Mother's Day and a hectic week ahead!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Yesterday was Mother's Day :) Spent the morning grocery shopping, and the afternoon at my mom's house. Pretty uneventful day for the most part. DH was on call, so he didn't get to go (or should I say want to go, since he did go for a ride on his motorcycle to the beach with some friends). Well, he met one friend out there, and another happened to be there with his family. We are good friends with the family, so I didn't mind so much. Now, he will not go to the beach as a rule, but once in a while he'll go. I just wish he'd go with the family. Or to the Zoo, we get in for free with our Family Membership. It would be nice if he'd do something with the kids and I, other than play on the X-Box and watch tv. Not that I completely mind just sitting at home, but we do that all the time! Like I said, we get in to the Jacksonville Zoological Gardens www.jacksonvillezoo.org/

for free with our family membership, so we wouldn't have to spend a lot of money, just a picnic lunch. Besides, the beach is very close to our house, wonderful parks, etc. It's just motivating him to do anything. I understand, I don't really want to clean the house after working for 8 hours, plus an hour lunch break, plus driving time 45 minutes one way. But, I do it. By myself. No wonder I'm always so bitchy. He does spend time with us at home, or at family's houses during holidays. That's it. I need something more. The kids need something more.
Ok, that's enough of my rant for today. One of these days, I'll post something a little lighter! I just got to work out a lot of issues right now. emoticon
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  • TIGGER2094
    We absolutely love the Zoo, DominicksMom. We live like ten minutes away, and go a lot! I'm hoping he comes around, especially since he mentioned, when I told him how much weight I've lost so far, that "we" need to lose weight "together". We do things together, just not often enough. We'll go to the farmhouse his family has up in "middle-of-nowhere, just outside of" Surrency, GA and they'll walk the hundred-plus acres, up and down the private dirt road, looking for wildlife. I just think the active time together should be more often.
    Kabooper, my mom's family is a lot like yours. Difference is, it's the mom, my nana. She was not really there for the kids, my mom, two sisters, and brother. I take that back, the youngest daughter and the only son pretty much were the apples of her eye, and the others could go away. My mom was the oldest. She didn't even go to her funeral. The son was the next oldest, he was at the funeral, the middle daughter was not there (though she is in a wheelchair and three states away, she never reconnected with her mom before she passed), the youngest was the most spoiled lives in California and only spoke to her mom. The other three really don't have too much to do with her. Age difference, jealousy? I don't want that to happen in our family. As much as the girls fight, I tell them, they will regret that one day, they will not have their sisters when they need/want them.
    3651 days ago
    I have a boyfriend who is kind of a home body too. Here is what i learned- the more active and fun I am the more he wants to be. I just take my son and go do stuff- fun active stuff. Then when my son tells him how much fun we had he wants to go the next time. We go to the zoo alot- and the dinosaurs are a great attraction. Just spend your days doing what makes you happy and enjoying your girls- dont waist the time or energy on someone who is not wasting it on you. Concentrate on you and your girls and he will come around. ANd if he doesnt then you have been a great role model for the girls and you will have lots of great memories of the fun you all had together.
    3651 days ago
    First...*hug* Men are thick headed sometimes.
    Next have you sat down and told him this? Men do not take clues well, they also don't hear you when you MENTION things in other conversations. You need to actually sit down, get his attention (no TV, kids or games in the room) And say honey we need to talk...I know that always gets my hubby's attention.
    Make sure you let him know your not angry you just really want to discuss something that has been bothering you.
    Then lay it out, you would like to be more active. You would like him to be more active with you and the kids, and that he is MISSING the best part of being a parent if he skips going to the zoo, beach, park together.
    I know my ex-husband wishes for the days when I used to try to get him to go with us. Now since he never connected with his sons as kids, as young adults (20 and 21) they really don't have time for HIM. Yet they still come by and see me, ask my advice and want me to go with them to look at cars, or whatever. He needs to make that connection NOW.
    Hope that helps.
    3651 days ago
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