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Testing new Toolbar at the bottom of the site

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hi everyone

We are testing a new "Toolbar" at the bottom of most pages of the site. We hope this will save you some clicks to our most used links. From the Toolbar you can access:
- "Featured Today," showing featured articles, blog posts, and recipes
- "My SparkFavorites," showing your top favorites from the site
- "Quick Links," linking both to our most popular features and your SparkTeams

We realize everyone might not like this feature, so we included a "Hide Toolbar" button as well. Clicking this immediately removes the Toolbar. To add it back you can go to your Account Preferences/Community page.

Finally, we are testing this Toolbar to see what members think. If you have any comments or problems with the toolbar please leave a comment here. Thanks!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I requested to remove the toolbar, unfortunately it is still there , please REMOVE IT!

    love the photo! beautiful child!
    3614 days ago
    I have almost decided to leave Sparkpeople due to the annoying toolbar on the site. It interferes with my use and annoys me. I have repeatedly requested that it be hidden and I assured that it has been hidden but it remains there to annoy me. Get rid of the (&*&*(^&_^ thing or at least give me the REAL option of hiding/eliminating/trashing the stupid thing. There is NOTHING on it of any interest or value to me.
    3615 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3880420
    I Solved the reappearing toolbar problem....I LOGGED OFF!

    Sorry Danny it is still the same!
    3615 days ago
    I love it! it's great to have easy access to my favorites etc. i don't get the problems of the other users, there's a hide toolbar button for this? I don't have any pop-ups neither, but maybe that's because I'm using linux. please don't take it away permanently, as I find it a great feature!
    3617 days ago
    I basically like the idea of instant access to my links, but I do not like the popup ad on the left. It's too colorful and the 3-D effect grabs my attention when I don't want it to. emoticon
    3617 days ago
    3617 days ago
    I do not like it~please get rid of it! I also feel it affects things I am doing when I am wroking on the Spark site!
    3617 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10034225
    I dont like pop ups- it just gets in the way.
    Either do away with it or give it is click off link.

    By the way I am down 2.5 pounds this week, YIPPPY. Sorry I have to shout it.
    3619 days ago
    Perhaps the only way to satisfy everyone is to give people the choice of whether to have it permanently OFF or permanently ON.
    Personally, I find it distracting and annoying.
    When this first POPPED up on my computer, I thought it had arrived as part of mal ware or something onerous. Did you provide warning . . .er, an announcement . . . that this was coming? I don't remember any email about it.
    I LOVE SP - but really am NOT enchanted with this feature.
    Thanks for asking our opinions!
    3619 days ago
    I don't mind the "buttons" but the scroll over popup is bothersome.
    3620 days ago
    I will test it out!
    3620 days ago
  • VICTORY121
    I have click it off on three computers and it keeps coming back. I do not like because it covers up the web page and it is very annoying. Please remove it from the site. I can navigate around the site fine without it. Thanks Marie
    3620 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6184599
    I have been assisting one of the Spark Techs today and he made some code changes to the Tool bar so that as long as we're logged in, it shouldn't show up if we have it selected not to appear at all.

    I am currently at work, using IE8 and the toolbar is completely gone. I am going to confirm when I get home using IE9 and Chrome that it is gone too.

    Hope this helped everyone else out too!


    3621 days ago
    it's stupid, I don't need more junk and toolbars on my page. i can find my way around.
    take it away! emoticon
    3621 days ago
    I love it. It helps me get to my favorites so I don't get lost in the site. emoticon
    3621 days ago
    Please take it away! I hate pop-ups and it interferes with what I'm reading on your page.
    3621 days ago
    To help you a bit in making consumers happy, here's a page where the pop up is popping up even with the pref turned off ...

    Calculate Your BMI page ...

    Today's SparkPeople Insider ... Hidden Feature ... is Calculate Your BMI ... if we are one of those "earn all the SparkPoints we can folks" emoticon we're going there! And when we do, the pop up pops up. Hopefully the keen programmers can fix that. Actually, I know they can ... they are AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks for working to make us happy!!!
    Cathy emoticon
    3621 days ago
    See my post above ... found out what is actually making the pop up instead of just giving you a "I don't like the pop up" complaint. Thanks so much for working so hard to make this awesome site better!!!!

    3621 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2011 4:57:06 AM
  • no profile photo CD3880420
    WHY WHY WHY won't the irritating bar STAY HIDDEN?????

    3621 days ago
    Bar Be Gone!
    3621 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1951302
    Well, I really like it the more I use it. I use it several times daily now and for me it speeds things up!
    3621 days ago
    The more I use this toolbar, the more I like it! I love being able to go the places I use most - My Spark Page, my teams, my recent posts - with just one click instead of two or three. And so far, I haven't had any ads popping it or anything bothersome. I think the best solution would be to leave it for those of us who love it, and fix the Hide Toolbar, so those who don't like can eliminate it once and for all.

