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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today being Palm Sunday, I got up early and went to early service.
I then came home and realized that there were things that I had been wanting to do around the house, but in my usual procrastinate manner I have not done.
These are not pressing matters. if I never do them, no one would ever notice .
No, these are things that I just want to get done.
1. I wanted to turn my queen size mattress and put the new bed skirt under the mattress.
Let me tell you I spend $60.00 a month on gym fee's. I could save that money and just lift a heavy queen size high top mattress. I was huffy and puffing, my heart rate was was up , like I had been doing cardio for 30 minutes.
I tugged, pulled, kept going around the sides working one then the other. Finally I had it under and all even. I just sat there and marveled at what I had been able to do.
But I still had the new sheets to put on, the new shams, comforter and throw, so Titan would not jump up and snag the beautiful new comforter . At first I hesitated to put it on, then I thought why, I will try to keep it in good condition, but I do have a dog and what will be will be.
I then moved my dresser and desk over some to make room for my walker to get in next to the bed. Believe me that was a workout.
I have some pen and ink drawings, the series was animals, I called it The Safari Series, I did them 35 years ago , when I was doing more art. I have sold most of them, but I kept 4, and I wanted to hang them. So I went to Walmart's and got some plain black frames and I hung them . After 35 some years. I also hung some of other art and wood carving.
Not ones I did, but others artist's.
I have never put drapes or curtains in the dining room, well today I corrected that.
I got on my little stool, all my tools out, drilled the holes , put the anchors in and put some black iron rods up, with the new curtains. The curtains have been waiting to be hung since I moved in here 2 1/2 years ago.
I was always too heavy to do these things And getting someone to do them just never happened. Although my son in law did come over a couple of times to do the rods, but I had the wrong anchors. And then the wrong drill. But today I didn't even get the drill out, I used a screw driver. And plenty of muscles from my fantastic strong arms, that I am always working on to get more stronger.
I then did one load of wash, I ran out of soap, have to run and get some. For I have one more load to get all caught up. I don't want any thing not done when I get home later this week.
Plus my daughter will be coming over and I don't want her to have any thing to comment on that needs to be done. She runs a perfect home. Everything is always done. Mine is OK, but I cut corners sometimes. There are so many other things to do.
Tomorrow after I take Titan to Pet Village for his boarding. I will do the vacuuming and make sure the floors are spotless.
Titan attackers the broom, mop and most of all the vacuum. I have had to use duck tape to fix the hose where Titan has chewed through it. It was brand new, and I hated to get another one. My next one will not have a hose. I guess he thinks it is going to attack him. so he gets it first. It's quite a sight too, that little dog, darting in to bite at the vacuum. Most of the time I have to shut him up in the bathroom while I'm vacuuming the house. And he is barking the whole time. He also barks at the yard people when they are mowing the lawn. It must be something about machines, he doesn't like.
I have one more day of water aerobics than no water for 3 to 4 weeks. Or until my stitches are completely healed up.
Last Friday I was 10 minutes late for class. When I got to the pool they were just finishing the warm up. I am in the front row in 4 1/2 feet of water. Margie got me a noodle, I put my water down in my area, and looked to the end of pool where the steps were to get in the water. Then I looked down at the spot I would be in the pool. All of a sudden everybody started to say Jump Tisha, jump. I laughed, gave it a second of thought and crouched down, got in dive or jump in position and with the class cheering me on I jumped in. They roared with approval. I felt great. They have nicknames me "Firecracker", because my bright red hair and my sparkling attitude to have fun. I'm very spontaneous.
Last year I would not even go to the same class twice or weeks apart. I was so embarrassed about my size and appearance. Sure now I am skinner, but still have some flaws , imperfections, but I don't care. I am comfortable for the first time in my life with myself and my body.
Even before I ever gained weight, I was always aware of how I looked. I didn't want any bulges or extra fat. If I had gained, I would not dream of wearing a swim suit. I am talking 5 or 10 lbs. I always wore a two piece and no rolls or extra fat was going to show up on me.
Well once I gained so much and now lost most of it, what I am left with is far from perfect.
But finally I can accept that. I was even showing one of my friends from class my excess tummy, the results of weight loss. And talking about when it goes, I will lose another 10 lbs.
I sometimes have asked myself would I rather have never gained the weight and had to undergo obesity and the journey to change all that. Probably , YES. But then I would still be hung up on trying to achieve that perfect body. still hiding any if I was a little over weight. Still critical of myself and others if they were fat. I would not have come to understand what so many people have struggled with for years. I would not have meet some wonderful warm, understanding people, like I have meet here at Spark. I might not have learned to enjoy exercise and workouts as much as I do.
Running, jogging and walking were my thing.
I used to do exercises and even went to a gym, but it was because I had to. Not that I loved it. Now I want to go. I miss not going.
I have gotten more aware of the correct foods to eat. I really feel like I will live a healthier life because I gained all the weight and then lost it.
My Grandmothers always said "things happen for a reason". So that's how I look at the ordeal I have gone through. I have came out a better person because of it.
I plan on taking my lap top with me. I hope they have WIFI and I can log on and maybe blog.
The admitting nurse said she believed it would be Ok and she thinks I will have access.
Of course I am thinking that I will feel like logging on and bloging . I have no idea how I will feel. I have tried to think of past times in the hospital. But our memories are great that we only remember being there, we don't remember the discomfort or the pain. It's like childbirth, we know it was hard, but the sensations we went through are gone.
I am ready and looking forward to a life without limping, walkers or canes. At least for the next 20 years or more. Smile!!
I had my medical assisting home items delivered Friday. My crutches, bath seat for tub and a riser for the loo. I already have three walkers. So I guess I am all set.
My Sister in law called to ask me over for Easter dinner, I reminder her I will be out of the hospital only 2 or 3 days, so I am not sure if I can make it. She said they will pick me up and get a wheel chair if I need it. Everyone wants to help.
Unfortunately Jim won't be here . His older brother had a medical issue and is in the hospital. He flew back there to be with him.
He hopes to be back by the end of the week, so he can help me once I am home.
So dear friends, have a great week. Stay positive. Remember to believe in yourself.
Peace and Love.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are awesome!
    3678 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9394210
    Congratulations on having all that done this weekend! Sure feels good doesn't it? Good luck with your operation i'll be praying for you. emoticon emoticon
    3679 days ago
    I am sending tons of prayers for a speedy recovery.
    3679 days ago
  • JILL313
    You sure have a lot of energy now and accomplished so much yesterday. I know you must have felt so proud of yourself as did things you had put off for years. . .I've been thinking of you and know your going to have a successful surgery and speedy recovery as you have the right mental attitude and are already in such good shape. I've always admired so many attributes you have and would like to emulate your Healthy Journey Success. I hope you'll be able to use your laptop there as we'll all be thinking and praying for you. You are such an awesome and inspiring Lady. I wish you could put in a "box" all your motivation and determination and I'd be the first in line to get one.


