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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bad Habits? ME!?!

Okay dear ones, this "Memorial Weekend" --

Friday = Sleep Habits
Saturday = Stepping on the Scale (stress = cortisol hormone = weight gain)
Sunday = Figure out how to eat more (yes, you read it correctly!)
emoticonI hadn't stepped on the scale since Wednesday but woke up so hungry this morning. I have been eating so lightly and so perfectly I couldn't resist... I just 'knew' I'd see a loss this Sunday morning. Aaargh!!!! I've gained 1.4 lbs!! For no reason at all (except possibly the stress.) I HATE MY BODY!!!
emoticon Articles I've read in my desperate search to lose this weight say that those of us with PCOS MUST exercise more and eat fewer calories than you 'normal' folks. So, that's what I've been doing. I eat at the low range of my calories, often close to only 1100 calories each day. (Some days I must 'force-feed' myself to bring it up to 1000 calories.) I exercise approx 2 hrs each day (burning 2600-3000 calories/day according to my armband.) Yet, my body holds onto every single bit of weight.
emoticon I've heard it all... "Muscle weighs more than fat" - "You need to eat fewer calories" - "You need to eat MORE calories".... I've never tried that last one because PCOS specialists say 'very' low calories will help to lose weight.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I do my best to stay away from processed foods, grains, dairy and sodium (also recommended by the PCOS diet). I seem to notice weight loss when most of the veggies I eat are FRESH/RAW instead of cooked (it must mean my old metabolism needs to work harder to digest raw veggies.)

One ironic thing I've noticed is the constipation when I eat this healthy... you'd think with all the veggies I'm eating I'd be doing pretty well but since I was diagnosed as 'pre-diabetic' also, I've tried to limit my fruits.
emoticon emoticon emoticon Now I know where the old saying, "An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away" comes from because when I eat 3-4 servings of fruit each day, I no longer have a problem with constipation.
emoticon emoticon emoticon
My body is a science project... I wish I got college credit figuring it out. The old "calories-consumed" vs "calories-burned' doesn't seem to work with me. If we lived in times of famine...
emoticon I'd rule the world!!!

So, how on earth can I consume 'more' calories by eating mostly veggies & proteins? I guess I can increase my protein portions?
emoticon emoticon emoticon Who knows, maybe I'll 'splurge' and allow myself some whole-grain pasta this week... or maybe even purchase some multi-grain bread.. now that's really decadent for me! I've certainly tried everything else!

Working THIS hard for so few results makes me want to go out and binge... emoticon but I won't. One advantage of working this hard for sooo long is that I've created some pretty 'wonderful' habits... and my 'good' habits out-weigh the 'bad.' I might HATE MY BODY but there's A LOT to be celebrated in non-scale victories (NSVs)!
emoticon Have a GREAT week, Everybody... emoticon stay strong!
emoticon emoticon
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  • no profile photo CD12254501
    Hello Love!

    I was diagnosed at 14 and am now living symptom free! I am a health and wellness practitioner that specializes in working with women who are suffering with PCOS. One of the greatest gifts to my healing that I realized is mastering the art of self-love and care. This means that you need to have patience with your healing process along with doing things for your body that reduce stress, and bring calm and serenity. Eating well and exercise are definitely key, but there is also another component which is keeping that weight there, and thats stress! try and find ways to relax and do more relaxing forms of exercise like Bikram Yoga. I find meditation in the morning to be very helpful as well!

    I hope this helps love!
    3305 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9272648
    I hope your body gets with the program soon. Definitely would be frustrating.
    3628 days ago
    Camille, you are working out a lot and generally that means your body goes into starvation mode if you are eating so little so while you are following a diet that works for the pcos, your body may feel like it isn't getting enough sustenance for he activity level and is holding on. When I work out a lot, I need to feed my body more. I have another friend here with pcos that has found the same thing. Ask your trainer about this and see what he says.

    You have the patience of Job dear friend! Keep on keepin' on! Don't hate your body - think of all it has done for you!
    3628 days ago
    hang in there my friend! i just celebrated my victory of losing 20 lbs of my weight last week. but this week, i was so busy to log all my food, got stressed out at work and yday was my anniversary so i ended up eating more. i lost track for a week then of course, i gained 1.5 lb too. i think im stressing out myself thinking abt the numbers i see on the scale. dont worry you're not alone. we can do this together. im also a pre-PCOS patient. i went to my dr 3months ago and got a very high result for my testosterone and dhea. not cool. so she said i have to lose weight then im going back to her on july for another lab plus my fasting glucose then she's gonna officially diagnose me with pcos if it comes out abnormal. that's why im working hard as hell to lose more pounds!!!! emoticon
    3629 days ago
    I added Activia Yogurt once a day, and it's helped with regularity. Good luck Camille, and keep up the good work!

    3629 days ago
  • GLC2009
    didn't know what pcos was, so, i looked it up briefly. sounds awful.
    can you get rid of pcos by having your ovaries removed?
    i have had a hysterectomy, that is why i was wondering.
    3629 days ago
    I am so glad you are not giving up. For me I have to remember that it takes time and patience and glad you came up with some great ideas. Hang in there
    3629 days ago
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