Believe it...or not!

Monday, April 11, 2011

A good friend told me recently...that in the 4+ years of knowing me...she had NEVER met someone that probably confuses people more than I do. She claims I am a bigger than life person that comes across confident without a worry in the world. But...if you get to know me...I worry about true friends...and people that aren't friends...just because I want EVERYONE to HAVE THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE! Stupid...probably. Pessimistic...NO...NOT AT ALL!

Where the internet is concerned...I have experienced the BEST and the WORST of experiences. The worst...six short months after opening my's identity was stolen and it took LOADS of work to recover. The best...I earned my tv gig from 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. A random person, that was friends with a dress maker, that knew a woman, that was sister's with a person that was the audience of a show I once a TOTAL stranger...gave my video to a producer at TLC. So yes...the internet has it HIGHS and its LOWS!

So...there is a POINT to all of this! I LOVE the web...and I enjoy the tools on Spark People...but I worry DAILY...about how careful people AREN'T on this site!

I know people that believe they are inspiring others by posting their daily runs (they do it for another reason...but that is another blog). They post what time they leave their long they are gone. You figure out things about their family and spouse and I THINK...darn it...there are TOTAL STRANGERS OUT THERE that do REALLY SICK THINGS! They could come in and harm the family or the person running...Believe it...or not!

I have talked to people that ask 100s of questions about my life...yet they share VERY LITTLE and keep a RANDOM picture posted...and I wouldn't know who they are if they walked up to me. Of course...the same is true of those that only have a couple of pictures. Are they who they say they are? Are they working out at all? Are they surfing the web and eating all day and just LOOKING for a victim? It COULD HAPPEN...believe it...or not!

Or what about the person you gave your sign on information to or they figured it out, because you use the same one EVERYWHERE! Did they ONE TIME have someone else check out Spark People...they used your sign on...but THEY REMEMBERED IT? So now...those private things YOU SHARED...are violated! It is the WORLD WIDE WEB happens...believe it...or not!

Here is the deal "friends"...just be careful! I am THE MOST CAUTIOUS USER I KNOW...and even I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE...EVER! Use has AMAZING PEOPLE...WONDERFUL TIPS...GREAT is SAFE!


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  • RAD062010
    Good stuff. The internet is both wonderful and scary..... as are people.

    Guess that is the ying/yang of life.
    3670 days ago
    You bring up some relly good points, thanks!
    3675 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1035627
    Thank you for sharing this. It is a reminder that we all need... I have no answers. Only HUGS. emoticon
    3675 days ago
    I always careful on the internet. Have a good day!! Nice seeing you here on Spark my friend!

    Wendy :)
    3675 days ago
  • ERIN4771
    thanks for the reminder...i tend to trust people and like to think they are on this site helping, but you're right, could be a scammer....
    3676 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7632332
    I am not a very cautious person. I naively believe that all people are good and kind. I share way too much of myself--both here and in real life.

    Now, I like to think I have taken precautions in real life---the fanciest of security systems, dogs that "look" like they could rip your face off (although they are more likely to lick you to death), I'm a card carrying member of the NRA, and I have a permit to carry my adorable little .38 special.

    Now, see---there I went and shared too much.

    Thanks for the reminder. Not all people out there (and here) are honorable.

    3676 days ago
    So True Todd! especially when we have the same habits, day after day.
    3676 days ago
    Nice Blog Mr. Ripley,

    Are we a little paranoid?

    Let's see...I post a dog pic. I own a Doberman. Today at the gym a stranger gave me a compliment - the first thing that came to mind was - this person must want something from me. My credit cards never leave my sight. You want to talk about paranoid....

    Welcome to my world.

    3677 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2712264
    Great Blog, very much informative, something we should all be careful of and aware of. Thanx for the reminder.

    Spark ON
    3677 days ago
    Geesh, what does that say about dating sites! One person sets up a date, and their accomplice robs your house while you're on the date! YIKES!
    3677 days ago
    Good reminder Todd. It's easy to be too trusting! emoticon

    3677 days ago
    So very true!
    3677 days ago
    WAIT...not trying to scare all...just a gentle reminder...that NOT EVERYONE has "honorable motives" (I LOVE THAT PHRASE!)

    Thanks for reading!
    3677 days ago
    Hello Todd,

    Glad to see you're up blogging again. Ohhhh...I think you're getting close to your 1 year SparkVersary. Right?

    I'll have to admit: You "lost me" on some of your blog...maybe I've had too much caffeine and my brain is just jumping all over the place. (Nothing new)! But yes, you do have to be careful on the web...but I love the fact that the web got the gig for you, being 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon!

    I wish I could perform some of the feats that others are doing...but BIG day is coming up and I just accept WHO I am.

    Looking forward to your next blog.

    3677 days ago
    It a crazy world out there for sure. I go back and forth on my page from setting it to private and then unsetting it. I try not to give out any locations of exactly where we live but like you said others are watching and some may not have honorable motives.

    After reading this I think I will set my page to private again!

    3677 days ago
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