It's almost June!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer vacation is upon us! Yikes! Yes, I know it's the 24th of May. But, didn't really realize it. Know what I mean? School lets out for the Summer on June 10th. So much to do before then!
Let's see, there's CPR recert this weekend. Plus, I'm going to the Council Shop to get the Try-Its for my Brownies. Car in the shop this weekend. Brownie meetings until school lets out. Junior meetings until school lets out. Campout the first weekend in June for Juniors (I'm first aide mom for that trip). Court of Awards in June.
Then, I have to register my youngest for Kindergarten. emoticon Her last day at Preschool is the last day of school. She's been there for three years! We have to exchange phone numbers with her besties, Georgia and Anna. After school is out, their aunt is going to watch them most days. My mom will watch them one day, and I'm getting off of work one day. Kali, the oldest, already had her Summer planned out, she's going to walk the neighborhood and pick up doggie messes! Quite the entrepreneur! We're going to make flyers and set prices and distribute the flyers to our neighbors.
Oh, yes, almost forgot. I got a compliment yesterday. One of my Brownie mamas asked me if I had lost weight, my face looked thinner. emoticon I have been working out for the past few days regularly. Two days of cardio, yesterday I did strength after Brownies and dinner, and today I have another strength session scheduled (lower body this time). Cardio Wednesday and Thursday, and strength Friday. I almost skipped my workout yesterday, the kids were not listening, hubby wasn't home to help, and it was getting really late. But, I did it, and I feel good about it. emoticon
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