Welcome Home Elianna!! (I wrote a novel)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ok, I tend to go way too deep into details when I type up these things... so I will be as brief as possible. ---(I just wrote a novel..... oy. And this is me being BRIEF)

On June 1st I went into my last dr's appt (baby was due May 31st), where the doctor had informed me that I was less than a cm dialated, the baby was not dropping and she was also measuring very large (she had been measuring large since I was 31 weeks, but we had an ultrasound and everything came out normal). So dr. informed me that because of all these factors, my pelvis (I have no hips whatsoever) was most likely too small to fit a large baby through. So I was at high risk for c-section. She had recommended inducing on that day to see if baby would drop during labor so that I could have a natural vaginal birth. I Had reluctantly agreed to the induction, but scheduled the appt later that night so that I could go home and just relax.

Once hubby and I got home, I started feeling really sick, sore from the dialation check (she had really dug deep! ouch!!) and emotional due to REALLY not wanting an induction or c-section.. but we just prayed and gave the stress and worry over to God. I asked hubby if we could go out to eat so that I could just get out of the house and have a nice relaxing meal. When we got back home, I was still very sore from the dialation check and felt like baby was squirming onto some really bad spots, so we went to bed to take a nap.. and I was unable to even lay down because of the pain. I started getting really worried and asked hubby to call the doctor. So we did, and she asked if we were timing the pains.. I said that my stomach was not tightening at all so they can't be contractions. So she said just go to the hospital.

We started packing the last minute stuff in the hospital bag before our trip to the hospital. And the pains started getting worse, so I told hubby to grab the ball and rub it on my back to see if they were contractions. It helped! So then I started timing them. We got into the car, and after a few minutes I got the pain. Then 5 minutes later another.. and then 3 minutes later another.. and another 3 mnutes after that. I was SO excited! NATURAL LABOR!! I was SO happy and SO excited!!

Once we got to the hospital and I was strapped into the monitors, I informed them that the contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart. She asked me on a scal of 1-10 how bad are they.. I said about a 3 or 4. So she was watching the monitors as I had a few more pains and she did a dialation check - still less than a cm dialated!!! WHAT????? It was then that she said.. "you are not in labor, we will still be inducing tonight."

I was heartbroken. I even cried.

From this point forward, the pains started getting a lot stronger, and closer together.. so I don't know the time frame of how things went down at this point. But I will give approximates!

After maybe 2 hours, the pains were still about 2 minutes apart, but now they were probably a 5 or 6. The nurse did another check and said that I had progressed to 2 cm.. but would not be considered to be "in labor" until I was 4 cm.

Another hour went by again... and now the pains were about 1-2 minutes apart, and were about a 7 or 8 on the pain scale. It was bad. Hubby was coaching me with the slow "cleansing" breaths that we learned in our birthing class. I had never learned the quick lamaze breathes, and really didn't want to.. so we stuck with the slow breaths.

It was not about 6:00pm (induction was scheduled for 8:00pm) and the nurse came in to insert the induction thingy (this was supposed to put you into natural labor before giving you pitocin). At this point I was questioning if the pain was worth it.. and if we should just get it done and over with by going straight to c-section? She said I was at very high risk for c-section, but I should at least give the induction a chance and see what happens. So I said ok and she went digging to place it in, as she was digging she had noticed that I was finally 4cm dialated!! Woo hoo!! No need for induction. I'M IN LABOR!!! ...and LOTS OF PAIN!!!! Mind you, it's been about 4 or 5 hours since we had gotten to the hospital (and I was having 3-5 minute apart contractions when we got there). So.. knowing that I am ONLY 4 cm dialated.. and the contractions are 1-2 minutes apart and at a level 7 or 8.. I still had a LONG ways to go.

I really wanted and prayed for a natural drug-free birth... but this was just getting too much. Labor is not suposed to be this long! And you aren't supposed to get 1 minute apart contractions until it's time to push. So I asked for an epidural :(

The anesthesiologist came in and started prepping my back for the epidural.. and I started getting really nervous. I did not want the epidural. The thought of not being able to move my legs due to them being so numb scared me. The fear of him missing my spine and paralyzing me scared me, the thought of having long term affects scared me. So as he was just about to stick me.. I turned it down and said I didn't want it. He looked at me.. blinked a couple of times... and said "fine." I felt bad that he had prepped everything and appologized several times to him.

