Victories despite the scale...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanks to the Sunny Gals Team challenge this week, I get to take a minute to look at what I'm accomplishing on this journey, despite what the scale says. This is such a good thing to think about....

Something I feel everyday is my strength. I feel really strong and healthy! I can run and sprint and it doesn't take long to recover my breath. I can run up flights of stairs and not be winded..-even in 5" heels! haha

I'm real flexible and can jump up off the floor at a moments notice. I run to chase after people on the movie sets and to get things. I'm fast too! :D It feel good to my body to move like that. I run to my car and sometimes thru the stores when I'm in a hurry. Even in heels! haha

My face is slimmer, legs are tone and my arms are too. I feel nice curves in my arms and can see definition. Buns are tight! Must be all that runnin'! haha

I get compliments on my progress and younger men seem to notice me! lol

I have a ways to go but realizing the scale doesn't define what's happening on my journey is refreshing because I feel strong...I feel flexible...I feel young...and I feel amazing!

I'm getting better, stronger, faster! :D

*How's that Sunny D?!* :D
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