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Sunday, May 01, 2011

I have to laugh at myself sometimes.

I am a grateful follower of Flylady is dedicated to helping people declutter and develop routines to foster peaceful, more organized homes. She helps you develop small routines over time that keep your house in order and get you out of CHAOS ("Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome").

Some of her habits include:
--Shining your sink (doing your dishes every evening, putting them away and making sure your sink is clean and ready to go for the next day).
--Decluttering an area 15 mins a day (you can't organize clutter you can only get rid of it)
--Get dressed to lace up shoes every morning
--Make your bed
--"Swish and Swipe" (swish toilet and swipe bathroom sink and toilet seat, back, base)
--Zone missions (special tasks in designated zones of your home)

Each month you focus on a new habit and build routines over time.

What I've learned from Flylady is the following:
--I can do almost anything for 15 mins - even when I'm having a bad health day due to a chronic illness. On those days, I promise myself that I can just do "something" and I don't have to do the rest. Guess what? Once I start - I invariably finish. Even with pain. Even when fatigued. Even when I am fighting and arguing with myself saying "I don't WANT to".
--It's amazing how little time most tasks take. I really did dust, dust mop, vacuum, wet mop kitchen/hall/bathroom, clean all glass surfaces in 75 mins. Oh - and do 3 loads of laundry and water the front yard. (they took longer but I started them during the time I was cleaning). I spend more time internally griping and putting off stuff than it takes to actually do it and be done with it. And once done - one can bask in the wonderfulness of having done the task. No more mental baggage! No more task hanging over your head, making you feel guilty or stressed or anxious, or taking up mental effort. Most of the tasks Flylady sets for us take 15 mins OR LESS. I can swish and swipe my bathroom in 3 mins. I can do all the dishes and clean the sink in 12 mins. And on and on.

All of this is very freeing. I find that I have much more "mental" time for pleasant activities because I'm not constantly feeling like I have to do something. Instead - I have DONE something and I get to feel satisfied and content and FREE.

Now Flylady asks us to work with a time and set it for 15 mins. If the timer goes off and you aren't done with the task - she encourages you to stop and be satisfied with the results. I had a HARD time with that concept. I wanted to be PERFECT. But as we all know - perfection is NOT a good thing. Perfection stops us from doing things because if we can't be "perfect" we don't want to do it. So we do nothing. At least I do. Or I TRY to be perfect and get frustrated and get involved in more negative self-talk. And that, as we all know, is so damaging to ourselves. We don't deserve it. And to her credit - Flylady does not tolerate it. Like SparkPeople - she is all about Progress not Perfection, Babysteps and building on small habits, successes and routines. It's amazing what small, even tiny, changes can bring.

So every night I gripe a little to myself as I do the dishes, put them in the drying rack, take the used water out to my plants, and then clean out the sink and put the dishes away.

And every morning I wake up happy to see my bright, shiny kitchen - fresh and ready for a new day of possibilities. No junk sitting around from yesterday. I've set myself up for success!

And that's what I love about both Flylady and SP - they teach you how and provide tools for you to set yourself up for success each and every day. Whether it's building good nutrition and fitness habits or a peaceful home - small changes work and bring you a step closer to long term, lasting change.

Can't ask for more than that!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • EMMY104
    Definitely going to check out the flylady page, it sounds awesome, and something I can use for sure!
    3625 days ago
    Thanks Jen.....will have to look up that site and meet Flylady.....
    3694 days ago
    What an inspiring post - thanks Jen!!!

    3696 days ago
    YES !
    FlyLady and Spark are the 2 BEST sites on the whole internet!
    They definitely WORK. And they are very similar in focus -
    baby steps, routines and consistency.

    emoticon WE can do it!
    emoticon emoticon

    3696 days ago
    I am going to try to make small changes instead of big ones that don't succeed
    3696 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9394210
    I agree totally that getting up to a clean sink is wonderful- that, i don't have a problem with. But in other areas-i could greatly improve so i am going to check out her site. Thanks! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3696 days ago
    Although I love the flylady concepts, I found a bit of modification once I had mastered her basics was better for me. And I couldn't deal with all the reminder emails, so I did have to turn them off. Can't say I'm a perfect flybaby, but my house is much more presentable now, and I'm still doing certain things her way, including ridding myself of clutter a little at a time. What a nice post summarizing both the methods and the benefits!
    3696 days ago
    I'd heard of flylady but never tried going to see what it was all about. This sounds like something I can really use. I always feel a little bad when something I've put off doing for a long time takes very little time and effort to finish.
    3696 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7289565
    I love flylady! I found her when I had my son 7 years ago and it really helped me to realize that things don't have to be done perfectly all the time. I think it's great that your life is in order in so many ways! :)
    3696 days ago
    Breaking down any task into smaller pieces makes life that much easier, just doing a little at a time makes all the difference. emoticon
    3696 days ago
    Thanks for this Jen - confirmation that babysteps really are everything. I flutter rather than fly with Flylady but I find her advice invaluable and - as you say - Sparkpeople and Flylady complement each other so well. Even the fluttering - in both cases - bears fruit!

    Great blog - thanks -and congrats on the many steps you are taking so successfully.

    emoticon emoticon
    3696 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5233545
    3696 days ago
    Jen, you really "hit the nail on the head" with this blog. I can win gold medals with procrastination and ignoring things that really only take so little time to do. Tomorrow I am going to get acquainted with the Flylady and set some goals for myself, to practice what the Flylady preaches.
    3696 days ago
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