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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Somehow it seems fitting that, being June 1, we talk about how things are blooming. Not just flowers, of course. Here in Portland, the weather's been less than stellar, so some of our usual bloomers are slow to bud and produce, but like me, they are slow and steady. They WILL get there eventually, it's just going to take time.

Yesterday, I went for my Tuesday run, and got about a block and a half before my Garmin died due to low battery. Old me would have bagged the run and gone home, because how was I supposed to run without something to tell me when to run and when to walk for my intervals???

How indeed. I opted to run a block, walk a block. It took a little longer than my usual :30/:30 interval, and that's fine. It worked for me, and I got my run in - 3 mi in 45 min. A nice slow run, no stressing my knees that were still a bit achy from Saturday. A good way to get back into the rhythm of running.

By the time I'd circled the blocks/neighborhood twice, it was time to head home. I ran back to the house, then walked on past for my cooldown. We live on a dead end, so I just walked up to the end and back. My pulse was going, my heart pounding, my breathing was quick - I felt wonderful. I felt clarity.

I felt like .. dare I say it? I felt like an athlete doing my cooldown. Not so much while I was running - although I ran without a hat or ponytail, so my hair was all bouncy and blowy and just felt good while I was trotting along - but while I was walking that cooldown, I felt good, really really good.

I've become an A-number 1 sweat-er with all my upped fitness and efforts. I was one who didn't use to sweat - I glistened, and not in a Twilight-y way, either. I was a delicate lil flower of womanhood.

Yea, whatever.

Anyway, I'm great at sweating now. I love a good sweat. When I get done running, or with Zumba, or whatever, I'm checking for a mirror to see just how evident my effort is on my shirt. And it's not even consistently 70 degrees here yet! I can only imagine what a sweathog I'm going to be when we hit the 80s.

I had 2,224 fitness minutes in May. That's less than some of you, more than others. That's a record for me, one that I plan on breaking this lovely month of June!

If you recall (and for those of you who don't, here's a link -
) I declared November my month, and it could not have been ANYTHING further from the truth. Big ole hairy lesson learned on that one!

So, I am NOT saying June is going to be my month. June is going to be A month, one of twelve in this year. I do think I can increase my fitness minutes, but I'm not sure by how much. Just.. more. I do think in the process of increasing my fitness minutes, I can make the number on the scale decrease somewhat. Again, I don't know by how much, just.. some.

One good thing about June already is the fact that I've been able to move locations at work. I work in the same building, on the same floor, but.. I've gone from this:

and this:



My old location fronted an elevator lobby - that was my view, people coming and going all day, or nothing at all. My new location has WINDOWS! LIGHT! AIR! So, much like my plants that have happily moved with me to the new location, I will be soaking up the light and the air and the view of green things growing outside. Granted, the direct view is actually the 5th floor of the Marriott Suites Hotel, but if you look to the right, there are hills and trees and life! It's wonderful!

I just found out that another gal in my building is also a Galloway runner! Neat-o. Our training group (the Tribe) has started it's second session of Half training, so I passed the word to her to see if she'd be interested in coming along. She's considering it!

How did I find out? Well, I spent a nice chunk of time this afternoon talking with one of the office runner guys. I always admired him and the other runners getting out there at lunchtime for their runs. I still do, in a way - I don't run at lunch. I walk, now, usually. I can't be bothered to sweat that much at work, only to have to shower and fix my hair All Over Again. Not even the Aquanet helmet can save my hair from run-damage and sweat, so we won't be going there.

So, we talked and he actually invited me.. Me.. ME!? to run Pints to Pasta with him in September. Here's one of my sorta role models, and he's inviting me to run with him for this thing.

Internally, I'm all.. "Duuuuude, really?"

Of course externally I'm gracious and glad "That would be great, it sounds like a lot of fun!"

And then internally I'm back to "No freakin' way!" and "You've got to improve your speed, NOW"

Heh. I'm better now, much more calm and less spastic, but that's only because it's a long time until September.

I've turned the Spark menu plan back on, on my Nutrition tracker. Yea, I turned it off, thinking I could manage well enough without it. The current plateau since March says otherwise. I'm back on plan, back in range (mostly.. d*mn those almonds and pineapple angelfood cake last night!) and feeling a little less frantic. I'm still not focusing on releasing weight (says the woman who signed up for yet another weight loss challenge, this time with the Galloway SP team!) but expect my weight will decrease as my fitness increases, as long as I can balance out my nutrition a bit better.