    3679 days ago
  • no profile photo DIASTER
    What a wonderful productive day you had. I sure hope you know how much you help each one of us when you blog. Seems you have had the same struggles but you just kept plowing through. What an example!
    Have never had a patient that was able to use crutches after knee surgery, of course working in Fl. the population is older and definitely not in your shape. Feel you will be walking that 50 feet by day two.
    You will find the pool a wonderful way to rehab. As you know it is so much easier to move body parts in the water, bet it will not take you 4 weeks to get in. We are all praying for a very successful outcome and a quick recovery.
    Thank you for all the encouragement you have given me. I also have a perfectionist daughter so know what you mean about the house.
    3679 days ago
    Wow, you really are a Firecracker!

    I also was very thin in my youth (after a chubby childhood) and obsessed over every little pound. I once refused to go to on a wonderful lake outing with friends because I was reluctant to wear a swimsuit (having gained from 118 to 125! - so fat - NOT). Now I'm determined not to let anything stand in the way of enjoying my life. Who cares about the saddlebags and batwings? Not me, and not anyone who loves me.

    With your attitude you will do great!
    3679 days ago
    Well "Firecracker" emoticon I hope your surgery goes well and your recovery is FAST! I enjoyed your blog so much today. It was the boost I needed this morning. You are such an inspiration to me. Titan and the vacuum cleaner story made me laugh! He sounds like a real pistol! LOL
    Keep us updated when you get a chance and feel like it.
    3680 days ago
  • KELLYD1958
    Praying for you and the Surgeon's hands. Sounds like you'll do great! Love your attitude and congrat on crossing so much off the list!
    3680 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    As usual you will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. I know you are going to blow your doctors and nurses minds with how determined you are to recover and get on with it!!!! Wow, what a perfect nick name emoticon

    I hope you can get online as planned... if not we will certainly know where you are and await your return. God bless you my dear friend. emoticon

    I love you Tisha, emoticon Linda
    3680 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my page. I am SO impressed with your anti-procrastination campaign. Wow- if your nickname weren't Firecracker, it could be Whirlwind. They are going to have to figure out how to keep you in that hospital bed - you will probably be leading exercise classes in the hallway, and redecorating hospital rooms, in between cheering up all the other patients! I am not surprised you have so many people who want to help you. I don't know how practical this is, but I am picturing you in your lovely room, unable to go to water aerobics, but lying in bed lifting weights and strengthening your upper body while waiting for your knee to heal up. TAKE CARE! (please) emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3680 days ago
    WOW, I'm exhausted just reading that post! You're amazing! Best wishes with your upcoming surgery and quick recovery!
    Have a great week emoticon (Firecracker)
    3680 days ago
    We both have had a Busy Weekend. If you can't get Online coos it's like the Cell Phone Rule, I'll Email you my Phone Number, to keep in touch.

    Have a Great Week & Good Luck,

    3680 days ago
    You are def a Firecracker!! Awesome!
    3680 days ago
    You are set! Love your new nickname - Firecracker! You know it's going to stick. I'll be thinking about you - my only advice, is to use the morphine drips as much as you want! Use it!
    3680 days ago
    You are set! Love your new nickname - Firecracker! You know it's going to stick. I'll be thinking about you - my only advice, is to use the morphine drips as much as you want! Use it!
    3680 days ago
  • BETHV10
    I would have guessed that you were a Firecracker. Keep up the spirits.. you will be fine.
    3680 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9363053
    "My Grandmothers always said 'things happen for a reason.' So that's how I look at the ordeal I have gone through. I have came out a better person because of it. "

    I love this blog post. Can't wait to read your blogs coming up. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    3680 days ago
    Hey, Firecracker! You're going to do great with the surgery---and then you'll be out dancing before you know it! Good luck and God Bless! emoticon Ann
    3680 days ago
    Great blog, Firecracker.
    3680 days ago
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