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How and Why I Workout.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This morning I got up really feeling the workout I had yesterday.
When Jennifer, our instructor said we were going to do some Water Zumba, everyone just looked at her like she was speaking some strange language. How could we do Zumba in the water? Well we did, and it was awesome. I have been saying all along that when I get my knees fixed I am signing up for regular Zumba. For I love to dance. Long time ago I took Jazz exercise. And when the knees will let me I dance around the house. There's just something about the beat of the music and it makes your body want to move and you get in that groove and there's no stopping you from moving your body to the beat.
On top of the water zumba, we did regular water workout, and Jen increased the rep's from two to three. And the sprints from 1 min to 2 minutes. We do interval training.
So this morning after I did some pilates and yoga I felt limber again and was ready for today's normal water aerobics class..
Today class is with Margie and there is nothing easy about her routine. It is a steady cardio, with kicks, jumps, and movement ,all intended to get your heart rate up and give you the best workout possible.
So after 90 minutes of that I was ready for the showers. I had already spent 15 minutes on the recumbent bike. And 15 minutes on arm and shoulder weights, for upper body.
Some people have wondered how I exercise so much with damaged knees.
In many ways the knees don't play a part in what I am doing now. They would if I tried to run, jog on land, or even walk. But I have found out that there are always modified exercises you can do if you have a problem with some body part.
Last year this time I still weighted over 300 lbs. i was just getting my head into the idea that there were exercises I could do.
The most important piece of equipment I have are my stretch bands. Or also known as resistance bands. Best investment I ever made.
The were my life line to getting myself moving and limber.
I would put the band around my foot and lift my leg. I had no strength to lift it on my own.
I worked on that , finally getting so I could lift the leg by it's self. then I went to both legs.
I used the bands to row. I used then to build up my arms. I used them to help me do sit ups.
I had to do this laying on my bed. I could not get down on the floor. If I did I would never get up.
Gradually I started to do some exercises I saw on the Fit TV channel. That's where I saw the large exercise ball. That looked like so much fun, I bought one.
I never laughed so hard the first day I bounced around in my living room, while watching them do the movement on TV. I was about 295 lbs, slow, sort of cumbersome , but did I have fun.
I still workout with the big purple ball, but I am much better now. I have no trouble getting up and down or swimming on the ball or anything.
I went to the gym sometimes. But I was so embarrassed about my size I didn't feel comfortable. I had to work through that, Changed how I perceived myself. I have gotten comfortable with my body and what shape it's in. I have learned to accept my flaws and not dwell on them. Or mind what others think of me. For imperfections are in everyone.
I got a Nordic Track so I could walk in during the winter and in the safety of my home.
When I am walking outside I always feared falling or my knee going out on me.
In side I can walk a lot faster , the treadmill has sides that are there to use if needed.
Probably the thing I am most proud of in my body transformation is how flexible I am.
And I credit that with Yoga and doing the movements plus lots of stretching everyday. I never miss a day. I don't want to shrink away. Or develop rounded shoulders. So the more flexible you are now the less risk of that happening.
I can sit with my legs in a V shape and bend down an touch my head to my left leg. I am 1 or 2 inches from being able to do it on my right leg. That means my left side is still not as limber.
I can also get down to 3 inches from the floor with my head in the middle of the V of my legs.
I have no trouble walking around with my hands on the floor, bent over. I just have to be careful raising up, do it slow, so as not to get light headed. Smile!!
You might be wondering so, why are these movements so important.?
Last year at this time. I could not bend over and tie my shoe. i could not put on my socks.
I had a grabber to use to pick something up if I dropped it. I couldn't pick up my dog.
I had to sit in a chair and have him jump into my lap.
I had rails and handles I had to use just to get my hugh shape into the bathtub.
And when ever I did any of these things I was huffy and puffing like I was going to pass out.
Every move I made was an effort. I would get so tired trying to get ready to go someplace, I didn't want to go. And finally that's what happened,.. I shut myself off more and more.
Everyday life was hard to cope with. Thank God that I have put that behind me.
Maybe that's why I am full of so much life and enthusiasm now. I am ready to go and get involved at the drop of a hat. Life is so precious and I don't want to miss any thing.
I refuses to stop trying to be more fit and healthy. I refuse to get older than I have to be.
As long as I am able and it's not going to kill me, i am going to do what I feel I can do.
I am not being as strict with my end goal as I was. I had said I want to be at goal by July.
It's OK if I'm not . I have came so far. I am doing so well, a little longer it's OK. I know just from watching the Biggest Loser that the last pounds are the hardest to go.
I was surprised by some of the weights from last night.
I do know there is no way I would bungee jump from a 1000 foot building.. I have no interest in bungee jumping or sky diving.
Maybe take a space trip. Smile!!
So when it comes to exercise I have learned that there is always something one can do.
And there is a difference in exercise and movement. One has to get both. Movement does not always provide weight loss. Exercise can be cardio, for weight loss or weight training for muscle building. The more muscle helps burn more fat to promote weight loss.
Doing cardio exercise , where you raise your heart rate for extended periods of time, promote weight loss.
I do water aerobics to get good cardio. I do yoga and pilates for movement, and flexibility..
I walk for movement. I walk faster with incline for cardio. Or in spurts , fast, slow, fast.
I ride the recumbent bike for leg strength. I lift weights and workout on the machines for upper body strength. I do sit ups for the abdomen. All of it counts.
So even now that I am sitting here at the computer I feel like my body is working for me, trying to get those left over fat cells to vacate the premises.
Can one get too much exercise? , YES!. A person can become addicted to exercise.
Am I getting too much,? NO!!!. I am aware of how important exercise and movement is to my over all health. And I am getting a little more than I will get later on. Once I get to a normal weight I will do 60 minutes a day and feel like that is enough to maintain my wonderful new healthy body.
So to all those out there who are thinking about the need to get in more exercise, it won't hurt you. Try to challenge yourself. Add 10 minutes a day. Try a new exercise. There are hundreds out there, Even if you have a routine , it's good to mix it up some. The muscles get used to a routine. That's why in a class every other day you do a different routine .
Just remember if you do more exercise, you can't eat more.
Some people think that gives them room to eat extra because they worked out more.
And people hardly ever workout enough to cover the calories they over ate.
So this time next week I will working through the pain of physical therapy with my new knee.
I hope to have my lap top so I can blog from the hospital.
I will give you first hand reporting of the ordeal that i am going through. Smile!!
So dear friends , I hope you are enjoying your day and have got in your exercise or movement for today. Have tracked your healthy food and are settling in for a relaxing evening.
Take care.
Peace and Love,
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD9370359
    emoticon This has really inspired me to keep going. Thanks
    3679 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Thank you Tisha, for a wonderful blog. It is very encouraging to see that you really have done it and I can hope there is more I can do as well. I have a need of part motivation and part having the Fibromyalgia pain let up! I am thrilled you wrote such a neat blog. You will do great with your surgery. The techniques are so improved these days that they have you up and working out just hours after the actual surgery. I will keep in touch with you as you let us know how you are doing. Blessings to you as you get those new joints!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3682 days ago
    I had to share your Blog with my youngest daughter. She is down 100 pounds, but still heavier than you started. Wish her luck - to imitate your journey. Thanks.

