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I am Half the Women I Uses to Be.

Monday, April 11, 2011

First let me thank all the Sparkers and friends who responded to my blog about my phobia of needles.
I had no idea that there were many others who suffered the same fear I I do.
I appreciate all the support I got and some helpful information.
I did contact my insurance to see if there is a health nurse that could come over. just another back up plan.
I am still working on over coming my fear and being able to give myself the shots.
I have my Eppi Kit open and I have looked at the package with the needle in it. I still have not reach in to take it out. But I feel that possible by tomorrow I will be able to do that.
I have practiced pinching my tummy and going through the motions of giving myself a shot.
I am getting more comfortable with the idea.
I had to go to Walmart pharmacy to pick up some prescription refills that I had called in.
I gave the clerk my birth date and she said they were not ready yet.
I did a little shopping and came back.
They were ready, she went to ring them up and said," Wait a minutes, you have insurance don't you?" " Yes, I do" . I replied.
She went to see why my insurance did not show up on the bill.
She came back and said the records showed no insurance for me.
I gave her my insurance card.
She came back and said that insurance card say's its for someone else.
I said , "that can't be."
She asked if I had changed insurance, "No," I said.
Then she called me a last name that was a letter off from how my name is pronounced.
I automatically corrected he. She looked kind of puzzled.
Then it dawned on me, "Are those my prescriptions that you are ringing up". I asked.
She asked me if I took some diabetic drug, I said ,"NO" .
Then she explained what happened..
It seems here in this town there is a women with my exact birth date. Month, day and year.
She also has my first name. And her last name is almost like mine. The first 6 letters are the same, just the two last letters are different.
Whats the odds of that happening?
Sounds like something out of the Twilight Light Zone.
Just because this other women did not have insurance , I did not go home with her prescriptions.
Since I was getting refills and was in a hurry, I would have passed on the pharmacist going over the refill. And I would not have looked at them till I got home.
Well not any more. From now on I will examine each bottle at the counter. Make sure it is in my name, from my doctor and is what I asked for. If any pill looks different or is a different strength, I want to know about it.
I know mistakes happen, but I am going to be extra careful from now on.
Made me think of the hospital stay that's coming up..
The nurse comes around and gives you some meds. Usually you take them. But from now on I am going to inquire what are they , I don't want to be one of those unfortunate mistakes that happen to others.
I was a little surprised to lose weight this week. I listed 1 1/2 lbs lost. But Spark always puts 2 lbs on my feed. I wanted to correct that. I am now 166.5 lbs. That's half my original body weight of 333, that I weighed last Jan. 2010.
I put on some pants, they have a side zipper, had been real tight. They are cut low in the waist. Which I like because I am low waisted. I wore them Friday to the doctors office. And they were loose. I like them real well, so am going to see if I can take them up.
When I was weighed I was fully dressed, minus shoes and I weighted the same as I did the week before undressed. I even had on two sweaters. But I always think it's possible different scales can weigh a person different. But when I weighed Sat i saw the scales go to 166.5 . And I knew I had lost. My clothes had already told me.
I weighed again Sunday morning to see if it was a real loss or only a temporary one. It was real. In fact it still shows the same weight today..
I think I could go a week and not weigh and know how much I weigh, just by how my clothes fit.
I think everyone most women could as long as they are not wearing those dreaded elastic waistband pants . If your waist gets tight and with regular waist bands you know . Those awful elastic waists, you never know it just stretches as you eat and eat and eat. Those pants should be banned . Only pregnant women should be allowed to buy them.
This coming from a women who wore them for years. But I never want to see any elastic waists again. But I am not going to be that lucky. All my exercise clothes have elastic waists.
And so do my leggings. Oh well, at least the everyday pants I ware or jeans don't.
I am still pumped from the fantastic workout I did today. Burned about 1200 calories.
Checked my pulse rate during the cardio and I showing 87 and 92 . And the fact that you continue to burn calories even after you finish. It's such a good feeling.
I have the rest of this week to workout as hard as I can. I plan on doing just that.
Then as soon as I can get back to regular workouts I will. My first rehab is April 27, one week after surgery.
I also signed up for a relay race for Cancer to be held on June 19, and 20th.
We will have a team , and one of us has to be on the track during the 24 hours of the race.
This will give me the motivation to do my best with my physical therapy and rehab.
I hope to do a 5K in September . And then walk or jog in the Susan Korman Race for The Cure.
Oh I have miles to go , places to see and nothing is going to stop me.
Take care
Peace and love,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    The pharmacy once gave my mom someone's heart med. Thank goodness she called me and did not take them.

