Happy Memorial Day! And a gripe...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Big shout out to those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom! emoticon

With that said, I also have to gripe a little bit. Days like this remind me just how much of a chicken my husband's friend is. Ok, maybe I didn't enlist in the military. I come from a long line of Navy, Air Force, and Army personnel, but went to college instead. After college, thinking about my options, I did want to enlist, but I had too many health problems.

You see, my friend's husband/my husband's friend enlisted in the weekend warriors, i.e. the National Guard. One a month, he went off and played war games and got drunk with the rest of the NG. He got a big sign-on bonus at the beginning and another lump sum at the end of the three years. Also at the end of the three years, he was told that his NG unit was going to Afghanistan. That's when his "I'm going to kick some towel-head @$$" changed to "omg, I have a (legally) blind wife and two kids". Of course, there's also a big family willing to help her out, and many friends (including us) that said they would help out. Considering he really didn't drive his family anywhere, anyway, that should not have been an issue. Friends take the mom and kids to the doctors and emergency room. He made it an issue. He told his Sgt. that he could not go because his wife had medical concerns. She told him over and over not to make it about her, and not to hold it against her if he did not go. That went down the toilet. He holds it against her everyday, tells her it's because of her that he didn't go. What a @!#$%*()()**&&%^%$! Chicken Poop! Of course, he didn't start to tell her that until after the rest of them were back over in the United States and told him that they never saw any real action, noone really got hurt, and that it was easier over there than they expected. Now he's all like, "I would have gone but the wife..." OMG! And, what does he do, brings out his military id to show to everyone (why and how he still has it IDK because he's actually been out of the NG for three years now!!!!!), wears his uniform on Veteran's Day, tries to get the military discount. Now, my other friend, the one who did stay in the actual Navy, not the NG, barely gets VA help for wounds suffered during war, and here's someone who didn't do a damn thing to help out his country, and he's trying to make everyone think he did something. That irks me to no end!!!!! I will be the first to tell you, no, I did not enlist, but I am not trying to mooch off of those who actually served! My grandfather was injured before he could go overseas, and even though he retired out of the Army, he got jack at his burial because he was a Vet, but did not go overseas!!!!!! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

And, breathe, that's all for now, I'm off my soapbox, I got it all out!
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  • TIGGER2094
    no, rainbowfalls, unfortunately, he's not a very good person. and it's not just because of the military/ng/backing out of war thing. but, that's just what burned me on memorial day!
    3626 days ago
    I can see why that bothers you - he doesn't seem like a very good person.
    3631 days ago
  • TIGGER2094
    thank you, dom's mom. it's just so hard listening to him talk about being a vet when, in fact, he was not. instead of letting it out to his wife or to him, and therefore ruining our friendship, i let it build up. i try not to listen too much to her ranting, since it's the same stuff over and over! lol, i call it the trailer park drama.
    3632 days ago
    Ok here are my thoughts (if you care). forget him. I have learned that there are a lot of people in this world who i do not agree with or dislike. (even thought I try to like everyone) But I WILL NEVER let them control me or my mood. I only have a certain amount of energy in me- and I don't want to waste any of it on those people. I don't let people allow me to feel negatively and I won't waste any energy on them. I would rather keep myself positive and give energy to those who love me, need it, and deserve it. For me that is my family, friends, and students. You can take that negative energy and focus it on his wife- your friend. Maybe it will make him see how lucky he is to have her- but if it doesn't atleast you made her feel special and you didn't give him any of your energy. I spent a lot of my life with too much drama and negative energy. When i stopped letting others control my mood, my energy, and outlook I became so much happier (no more antidepressants) and many health problems. It is not an easy adjustment but it can be done. i can reccomend some books that helped me if you would like:) Stay in the positive!!!
    3632 days ago
    3632 days ago
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