grazing in the evening. All my hard work can get undone in an evening. I commit to you that I will not eat any food after 7 p.m. this evening. What would you like to commit to? Thanks for reminding me that we cannot do it alone.
    Take heart and have a good evening. You're not alone.
    3689 days ago
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    SOunds more to me like you are just discouraged! Unless you have spit in someone's face then I don't think disgusting would fit! :)

    You know what.....I used to think that I had to "give up" all the foods that I loved too, and then I woke the hell up! THe reality is that I LOVE food, love to cook it, love to experiment, love to eat. What I found that works me is to NOT restrict what I ate, but to balance it and keep the portions correct.

    For example, if I want tater tots with a dinner, then we have tater tots. I just have half the portion and add a salad!

    If I want dessert then instead of having a point of ice cream I have some fresh strawberries with some chocolate and nuts drizzled on them (you can melt your own chocolate and drizzle a little for a delicious and healthy dessert, I mean seriously who doesn't love chocolate and strawberries? LOL)

    I don't give up butter and oil, but I do count every single bit that goes in, so that I know how to balance my meals.

    At the end of the day, your plan need only be as simple as picking one thing to change at a time until it becomes routine. For example, your plan for the 1st week is to drink your water, or to balance your plate at each meal, or to get 15 min of exercise.

    Start small and accomplish one little goal and then add another one and you WILL be successful. Most importantly, don't beat yourself up! Like you said it took a while to put on the weight and to learn the bad habits. It will take a while to learn new habits, but you can do it and it will get easier!

    Happy Sparking!
    3689 days ago
  • FLAB2FAB26
    Whew! Step back and take a nice, deep breath...feel better? Alright, it sounds like you have a long journey of weight loss ahead of you and that can seem super overwhelming! Been there. DON"T LET THAT STOP YOU!!! The first step is to write down your goals. Then make mini goals (10 lbs is much less overwhelming than 100 lbs). Then focus on one thing at a time. That's what is so wonderful about sparkpeople. They give you the tools to help you focus on one aspect of weight loss at a time. Like focusing on drinking 8 cups of water a day for a whole week. Once that become second nature, start with a new habit you'd like to change.
    My advice is to follow the spark diet plan. It's been unbelievably helpful and informative on my weight loss journey. Hope that helps :)
    3689 days ago
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