    You are doing amazing!! Fantastic weight loss!!
    3682 days ago
    How wonderful to be half of you! I am so happy for you. Sounds like the pre-surgery is going well, and you will have the help you need afterwards from many places! I'm going to the surgeon tomorrow for a consult about my hernia. Hope it doesn't need surgery, at least not immediately! I wish us both good luck with the doctor!
    3682 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Hubby went to get his driver's license quite a few years back and they told him he couldn't because he has a warrant out for his arrest in another state. YIKES! He'd never even been to that state. Turns out some other guy had the exact same name (first, middle, last and suffix) as well as date of birth (month, date, year) and the first 5 digits of the SSN were the same. How creepy is that?

    Anyway - good luck with your needles and surgery and good catch at the pharmacy.
    3683 days ago
    I'm so proud of you!!! You have worked VERY hard, and you have succeeded! WOW! emoticon
    3683 days ago
    You set the standard. I started at almost exactly the same weight as you, and it took me most of three years to get to 185. I thought that was pretty good. Of course, there was a relapse in the middle, and it came in two separate spurts.

    Congratulations on your loss, and on not taking the wrong medicine (or buying it).
    3683 days ago
    You must be so proud of yourself!

    I think the way you're approaching the needle issue is very sensible. Nobody would enjoy having to inject themselves, but it's going to be a short-term reality for you. Getting used to the motions of it beforehand will hopefully help ease you into it.

    And a drug mix up is scary! Once I was flying internationally, and ended up with a boarding pass in a name COMPLETELY different from mine because the ticketing agent had given this other guy my ticket. She didn't speak English very well. And they still let me through. Isn't that scary? Still, that's better than medication mix-ups, I think, since they have a real possibility of harming a lot of people directly.
    3683 days ago
  • JILL313
    I'm so glad you are half the woman you used to be--LOL!! You sure inspire me and many others. With a bum knee I'm surprised you're still able to exercise so much especially Cardio or is it pool exercises? I have two bad knees and sometimes I seem to use that as an excuse not to do my 30 minutes a day--shame on me, I know. You have to be feeling great about yourself and your very success lifestyle change--You are such an awesome role model for all for us as you give it 100% which I'm still striving to achieve. Is your knee surgery next week? Do you know how long you'll be in the hospital and lastly about how long of a surgery is it? Wishing you well and sending you positive vibes!


    3683 days ago
    emoticon You've lost 1 Person emoticon

    3683 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/12/2011 12:46:16 AM
    Wow! Congratulations on becoming half the woman you used to be! You are such an inspiration to those of us that have just started our journeys! Thanks for sharing!
    emoticon emoticon
    3683 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2516069
    That really is scary, my brother was given the wrong medication by Super D and he was driving a big rig. The medicine was a tranquilizer and made him very relax and sleepy, fortunately for him he was on his way home (less than 5 miles).

    Also you should always count your pills before leaving, sometimes they short you and with the price of medication today you can not afford to be a pill or two short.

    Congrats on your weight loss, that is amazing and inspiring
    3683 days ago
    I am pumped for you!!! You totally inspire me!! That was just plain scary with that mix up! Makes makes me glad I have a wierd first name emoticon
    3683 days ago
    I had that happen to me at a doctors office. I went to a doctor and usually they have you fill out all kinds of papers when you are a new patient and they did not have me fill any out and I asked them why and they said that I already had been to the office and I informed them that I had never been to them and they asked me my full name and it was the exact same name even the middle name too and then they asked me my birthday and that was the same including the year. NOW that was freaky. When it came to the social that was different and so was the address So now that would also explain getting a call from a place that said that I ordered from them and I did not. It turns out that there is another person where I live with the exact same full name as me. Freaky to say the least!!

    Congrats on the weight lose too. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3683 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/11/2011 9:25:23 PM
  • no profile photo CD9363053
    I know what you mean about the pharmacy. My mom, grandma, daughter & I have all been going to the same pharmacist for several years. He knows us by name and is very careful not to mix us up with other people or each other. One time he figured out what was wrong with me when my doctor couldn't -- I was taking two drugs that don't mix! When my mom pointed out we could get cheaper prescriptions at Walmart, I said no way! A good pharmacist who knows you is such a blessing! I hope you find one like that.

    Once again, way to go on your amazing weight loss!!!

    3683 days ago
  • ANNIE1114
    The Walmart mixup sounded kind of scary.
    3683 days ago
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