Then another hour went by.. pain was now a level 9. I couldn't take it anymore. I was ready for the epidural. Anesthesiologist came in again.. I asked him if he could give me the absolute lowest amount. I wanted to continue to be able to move my legs, and feel the contractions. I took a deep breathe, squeazed Dan's hand.. and then got my epidural.

It took a few minutes to kick in. I started to feel my legs get numb... but I was still able to move them so I was happy. Then I started feeling a contraction... but there was no pain at all!! I was so relieved. The nurse then administerd the pitocin to speed up labor. At this point I was able to grab my phone and start updating facebook.. lol!

A while later (I have no idea how long) I was typing a message to a friend on facebook as my water broke. It literally POPPED. The sound was loud enough that the babies heart monitor picked up the sound and hubby heard it. I was feeling pretty good at this point and said.. "whooOOP!! Water broke! :)"

Nurse came in, and informed us that I was now 6 cm dialated. Not too long after this I became a full 10 cm!! But baby was still not fully lodged.. so they were still concerned about c-section. They had called the dr. and said she would be here in about a half an hour. About 20 minutes later the nurse came in for another check, and said "you may not be doing very much pushing... baby is already down very low!" WOO HOO!

Doctor arived 10 minutes after that! When they were pulling the stirrups out, the went to lift my legs up into them.. but my legs were still not fully numb so I was able to lift them up myself. I was very proud of this..... not sure why. :P

Then came the pushing! I did a total of 3 30 second pushes and baby was out in about 15 minutes! Woo hoo!! And then came about 45 minutes of being stitched up. Yeah... that last bit may have been a bit too much info. But oh well. :)

I had a 14 hour labor. Elianna measured 19 inches and weighed a total of..... 7 1/2 lbs!!!! Big baby?? The dr. had straight up said "this birth was a miracle.. you and that baby proved me wrong!"

We found out the reason that she was measuring so large was because there was a LOT... I'll say it again.. a LOOOT of amniotic fluid in there! And this was AFTER my water had already broke. They had to mop the floor. LOL. Again... too much info :P

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    Awesome!!! I can totally relate to your concerns about inductions and c-sections. I also understand having close, strong contractions but not much dilation to show for it! I'm amazed that you got that baby out so quickly. She's beautiful!
    3616 days ago
    Great birth story!! Elianna is such a pretty name, too... I'm sure you know this, but it means "G-d answers" in Hebrew. :) She's so beautiful!
    3625 days ago
    Yay, this was not a long story at all, I enjoyed reading it :) . I was also told my baby would be large because I also had a LOT of amniotic fluid, which is what most of my weight gain was! I am so glad you got to have a vaginal birth, because C-sections are not fun! *HUGS* to you and your family!
    3627 days ago
    Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! Thanks for sharing your birth story!
    3627 days ago
    There's never TMI when it comes to childbirth-anyone wating to read a birth story knows it's gonna be messy! ;)
    I'm so glad you were able to have the birth you wanted, and not an induction. They did the same with my ds. We had an u/s at about 37 weeks and they said he was already over 8 lbs at that point. They wanted to induce at 41 weeks, but luckily I was already dialated to 4cm when I got there. They did use pitocin for some reason, though, at the beginning. :? Anyway, he ended up being 8 lbs 1 oz! Lol BIG? *I* was 9 lbs 12 oz and my mom had me completely natural!
    I'm curious how big this little boy is going to be. :) I can't wait!! Congrats again, and I enjoyed reading your story.
    3627 days ago
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

    3627 days ago
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    LOL I love this blog!!! CONGRATS!! And don't even worry about TMI -- I do the same thing when I talk about my kids births!! oh yeah--and the pop? TOTALLY know what you mean!
    3627 days ago

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    3627 days ago
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