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Friday, April 22, 2011

Several months ago I left a message on a board, asking for ideas for getting my daughter to eat more healthily. Basically, everyone told me to just set a good example, and when she's ready, she'll do it.

Well, her workplace does an annual Weight Watchers class right on site, and my DD decided to participate. WOW!! That's all I can say! SHE decided to make the necessary changes and she's really listening to the instructor. She's not being meticulous about the points, since she doesn't have a calculator, but she's being very, very careful about the nutrient value of the foods, amount of fat, empty calories, etc., and doing a terrific job. She's lost about 12 lbs. in the past 5 weeks and I'm thrilled for her! She's lost about 35 lbs. since last May and that's alot on a 5'2" body.

We did a bit of shopping last night and she's down about 2 sizes. No more anger in the dressing room and tears on the way home.

The bottom line is that she's feeling better and she's realized that she has the intelligence and discipline to make the changes she needs in her life to be a healthier, happier person and it just thrills me!!! She's doing all this while working full time, taking her GRE and applying for grad school and doing a considerable amount of volunteer work with the youth of our church. I'm very, very thankful to have this wonderful daughter!
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