No wonder the neighbors think I'm crazy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today I've earned my name of "the Crazy Garden Lady of Fairview Place".

First - at around 6 am I was having my breakfast on the front porch. I recently cut down a tree in front because the frost killed it and I was trying to visualize what I wanted to do. So I went across the street to view the front of the house. Someone had parked some behemoth of an SUV right at the optimal viewing angle. So I walked around the vehicle to the other side. I must have been frowning in thought and I glanced into the interior of the monster - the windows were very dark - so I could see nothing. I resumed viewing my yard, going from one side of the SUV to the other, etc.

Suddenly I was startled by someone getting out of the SUV!! Apparently a friend of my across-the-street neighbor waiting for her to get off her shift as a Trauma nurse at the hospital (she works weekend nights at our busiest hospital - can't even comprehend what she sees!) Apparently they were going to take their German Shepards and go set trails for them - the dogs are being trained in search and rescue. So anyway - the friend thought I was stalking his vehicle because I knew my neighbor wasn't there and here's this black SUV with dark windows lurking in front early in the morning. So he thought he'd better introduce himself to me. OMG - too funny! I explained that I hadn't even noticed him in the SUV because my vision was so bad. Everyone had a good laugh.

Then a little later - my next-door-neighbor came home from walking her dogs (I am surrounded by dog owners) and I popped up out of a vine I was trimming along our shared fence and scared both her AND the dogs.

Lastly, I was trying to dig out a volunteer palm tree that was growing next to a cactus. As I yanked at the palm, I collided with the cactus getting tiny invisible spines all across the back of my neck and shoulder area. They itch something terrible so I proceeded to dance around trying to scratch that area where I was "attacked". Putting aloe on it helped. I'm thinking that cactus may have to GO! (fortunately I know someone who wants it).

So there you have it - the crazy garden lady is alive and well - if slightly itchy.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love it....awesome of you to share it with us thankyou
    3704 days ago
    You are too darn funny, thanks for sharing your day with us.
    3707 days ago
  • THOMS1
    You are too funny Jen! You are making lots of progress. emoticon
    3708 days ago
    Too funny! I put my hand down right on a cactus in an effort to not fall down a several-foot drop on my second big hike last year. I think those things are out to get us! No cactus in my garden, thanks anyway, lol.
    3708 days ago
    Too funny! emoticon I am a crazy garden lady too, emoticon
    I also enjoy hauling rocks... emoticon emoticon
    Have a great day! emoticon
    3709 days ago
    3709 days ago
  • JILL313
    You are one "crazy" and fun lady and I sure wish you were my next door neighbor so we could talk and share a cup of coffee or have an iced tea. This is really a funny story--I hope you got those cactus needles out ok--that must have hurt, which I'm sorry to hear.
    3709 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9232742
    emoticon We all have those days! Good thing you have great neighbors.
    3710 days ago
    Jen I can picture your exploits today beautifully emoticon

    Sorry about getting stung by the cactus emoticon hope you can get the spines out, sounds painfiul and irritating.

    3710 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7289565
    LOL That is pretty funny! Even if you are crazy, I'd like to be your neighbor. ;)
    3710 days ago
    Some of those cactus spines are thinner than a strand of hair. The most effective way I found to get them out is with duct tape. So, If your neck is still itchy tonight, apply strips of duct tape to the area and then remove them. That should get any stragglers. Oh... I don't think you're the least bit crazy! Be well. :)
    3710 days ago
    LOL!!! I was attacked by a jumping cactus once. Hope you're itch-free soon!
    3710 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5233545
    I thought i did odd things around my back garden so glad i am not on my own.I asked a neighbour whos garden backs mine and looks down on mine if i could pop over to look over his fence into mine to see how i was going to shape the lawn he thought i was crazy.
    I don't like straight lines then i started to use a clothes line to mark out the shape and once again into his garden to look down.three times before i came up with what i wanted each time i took photo he thought i must have been on the bottle cause i kept talking to myself. emoticon I used to have cacti in my old house but i left them behind i hated getting spikes in my fingers lol carol Happy Gardening
    3710 days ago
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