A year's official...I AM A SPRINTER!

Friday, April 15, 2011

In high school (decades ago)...I ran track. Correction...I WAS A SPRINTER! I have LONG LEGS...I could run VERY QUICKLY...and the fact that I ran sprints well INSPIRED OTHERS! I did NOT have the determination to train for hours to go long distances. I did NOT have the focus to do multi events. I LOVED making an impact and moving on!

Little did I know...that would be the foreshadowing for my life! After being suspicious for years about this fact...a year with SPARK PEOPLE has taught me...INDEED...I AM A SPRINTER!

I am one of THOSE personalities! You have met them...but probably don't REALLY know them well. They are LARGER THAN LIFE...they MAKE THINGS HAPPEN...they GIVE INSTRUCTION and INSPIRATION and MOVE ON!

That could be said of my business life! My resume' is filled with more jobs than you could imagine. I LOVE to go in...DRIVE CHANGE...and when TODD JAMES has MADE A DIFFERENCE...I MOVE ON!

That could be said of my personal life! I am a firm believer...have a limited few at your funeral that REALLY KNOW YOU...and have 100s that will miss your inspiration when they hear of your passing!

That could be said of my social life! BURST on to the scene...start the party...get everyone laughing and having fun...then quietly slip out and go home to bed!

The SAME has been true for SPARK PEOPLE!

Thanks to initial encouragement from my good friend Jerome Merlau, I started out like a WILD MAN...40 pounds gone within months! 70 gone within 6 months! People were inspired...talked about me. Not like my good friends that lost over 100 pounds but I felt accomplished...I had I began to eat...returned to old part was done...right?

I blogged like a professional! People were INSPIRED by my words. They read! Sometimes because they were interested!
cause a team leader started a campaign to MAKE people read the words...which I STILL HATE TO THIS DAY! When people stopped reading...commenting...being inspired...I all but stopped...though I still have 100s of ideas I would LOVE to talk about!

I lead a team and am PROUD to have breathed NEW LIFE in a wavering team! I carried the biggest pompoms...yelled the loudest...INSPIRED MANY! I sprinted daily...neglecting my business, my personal life, my journey to health...just to inspire others. I MADE a DIFFERENCE! A FEW gave support back...but only a few...and that is OK. I didn't do it for THEIR SUPPORT...I DID IT...because THAT is the GIFT I BRING to the table!

I SPARKED LIKE SO MANY OF YOU...EXCESSIVELY...and I sprinted and sprinted and sprinted...until I realized...wait...the journey to NOT A SPRINT!

So...I approach my sophomore year on SPARK wide eyed and ready to learn NEW SKILLS!

In most areas of my life...I am embracing the fact that I am a sprinter! Yes...I will continue to run through life very quickly, inspiring others, making an impact and moving on!

Concerning my journey to health...I may not have the determination to train for hours to go long distances. I may NEVER run a 13.1 marathon...and THAT IS OK! Heck...I may NEVER RACE AGAIN...but with the support of a couple of KEY PEOPLE...I am vowing to be OPEN TO THE IDEA of pushing myself harder...further...MORE consistently...with BOTH food AND exercise!

I am GRATEFUL to SPARK PEOPLE! No...I may no longer blog, lead a team, post to a forum, even be outwardly active...but SPARK PEOPLE has taught me to LOOK AT MYSELF and admit...I AM A SPRINTER...and I am OK with that!!!

In the starting blocks and ready for the next leg of the race...(I have NEVER had to go for this long...) let the JOURNEY BEGIN!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Todd--I have missed you. Last January 1 you posted the most awesome blog about not losing your enthusiasm. It really hit home. I printed it and read it a number of times until probably July or so. I was going through some papers and found it. I still love the blog!! You had a number of them like that--motivating, inspirational yet not condescending or preachy. I really enjoyed them. I understand you are working on you right now but I wanted you to know you made a difference for me and I hope you are doing great!!!
    3078 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6851971
    emoticon I love that about this place you get a clearer picture of the real you AND you get to embrace it. No one can fill your shoes...we need 'fireworks' at the celebration of life.
    Light up the sky.
    3366 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6184599
    OMG That is sooo me! Get in, get it done, get out, do something else!
    3550 days ago
    Hi Todd;

    I hate to see you go too far because you have helped me.We all give of ourselves in one way or another some out there for everyone to see and others with a kind word when you need it. They are all needed on this road of life. Continue with your sprinting and your healthy life style. God bless you always. Don't leave us because we do care and may not always be around but we will drop in when we can.


    3556 days ago
    It's all about pacing yourself. Glad to hear you've reached such an AHA moment--one rite of passage has ended and now the next begins. Onward to success! Good luck.
    3634 days ago
    This resonates with me. I haven't done much of anything for almost a year. It is time to get back in the race for me as well.
    3671 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7221782
    One step at a time Todd James!
    I LOVE reading your blogs!!! You really do inspire me. Even though I am HORRIBLE about responding, I watch your "life adventure" daily. When you and Jerome start in with each other, it makes me smile!
    Congrats on your first year! I'm almost there too!!!

    3671 days ago
    And I LOVE that about you, Todd. I love that you inspire, lead, stir up, challenge, and start the party. But, I don't want you to leave -- physically or emotionally. I love that you are a part of my life and this team.

    Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep on sprinting for some parts of it, but maybe slow down for other parts so that it becomes a marathon! I don't want you to burn out before your time. You are too important and too valuable to so many people. You can do it! Together we can do what we cannot do alone.
    3672 days ago
  • BOBF15
    emoticon Scene 2, ... action! Roll 'em.

    The continuing saga...

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Here is the flag, man, come and get it. I am neck and neck with you.


    We'll see each other at the top! emoticon emoticon
    3672 days ago
  • KA_JUN
    Wow, good blog!
    3672 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7840601
    Nothing wrong with sprinting. If that's who you are then sprint on and on and on and on. Life is too short to be on the sidelines watching others race. Jump in and sprint!
    3672 days ago
    You are still here, man ... and that's wassup!
    3672 days ago
    CONGRATS Todd James on one year of success!!

    You're grown, you've walked, you've worked, we're talked, etc etc etc....

    I can't WAIT to see where the journey goes next!

    BRING IT!!
    3672 days ago
    You're done zigging, now it's time to zag.
    3672 days ago
    Bring it on Todd James!
    3672 days ago
    The journey begins!! It's a marathon and you will always be an inspiration!
    3673 days ago
    Let the Journey Begin emoticon
    3673 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7632332
    ...and if you happen to glance at the sidelines, I'll always be there----cheering you on!
    3673 days ago
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