    PS - you would be an inspiration to anyone.
    3682 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/15/2011 9:38:06 PM
  • no profile photo DIASTER
    Oh my gosh, thank you for today's blog. Have seen all the exercise you have been doing and am just amazed. It was so wonderful to realize a year ago you couldn't get up off the floor either. Somehow I thought you were just a natural athlete and had been doing all these things forever. So there is hope for all of those like me that can use the treadmill but are afraid to get on the floor for the rest of it. Never thought sit ups in bed would help but hey, can do those, as well as leg lifts so maybe there is hope after all.
    Am really looking forward to your blow by blow knee surgery reports, wonder how many of us are out here trying to lose enough weight to get them done so the knee doesn't keep buckling. Oh how wonderful it will be to go up and down stairs like a normal person not like a toddler.
    You know we all are wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.
    3682 days ago
    Great blog, and absolutely on target . I'm so proud of you!!!
    3683 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8667808
    Excellent tips and advice, thank you!
    3683 days ago
    You're awesome Tisha! Thanks for your comment on my surgery blog, I think you and others have convinced me to get it scheduled soon. Thanks for being a great Spark friend!
    3683 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5241267
    Tisha you are becoming my inspiration. I am so proud of you. Donna
    3683 days ago
    I hope you are so absolutely proud of yourself. Amazing!
    3683 days ago
    Thanks for the inspiration. I need it often!
    3684 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Tisha, I just wrote you a long comment and then my computer froze and I lost it. The just of it was that You are such an awesome and motivating person that I truly admire. I always love your determination to be as fit and healthy as possible. I also love to dance but right now can't do what I want to do. I'm still doing the Chair DVDs every day so will take your suggestion and keep uping my workout time. You are going into surgery in tip top shape and that is really going to help your recovery. Praying and thinking of you for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. I'm so proud of you!!
    3684 days ago
  • TISHA80
    Thanks for the motivation! :)
    3684 days ago
    I hope everything goes well with surgery and you have a speedy recovery.
    3684 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    emoticon blog and so motivating to us who need both our knees replaced as well. My ortho wants me to lose 100 pounds before he will do one of my knees... I'm half way there emoticon and feel 100% better emoticon and I love YOU too Tisha emoticon

    Your enthusiasm is contagious emoticon for the push emoticon I'm praying for a "Speedy" recovery.... your PT is going to have a live one on his/her hands, that's for sure!!!

    emoticon Linda
    3684 days ago
    You are such an inspiration! What a difference a year makes! Yoga is fantastic it's my favorite part of P90x.
    3684 days ago
    I wasn't in any way, Tiring to Decourage you. If I did..I'm Sorry!!!!!!!!!! emoticon .

    I just didn't want you to "Make matters worse" than they were. With my PT I went A Lot overboard & 15 Years later, am still paying fer it. (Only coos we don't have the Medical Coverage to fix the Problem.)

    I do hope you Quick Recovery. Keep us Posted.

    3684 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    I was sitting here procrastinating about logging my food, feeling a little tired and out of sorts and "poor me-this is hard" wah,wah,wah. And then, I read your blog, and "poof" - it's gone. I am going to log my food, I am going to ride my exercise bike (already did a hike with the dog earlier so this is session 2), I cheerfully sent my family off to eat the burgers, etc that they are craving (I am craving a little time alone far more than anything served in a restaurant), and I am eating something more in line with my goals. You are a doll! I bet your instructors and fellow exercisers just love you - you sound like you are so fun to be around. I wish you well with your surgery. I have subscribed to your blog and I will be sending you well-wishes from rainy Washington state. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3684 days ago
    You are totally inspiring me again. I WAS addicted to exercise, now I miss it, but want to do it the sensible way. You are showing me and reassuring me that it is still possible. I really lost heart the last few months, but I feel is coming back. emoticon
    3684 days ago
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