Thursday, April 21, 2011

I eat like a dog. Head first, into the food. A series of gobbling, chomping, snorfling sounds ensue. I reappear only when the food is GONE.

Then I get the "look" - you know the one. "Hey - where'd the food go?"

Yes - I've been working on this but it's a long road. I've had yrs of conditioning; eating at desks in corporate America, always under some deadline, or mindlessly cramming food in my face while watching tv.

So today I employed a technique I learned from a PBS special on American consumption (surprise - the USA "consumes" at 1.6 the rate of other "developed" countries and way, way, WAY more than that when compared to developing nations). It's called "Halvesies". When applied to things like say toothpaste, the idea is to halve your usual amount and see if it still "works" for you. (Hint - most of us can do with half or less of our regular amt). Try dividing your "half" in half again and see if THAT works. Maybe yes, maybe no. But the idea is to get a feel for what you "over use" and save some resources and cash at the same time.

So applying halvesies to eating. I bite off half an animal cookie instead of popping a whole one in my mouth. Take half a spoonful of soup (regular, not soup spoon), etc. It slows me down a bit and I noticed that because of that, I'm likely to feel fuller after a meal - simply because I get to reach the satiety point every once in awhile! LOL.

Still working on stopping when full, chewing longer, etc. Baby steps!
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    WooHoo...awesome blog and baby steps grow....well done.....
    3704 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3011801
    I love your idea.I have actually started using small teaspoons to eat or a small fork.That wway it takes alot longer to eat.
    3710 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7466362
    I like the halvsies idea. It will certainly make one pause and consider and that's halve the battle. Thanks.
    3710 days ago
    Great idea Jen. Been away (AGAIN! yeh I know . . . ) and glad I caught this. Made me smile and am definitely going to try it - not only with food - but with my greatest downfall - wine!! If I could crack that I'd do so-o much better in so many ways.

    Thanks for posting - let us know how it goes

    emoticon emoticon
    3710 days ago
    I've already tried this when we eat out. I put half the meal to the side and doggie bag it. I don't always eat the bag half when I get home but usually someone else does.
    3711 days ago
    I work on the "eat slower feel fuller quicker" method.
    You taste more, enjoy your food more by savouring every morsel and feel full b4 your know it!
    Cuts out the need for desserts!

    Great blog Jen with your wonderful sense of humour as always,

    Happy Easter emoticon
    3711 days ago
    Thank you! I'll enjoy this idea. I want to eat more slowly. I do focus on the flavors and textures when I'm eating and it makes me remember the meal. Plus, then I really decide whether I'm going to eat that food again or if it's not good enough.
    3711 days ago
    Even if I don't end up eating less this is something amazing to try. Why didn't I think of it?!
    3711 days ago
    I thought about that just the other day when I was scarfing down a lot more junk food than I care to mention. I told myself that I could have had a small portion of what I was eating and I probably would have been satisfied. Instead, I ate everything in sight and saw the results on the scale this month. What I ate and how it tasted is gone from my memory but the added pounds are there as a reminder.

    Thanks for writing this blog and sharing it with others. Did you submit it as a Secret to Success too? You should because it's really a good one. Halfsies it will be!
    3711 days ago
    Becky gives me that look every evening at dinner. She will sit there and take about 20 min to eat. Only what she weighed and measured. I on the other hand within 5 min or so have vaporized it. I did decide when eating my yogurt that instead of taking heaping spoonful's I would just dip my spoon in and immediately bring it up. This has proved to help make my yogurt last much longer and thereby very enjoyable. I hope practicing this will make Becky say Susie, you are eating so much slower. Bravo! Believe me I will let you know how this turns out.
    Halvsies is a very interesting theory! Go Jennnn!
    3711 days ago
    definitely a good idea!
    3711 days ago
  • KERSTIN814
    My husband is always telling me that I eat too fast. I can be done with dinner before he sits down. I think he is a poke, but I probably can slow down. A lot of people use this technique when eating out.
    3711 days ago
    Cool Concept!
    3711 days ago
    Sounds like a great technique! I'll try it.
    3711 days ago
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