    Thanks for all you do to make SP better and better!
    3621 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6184599
    I can't help wondering if SP is even listening to us when we say IT ISN'T GOING AWAY! Hiding it doesn't turn it off. It still slows down the site massively when it is down there in the corner.
    3622 days ago
    Not a fan, and clicking on "Hide Toolbar" doesn't work. It keeps popping back up.
    3622 days ago
    LOVE IT. And I also love that those who DON'T can hide it if they so desire. Everybody wins emoticon .
    3622 days ago
    I'm all for it if it means a chat feature will be added. I'd like the ability to chat within a group for challenges. :)

    3622 days ago
    I like it! makes for quick access to my teams :) keep it!
    3622 days ago
  • 2008GINA
    I like the concept of the toolbar, but whatever site is powering it is blocked at my work....can't get onto SP while I'm at work anymore and that's the bulk of the time I can spend on it in a given day. :( I realize I can hide it, but I have to do that at home and I don't think about it when I'm there because it's not blocked at home.
    3623 days ago
    I like it! The quick links is especially nice. I agree, I don't like the irritating pop-up ads and I'm a little surprised at the content on some of them for SparkPeople. I was disappointed and I'm hoping Chris is aware of the ones that seem to be in opposition to the spirit of SP.

    3623 days ago
    I'm not a fan of this toolbar. I've seen it on other websites as well. I don't like. Please remove it!
    3623 days ago
    I've seen the negative comments, but I still like it. Guess I'm wierd.
    3623 days ago
  • STARL_73
    Ads on the left side of the bar shouldn't be bigger than the bar. I just had a Facebook ad popup and cover a large part of the frame I was looking at. Very irritating.
    3624 days ago
  • GOOSIE922
    Dont like it either...I thought there was an issue with the site when it popped up the first time. Get rid of it! Thanks for letting us give you feedback too.
    3624 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2854415
    I'm not a fan. It's annoying.
    3624 days ago
    Well... Not a huge winner for me but I don't mind it either. There are other features I'd still like to see (running total of all physical minutes) but if this helps with revenue capturing, and I can move it out of my way, that is ok too.
    3624 days ago
    I second the comment on cheetos...I really don't need to be triggered by that and it seems that when you hide the toolbar it keeps popping right back up. *sigh* I don't really like it...but there could be worse ways of getting revenue for the site (i.e. actual popups!).
    3624 days ago
    Actually, so far I like it. It hasn't given me any problems, and I don't see any ads.

    What I like best is the quick links - lets me easily go to my team pages or to my trackers.

    And those who like it can hide it - actually I tried hiding it to see what the problem was,and it went right away. Then I did bring it back because I like it.

    Thanks for always looking for ways to make SP easier for us!
    3624 days ago
    I wouldn't mind it if it didn't have an ad for Cheetohs at the bottom. I mean... there isn't anything healthy about Cheetohs! emoticon
    3624 days ago
    It won't go away and STAY AWAY -- get it OFF!!!!!!!!
    3625 days ago
    please get rid of this. I have clicked on hide toolbar about 5 times now and then as soon as I go to a different SP page, it's back. Please find a way for those f us who don't like it to get rid of it for good!
    3625 days ago
    I too have clicked the *hide toolbar* and it takes me to a page saying my preferences have been saved, BUT the toolbar IMMEDIATELY pops back up. Beyond annoying . . . . ! emoticon
    3627 days ago
  • JANK1952
    Just go to the blue arrows at the very end and you can HIDE the tool bar..(it actually says HIDE when your mouse is on the arrows)...or you can put it back (by clicking on it again)....

    I find that I like it and use it which gets me to the page I want to be on....
    3627 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/10/2011 8:37:37 AM
  • CELLE98
    It IS annoying. And to make matters worse I keep clicking on Hide Toolbar and the thing will NOT go away!
    3627 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/10/2011 7:30:04 AM
    Remove this toolbar.What a terrible idea
    3627 days ago
    I like the toolbar so far. I haven't had any problems at all whatsoever.
    3627 days ago
  • 1GROVES2
    I still hate it! It is annoying! To say the least...hiding it does not get rid of it!!!!!!!! I WANT IT OFF!!!!! COMPLETELY OFF!!!!
    GET THIS THING OFF MY PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3628 days ago
    I need to figure out how to permanently disable it or stop using the website.

    Maybe the little ads in the lower left corner of my screen have nothing to do with Sparkpeople and this little bar, but they did start turning up around the same time on multiple computers in multiple browsers.

    I'm only using your site to count calories. You already get plenty of ad revenue from that, because I have to click a ridiculous number of times to enter foods. If this toolbar stays, I go. I can count calories in Excel. Or on a piece of paper.
    3628 days ago
  • no profile photo BSALLERSON
    Toolbar blocks my ability to click foods in my quicklist (Even though I can see them) until I scroll the screen so they are no longer blocked by toolbar. I understand that it's another revenue stream for this great free site, but I find it annoying to have yet another place for ads that interferes with my ability to use the site
    3628 days ago
    I do not like the toolbar - please remove it - if we want to go to specific places, we can burn a calorie by clicking a little extra and use our brains to find what we want. It is extremely annoying
    3628 days ago
  • CTOMEK1-123
    Yuck! I can't believe people like this thing! SOOOO annoying! emoticon
    3628 days ago
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