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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perhaps some of you have seen this article?

A friend of mine sent me the link the other day, and I shot back an "I told you so" email, because I had recently sent her this link:

That's a sit-stand workstation, and it's a bit pricey! I haven't submitted a request to work for such a nifty little item - YET - but I'm considering it more and more.

Part of my consideration is the fact that I bragged about losing weigh on vacation! and have promptly put back on 3 released pounds since Saturday!




Dangit. Seriously. WTH?

I chalk it up to...
~ having MORE food available to me, even if it IS healthier food.
~ sitting on my slowly-narrowing behind all blessed day.
~ there may have been a bit of 'yea, I ran a 10K' overindulgence, but NOT 3 lbs worth.

Maybe I'm not eating enough? Somehow that doesn't seem right, since I'm putting the lbs back on.
I'm certainly drinking enough water, more than I did while we were away.
I'm sitting more. A LOT more. Even when I get up and walk around our floor, it's still nothing like the activity we had while we were away.
TOM isn't due for another week or two, but maybe my body opted for early water retention just to give me something more to do/ponder on?

I'm of several minds on this. Yea, I know, again LOL

First, I'm p*ssed. Seriously. I have NOT over-eaten the equivalent of 3lbs worth of calories. I mean, if I'm going gain it, I'd prefer to know and purposefully ENJOY gaining it, y'know?

3 lbs would be 10,500 extra calories, if you're curious. I was and used a calculator to figure it out LOL I have NOT eaten that.

I have eaten approx. 7890 calories since Saturday.
I've burned approx. 2029 calories via fitness minutes.
My 5-day BMR total is approx. 10,430 (2,086 per day)

10,430 BMR burned + 2,029 fitness burned = 12,459 burned
12,459 total burned - 7890 consumed = 4569 deficit

At least, it should. Even if I were underestimating my caloric intake (and I admit that's possible) that would mean I would have had to eaten that deficit, to stay at the same weight, PLUS eaten an extra 10,500 to gain the 3 lbs since Saturday.

Next, I'm curious. As 'bad' as the food was, nutrition-wise, that we ate on vacation, how can eating healthier now cause me to put on more weight? Is my body happy to have better nutrients that it's hording what it's getting, just in case?

I read somewhere that someone gained weight after running X amount of miles - fluid build-up in stretched/strained muscles, etc. Maybe that's it, my muscles retaining fluid after Sunday's run? How long does something like that last?

Finally, I'm sorta 'meh'. I mean, really. What am I going to do? Just keep doing what I'm doing, only better/improved somehow. Maybe the sodium is too high and I'm not paying enough attention. Maybe I'm sitting too much and need to somehow up my fitness minutes of an evening, although I'm not sure how much more I can add and still spend time with DH and the girls, and actually sleep and do everything else that needs to get done.

Don't take me wrong. I'm not discouraged, I'm not throwing up my hands in frustration, I'm not quitting. I'm interested in what my body is doing, but I'm not stopping. I'm continuing forward with my plan.

I'm a body in motion, staying in motion. I'm that same ole work in progress, developing into something interesting and new and different each day. Apparently, I'm a bit bigger for now, but those 3 lbs will go by the wayside as all the others have before them.

Now that's not a brag, either, in case Fate wants to bip me in the forehead for typing that. It's simply the truth. There are other Spark People who have lost ALL their desired weight in this same amount of time, and I've only released half of my desired amount. That's ok. I WILL get there. I'm just wondering what caused this current bump in the road.

Ah well. I'll keep running, keep eating well (if not too well), and maybe this time next month, I'll have a new work-toy to show y'all. I wonder how well that sit-stand computer stand will work with my fitness ball seat.
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    I would love to have that desk. Working for a non profit I can't even get a decent chair. I have a ball chair but it's too low for my desk.
    3720 days ago
  • GAYLEP67
    MEH is right, Candy. Our bodies have many mysteries and who knows why they do all the things they do. I definitely think the sedentary nature of our office jobs plays a big role. When you were away, you were constantly on the move and I'm sure it did you well for keeping your metabolism going despite the extra calories you may have been consuming. A salt fanatic at heart, I know that on the days when I've consumed more than my fair share, I definitely retain (even if it's not my TOM).

