My Inner Beast

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have been thinking a lot about the animal that represents my Inner Sexy Beast.. My animal is.... A Tiger!!

Here are the reasons why... I have listed these things before but I really feel like these things pertain to me.

1. Every single tiger in the world has their own distinct pattern of stripes.
I am one of a kind just like the tiger! I can't be duplicated! I am strong, powerful and determined. I am unique and beautiful just like the tiger!

2. All species of tigers are extremely territorial.
I am extremely protective of my family and close friends. If anyone hurts them I am ready to pounce! I am very loyal and will be a true friend. I put myself aside at times to help my friends.

3. Tigers are like arrows.
The word tiger means arrow and the name came to be due to the comparison between the speed of the animal and an arrow. An arrow is also fixed on a specific target. My specific target is to lose this weight. No matter how long it takes I am going to lose this weight.

4. Tigers are not easy to catch.
I don't want to ever let my old habits catch up with me again. I want to leave all those bad habits behind and not look back.

5. A tiger can leap forward up to 33 feet at a time.
I want to leap towards my goals and conquer this weight that i feel is holding me down.


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