I am feeling pretty low right now

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sigh... I am feeling like a broken record right now. I am in the same vicious cycle of starting and stopping something. I am in this hole and I don't know how to dig myself out of it. I have been slacking so bad. I haven't been tracking, my workout regimine is slowly dying down and I am eating things I normally turn my head to. I don't know how to pull myself back. Everyday I get more and more discouraged. And the worst part of it all is I am slowly watching the scale get higher and higher. I really need some encouragment right now.
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    We are here for you emoticon Your not a broken record. That's what we are here for to encourage you and to keep pushing on. Two steps back. Three steps forward. Come on. emoticon emoticon
    3750 days ago
    Go to your Start Page and start the Spark Program with Stage One again and keep restarting as often as needed. YOU are worth the extra effort!

    Track your foods. I am not saying stay within the recommended ranges - this will come eventually - but get back to tracking. We cannot "fix" if we don't know what needs "fixing".

    Track track track - if you bite it, you write it. It really works!
    3752 days ago
  • no profile photo CD461038
    I can totally relate to everything you said!! All I can say is, tomorrow is a new day. Commit to tracking and don't worry about all the mistakes you have made in the past. Ultimately we are in control of everything we do (so says my therapist) - we can do this!!! Believe in yourself and start again - you are worth it!!
    3758 days ago
    I will like to invite you to the talking with friend forum in Latin flavor team, where we can talk to you and help you. Give you some advice and let you need to take one day at a time.
    3758 days ago
    Darling, you and I are two peas in a pod. The weight was coming off pretty easily at first so I've eased up a bit and now I'm having trouble reining myself in. I like the idea about restarting and making new goals. I think that's a really smart way to go. Maybe we just need to breathe new life into our routines! There's no sense in beating yourself up though. That's just wasted energy. Just breathe and reboot. I know you can do it!! Keep me posted on how it goes for you and I'll let you know how my journey's going as well. You're doing great though! You're beautiful, smart and inspiring and don't let that voice in your head convince you otherwise! :)
    3758 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2709582
    Look at all the comments and friendly support! You can DO it and aren't you glad for Spark People!

    3758 days ago
  • GMN5153
    I am here for you as well as all the Tigers..reach up ..grab my hand and we'll walk this journey together!! emoticon
    3759 days ago
    You're reaching out for help. You just took one giant step! Have you contemplated restarting the spark program? Set new fast break goals? It's been metioned already, but just set one goal and work on a streak. Getting your water in, ten minutes of fitness a day, eating your fruit/veggie servings?

    Whatever you choose, I know you can do this! emoticon
    3760 days ago
    I got this in a reflections email from sp. Thought you would like it.

    Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could...

    - Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer

    Hold your head up cub!!!
    3760 days ago
    Aww...Don't feel like that, everything you do is for the good. Instead of looking at like everything you did wrong, look at what you did right. Instead of eating the whole doughnut, you only ate half. I know sounds weak, but not really. It will get better and it will get easier. Remember only you can do this for you and your worth it. Slough off yesterday, or this morning, or an hour ago and start again. One hour at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time. Love YA!!!!
    3760 days ago
    Can you feel all of the sparkers reaching out to you? You are surrounded with support and care. Baby steps forward. Forget yesterday or even this morning as far as things you think you have failed or let yourself down at. Look ahead, take the hand of someone who is right there offering it and know you CAN do this. Building blocks to success one spark at a time. There is ALWAYS someone right here you can reach out to.
    3760 days ago
    I agree, you've made such progress already. Maybe it's time to think about what worked for you in the beginning, and how you can replicate those baby steps now. You can do this!
    3760 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2713897
    The other commenters are totally right - you don't have to overwhelm yourself! And you HAVE done a tremendous job so far, I'm seriously inspired to keep working on myself because of seeing the weight you've lost!

    And notice that you totally have done something other than continue to try to dig your way out.. you've reached your hand up and asked for help out of that hole and that's an accomplishment all on its own.. SP is here for support and community and all you have to do is grab hold and take advantage of it. emoticon

    I know I'm a stranger so this probably doesn't mean much, but I honestly believe anyone who can do what you've already done can pick themselves up by the bootstraps, dust their hands off, and keep going. emoticon And that negative part of yourself that's tripping you up? Pat it on the head, give it a hug, yell at it, do whatever you need to do to remind yourself that it does not control you - you control it.

    Go for it! emoticon
    3760 days ago
  • BLH507
    Listen to Mom2Piper! Just stop and breathe. You are here on Sparkpeople anyway, just go track some food you have eaten today. Just focus on 1 thing at a time.
    3760 days ago
    I've just met you from your profile page and am amazed at what you have already accomplished! Look at what you have managed to accomplish for yourself and you make me want to say "Go Girl!"

    Life will be hard enough on us. If all you can muster today is to celebrate what you have done, then celebrate! Tomorrow remember those little steps and choices that got you where you are. You have already achieved some amazing goals!

    3760 days ago
    First of all, stop digging! If you keep digging, the hole gets bigger and you keep sinking farther and farther down!

    Second step, stand still. What is one change...just one thing that you can do to make a step back in the right direction?

    Remember when you first started your spark journey? You learned to make small, small changes. Get them in place and then move onto another small, small change. One at at time! Then the small, small changes add up to a big change over time.

    What is one thing that you can do today, right this minute to feel successful? I want you to post it on my wall!

    Sweetie - you can do this! We all have rough days, rough weeks, rough spots but we have to get back up, not look back, dust ourselves off and take that first step forward. It only takes ONE step to turn this back around and you can do it.

    I believe in you, now you need to believe in yourself!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3760 days ago
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