I Did It!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I did it, I ran my first 5K. And I didn't just do it, which was sort of the original goal, I actually ran the entire way!

The day before I went to pick up my race packet. I was getting really anxious about the entire ordeal. The sky was emptying, and I was terrified of running in the rain since I had never done it before.

But, my husband helped me, and I picked up my materials. I got a cute little shirt which was a nice little motivator. I can do this.

Saturday night I laid out all my gear, wrote out a morning schedule, and went to bed early. I tossed and turned most of the night paranoid I would oversleep my alarm and miss the race (even though the wake up time was pretty much my normal wake up time). Woke up and ate...had a Sausage muffin, which probably wasn't the best breakfast but it was filling and did the trick.
I also drank a small coffee with milk- just for an extra little boost from the caffeine- hey anything to help right?

We got there early, that way parking wouldn't be stressful. My husband was nice enough to drive and wait around with me. While waiting, a coworker called me and said she would like to run together. We had just discovered that each other was racing on Friday. She wanted to run the whole way, but didn't have anyone to run with. I told her I probably wouldn't keep up with her, but would love to start off together.

Finally, after a silly 80's warmup, and watching the half marathoners take off, it was time. Last minute I realized I did want my phone and headphones even though I didn't have an arm band to wear it. Once again, my husband came through and he ran the stuff over to me.

We're off! There were a lot of people starting at once (even though they were staggering the times), so I didn't feel pressure to go fast. My coworker was a little faster than me, but not by much. I started off listening to Pantera, but switched over to Ghostland Observatory pretty quick. Before no time, we were already at the one mile marker and volunteers were handing over water. Gulped down a little cup- but probably could have done without it. And then soon enough, we were going around the turn around point - HALFWAY- and we were still running (at a slow pace, but running!).
At one point, I slowed down for about 30 seconds, but quickly picked up pace again. My coworker ended up leaving me behind, but it was great- I was still going, I was still running!
Finally- there was the finish line I could see it- and I was still going.
For the last leg, I pushed and ran as hard as I could. The end was great, people were cheering, and little kids were offering their hands out for high fives.
I crossed the finish line, and slowed down. In my head all I could think was, "don't puke, don't pass out" and I didn't.
I wandered around until I found Adam (he had run back to the car, and I finished so fast, he missed me at the end- which was ok- he tried!)

I got a medal, some chocolate, and a glass of champagne (and the glass). How cool is that?

Cool thing- looking at the pictures of this- I just couldn't think about being fat or not liking myself - I mean there I am and I just ran a race! The girl (30 pounds lighter ago) who couldn't jog a mile in high school ran 5K. It is a really great feeling.

My goal was to run at least a mile of it, and to finish in under 45 minutes.

End result:
*Ran the whole way!
*Finish time: 38:31, pace of 12:26

Kinda sore today- was really sore that night- but it was well worth it!!!
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