Ahhhh... THAT is 'why' I'm not losing as quickly...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First of all, let me say how proud I am of myself for working as hard as I have. In spite of my frustrations, I've managed to lose 11.8 lbs so far this BLC round (in 6 wks) and -36 lbs overall.
emoticon I just realized I passed my 25% mark on my weight loss ticker and I am only 2 oz away from my 30% goal!

AND, to all of you who are YOUNG... BE PROUD OF YOURSELF that you are dealing with your health and/or weight gain BEFORE you reach my age. I turned 56 in April and my metabolism is so old and messed up, losing this weight takes super-human discipline for me and my body.

I began a trainer-friend's "88-day Transformation" program where others on this program are losing 1/2 lbs of fat each day... but not me.

Here I am,
-- a perfect example of someone who has kept perfect charts;
-- journal every gram of food going into my mouth;
-- eat 1100-1500 calories of low-sodium, low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar food choices (PCOS people need fewer calories than 'normal' people to see weight loss)
-- wear a BodyFit armband to document my sleep habits, steps & exercise (vigorous vs moderate);
-- journal my fitness:
-- 60 min/day cardio keeping my heart rate in my target range (heart-rate monitor);
-- 60 min/day strength;
-- Drink a minimum gallon of liquids ea. day (64+ oz filtered water + fresh brewed herbal & green teas)
-- I AM SO DARNED PERFECT & SO FRUSTRATED by my s-l-o-w weight loss... I am 'morbidly obese' and while 11.8 lbs is great-- for the amount of work I'm putting in, the percentage of weight lost should be greater.

I visited my coach and my hormone doctor, independently, yesterday and they both came to the exact same conclusion... They EACH gave me the SAME NEW CHALLENGE... GUARANTEED ME that I would begin seeing GREAT results if I do this one simple thing...

Want to Know What It Is?

Stay tuned tomorrow... I'll post it tomorrow because of the BLC Challenge to "Overturn a bad habit & BLOG about it!"
emoticon Have a GREAT week, Everybody... emoticon stay strong!

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