I'm learning.. over and over again.. that you cannot control everything. You cannot control people's actions, the world at large, nature - so why fight it? Give up the fight and control what you can - your own emotions, your own reactions, your own destiny, your own path. Find that calm serene place, behind your eyes, within your soul, on the pavement, in your rushed breath.. find it, center in on it, and let the storm around you surge while you gather your bearings and ride it out.

The storm will pass, and you'll find yourself where you need to be. I am where I need to be. I'm finding my path, and while it's bumpy, it is not without its rewards.

Today, I'm bloomin'. Today, I'm happy to be me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GAYLEP67
    Great solution to your Garmin crapping out on you Candy! And case you haven't figured it out yet, you're a "runner girl". You may not be at the same level as some of the runners that you admire but you are a runner nonetheless and I know that as you keep going, you will be (if you already aren't) a runner that others look up to. You are inspiring and motivational so why not?

    Love the new "airy" workspace and I'm totally envious of the amount of space AND your window!

    3660 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6896537
    You are SO bloomin my friend! Isn't it incredible to look back and see how far we've come? I am SO stuck in a plateau right now and can't seem to dig deep enough to find the desire to push through it but this blog has helped me see that it is indeed worth it!

    And btw....LOVE the new digs! It looks so much brighter and happier.

    Keep up the awesome work Candy. You are such an inspiration to me!

    3661 days ago
    What a great blog Candy! And thanx for reminding me it is up to me. Congrats on the new window, I do wish I worked on the riverfront! Pints to Pasta was one of my favorite races last year, you should do it.
    3663 days ago
    emoticon office. Love all the windows and a spot for your plants.

    Congrats on the invitation to the Pints to Pasta run.

    I love the last three paragrahs of your blog. Those truly struck a cord with me. Some days I wonder how to get it all done and still take care of me. I just need to remember control what I can, not what I can't. Need to take care of body and soul.

    emoticon emoticon

    3663 days ago
    Oh! I'm jealous of your windows in your office! But seriously, thanks for the inspiration.
    More minutes indeeed.
    3664 days ago
    Well, June is starting off in the right direction for you. Maybe it will be just another month "a month" but then again it may be a "A+ month.

    Sun shining in through those windows would help me dramatically. I am sure they will do the same for you.

    Good luck running with your idol this September and on your nutrition tracking.

    Anne emoticon
    3664 days ago
    What a great blog! And I admire your courage to take on a bigger challlenge with a role model who invited you to run with him. Wow.....I usually crawl away into a corner muttering indecipherable excuses about why I can't. You said, "Sounds like fun!" WOW!!!!

    Great office...there's nothing like sunshine (or at least LIGHT!)!

    I also like the way you're just getting "more" minutes --- not a big bull's eye target of "x" number of minutes...but a determination to improve, increase effort and grow..

    You'll make it...there's no'll succeed.
    3664 days ago
    Great office. Congrats! Loved your determination to run regardless of Garmin. Keep on sweatin' and writing about it. You are so very encouraging and honest!
    3664 days ago
    Love your new office! How awesome! Windows... I love the stability ball you've got tucked away under your desk there... LOL! I keep thinking I might try it at work. It's got to be more comfortable than my chair!

    Great blog too! You've got a lot of insight and I just love your approach to life. I'm happy you are you and I'm really happy to call you my friend! You rock girl! Congratulations on your MANY successes!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3664 days ago
    Your office is beautiful. Way to go with the run-you will do great because you are a runner!!
    3664 days ago
    You rock it sister! I'm trying to focus on every month being just a little better than the last one. We can and will do this! Proud of you!!!

    3664 days ago
    Your blog inspired me today =) After a few stormy months of trying to control everything and everyone around me, I really appreciate your words of wisdom to "find it, center in on it, and let the storm around you surge while you gather your bearings and ride it out." I think I just might take June and make it mine!

    3664 days ago
    Candy, you make me GRIN! Very exciting esp when we look back a few months ago when you were wishing for people to run with! You've come a long way, baby!
    3664 days ago
    Inspirational words! You are doing so well!
    3664 days ago
    Loved your blog!! :)
    I am also a professional sweater now and loving it!! lol
    3664 days ago
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