    You'll be fine...and I'm glad you've got the right attitude despite the frustration.


    3722 days ago
    That's how I felt after my run as well. Gained two 1/2 lbs and chalked it up to TOM (which nicely held off until after the run) but still feeling sluggish. Back on track with diet (not with exercise yet though) and gotta push back!!! That's why we're all together-to think out loud and throw it out there.
    It'll go. Don't worry-just keep on going!!
    3722 days ago
    You will be fine! Be happy with will probably come off as soon as it came on!

    3723 days ago
    Just to make you feel better, I gained 4 pounds one week and couldn't figure out why. Well, it started to come back down and then at the end of the next week, TOM visited. I think our bodies hold onto water for various reasons. You cannot always trust what the scale says. It weighs everything: muscle, fat, liquids,'s all there. And it fluctuates. Yes, hard exercise will cause the muscles to hang onto water for repair work. It could be many things. Just keep doing the right stuff: day after day. You will lose weight. Have patience. The scale is only one tool. And, in my opinion, it isn't the best tool. Although, it does give us the biggest highs. Stay true to your plan and believe in yourself. Put your blinders on.

    Oh, here's a site I found from a post somewhere. LOL Its a tool that tracks average weight loss. It just might keep you sane during times like these. Check it out.

    You're doing great. Have faith in yourself.
    3723 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6896537
    I personally think it's a result of being back home. Our bodies are strange things and react so odd to different things.

    I've no doubt you're working just as hard (probably harder) than you did while you were gone but also, I think you probably burned a lot of calories while you were gone that you weren't even aware of. The whole "diet math" stuff is too much for me and I think there's too many other factors that play into that final number on the scale; but it's impossible not to let it bum you out when it goes the other way.

    That being said, I think....nay, I know that if you just keep doing things the way you are, that at your next weigh in you're going to see those pounds gone. I think your body is just readjusting to being back into your regular routine and those pounds are going to come right back off!

    3723 days ago
    I've torn my hair out this week over this exact same issue. There's just too many variables. As you wrote, you sure didn't eat the calories that 3 true pounds would need, so at some point it's GOT to disappear! We just need to keep on moving forward knowing we're doing good things every day for ourselves, even if we aren't seeing the immediate results.
    3723 days ago
    I'm with you on the "meh" feeling! It is what it is and we'll keep doing the best we can! You'll get there and think back to times like this and realize it was all about Patience! We have to just learn that sometimes our bodies are going to do their own thing! Just keep up the GREAT work!!
    3723 days ago
    Don't forget...Scales LIE!
    3723 days ago
    Sometimes our bodies to strange things just to vex us! emoticon

    Let's just keep right on truckin! You'll have to let me know how the new workstation goes.
    3723 days ago
    Hey dear one,

    After my amazing 5k race last weekend I was up 4 pounds on Tuesday morning - take that! I'm now down almost all of them but its been nothing short of confusing for me. I think all the calculating doesn't take enough into account like how our bodies just do their own things sometimes. Up your activity for a few days and see what happens - even if you just up your intensity. More than likely the 3 pounds isn't really permanent, just hanging out there for some odd reason at this time.

    You're doing awesome - and you're steadily losing. I lose slowly as you know - especially now - but it is still going in the right direction, overall (even statistically speaking - lol).

    Keep on keeping on sister!

    Clara emoticon
    3723 days ago
  • no profile photo CD489681
    The highs and lows of weight loss can be a mystery at times. Even with all the numbers calculated as best we can, there are just too many variables in our metabolism, sleeping, hydration, and even our stress levels that can contribute. Sticking to, and improving upon, what has worked so far is probably the best thing you can do.

    Thank you for linking the great article on sitting vs standing. I'm going to pass that information along. I used to stand at my work station a few years ago, but started sitting when we updated our office space. It's time to go back. I want to take every fitness/health advantage I can.

    3723 days ago
    yup, despite the scale, we keep on keeping on!
    3723 days ago
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