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Saturday, April 30, 2011

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WOW! I did my 60 min cardio + 45 minutes strength (arms) this morning... then met everyone to Walk with the Mayor and for the HBO interview. It was an action-packed day and I loved it!!! My body is feeling it!

***Crowds are gathering before Nashville's Mayor's Walk, Friday, April 29, 2011
HBO is filming a four part television project on weight in America. They are filming for the final episode of this project. Part four of the series will focus on 'solutions' and because of Nashville's proactive city-wide approach to solving the systemic issues that lead to inactive communities (Walk 100 Miles w/ Mayor Program), HBO filmed in NASHVILLE during today's walk.

HBO focused on Spark-Nashville because of our online approach to health fitness within our community.

The interview was VERY exciting! The film crew spoke with me before the walk and I became so excited because the woman they interviewed right before me turned around and saw my SparkPeople t-shirt and said, "SparkPeople! I'm on SparkPeople! I almost wore my red shirt but thought HBO wouldn't like it."

I introduced myself as "Camille, team leader of SparkNashville, the local team" but that didn't 'phase' her... however, when I said, "I'm OilPainter" - she got real excited and excitedly shouted, "Yes... I Love You! You are so encouraging, It's so great to meet you!" (Askade is her username)... she is completely wonderful, we are so glad we finally met.

***Askade is in the black shirt (rtight), her teenage daughter is in light blue sleeveless (left) and I'm in the orange SparkPeople t-shirt in the middle.

emoticonThe cool thing is that HBO cameras were rolling and the documentary team were all smiling big-time when that happened. It showed the "power" of on-line motivation, even within our small community, which was the purpose of this "solutions" segment.

***HBO interviewing SparkNashville co-leader, Dawn (Juansguera) in the blue SparkPeople shirt.

***SparkNashville co-leader, Dawn (Juansguera) & her pooches

emoticonDuring the walk, my husband and I, along with 67-yo SparkNashville member, Bonny (whom we've renamed "Secretariat" because she always finishes first)... right up front with Nashville's Mayor so HBO filmed us beginning the walk...

***Nashville's Mayor Karl Dean in the peach shirt, Bonny in white, me in the orange, my hubby in black.

emoticonThen a little over half-way around, I slowed down some because my new trainer has me at a certain heart rate and I was waaaay exceeding it to keep up with the Mayor.

However, that move to "slow down" became serendipity because a different HBO film crew caught me and my husband near the end of the walk and asked if we were a "couple" -- to which we replied "yes."

They interviewed us together, asking about why I was walking and how difficult it is to lose weight, etc... what were the main barriers for me. I told them that my husband went on my "diet" and lost all the weight quickly emoticon but my excess weight has evidently messed up my metabolism and no matter how perfect I am, I struggle to lose mere ounces each week. We told HBO that we each work 12-hr days and it is difficult to spend time together and find time to exercise but the Mayor's Walks have not only been good for our health but for our marriage. emoticon

Of course, my husband and I both told HBO about SparkPeople.com and I mentioned that I began a friend's 88-Day Transformation training program and I really hope to make significant changes emoticon by the Mayor's 100-Mile Walk End Party emoticon on July 9th.

Anyway... it was so much fun! I wish I was independently wealthy and didn't need to work... how I'd love to spend every day this active! Playing tennis, going on hikes, healthy lunches with the girlfriends.... ahhhh, what a life it would be!

SparkNashville Members who came on the hike (those that I'm aware of):
-- Kelly (Alohaev1)
-- Bonny (BMCTRB)
-- Simone (Askade) & daughter
-- Dawn (Juansguera) & Pooches
-- And, Me (OilPainter) & my sweet, wonderful husband

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Kelly, I'm sorry we missed photos of you & missed you at the end... boo hoo! I hope you had fun!
emoticon Have a GREAT week, Everybody... emoticon stay strong!

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