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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yep, that is what inspired my status today!
Last night at the gym, a 400 pound man (he announced his weight to class) was on the bike directly in front of me in spin class. He blocked my view of the instructor but I did not care. He was such an inspiration. He told the instructor it was his first time and the instructor told him to just take it easy and see how long you can last just spinning your legs...telling him that he doesn't have to stand when the rest of the class does or up the tension. Well, that guy seemed to take it as a challenge and he lasted the entire class! Not only did he last the whole class but, stood several times! I was smiling the entire class just so impressed with this guy's determination to finish. Several semi-regular ppl bailed early, so, he could have also left early without making a scene, but he *made a choice* to stick it out and in turn *inspired me* so much! I wanted to applaud him at the end but didn't want to embarrass, so just said "You did great!¨ and his face lit up with such a smile...it really energized my heart :) He walked into the class shyly and walked out proudly for sure!

So, whether you have been at this a long time or just starting out...you just never know who you are inspiring! Go out and be someone's inspiration today!
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