Top 10: Things you should NOT do on SparkPeople

Friday, May 13, 2011

10 - Schedule an appointment so you remember to schedule an appointment.
9 - Enter Xbox time in the Fitness tracker and call it “finger exercise”
8 - Post “I Win!” in a message board topic titled “Last one to post wins”
7 - Blog about all the whiners with their “petty weight problems”
6 - Submit a secret in the Motivation section titled, “All is hopeless”
5 - Use the Fitness tracker to see how many calories you burn when you walk to your car.
4 - Create a Spark Team titled “Free chocolate!”
3 - Set your status to “is setting my status” (Sorry. Guilty!)
2 - Use the Nutrition tracker to see how many M&Ms can you eat and stay under 1000 calories.
1 - Use the web search tool to look for deals on bulk “cheese puffs”
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