All pizza are NOT created equal

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A few days back, the hubby and I were out shopping. I needed a new sports bra and he just wanted out of the house. It was around lunch time so we decided to get some food from the mall. (Mistake #1) I decided to let the hubby chose where we would have lunch. (Mistake #2). He chose Sbarro Pizza.

Now, I have had pizza before and have been well within my calories. In fact, about a week ago I ordered pizza and was able to have 2 slices!! It was marvelous! Mushroom, black olive, tomato and pineapple. (sounds weird, but SO good!) So I thought to myself that if I just have one slice w/o sides, I should be ok. I looked for cheese only, but they were out. I opted for Spinach and mushroom.

The pizza was ok, but not great. It wasn't even that filling. Within about an hour the hubby and I decided to build a salad at the grocery stores salad bar. (Mistake #3)
My salad consisted of spinach, red, green and yellow bell pepper, black olive, a little crab meat, marinated artichoke hearts and a boiled egg. The dressing was a vinaigrette. (I know, I'm not a foodie, don't judge.) :)

Here comes the moment of truth. I go to enter my calories. I figured the pizza would be kind of high on the chart but I had no idea how high. I looked it up on the internet and the first thing that shows up says one slice is 711 calories. WHAT??? This has got to be wrong! I try another site, 710 calories. Really?? Seriously?? Crap! Ok, one more site. 711 calories. Well shoot. My calories for the day are totally hosed.

I'm afraid to enter the salad. I do anyways. One veggie at at time. I always add everything before I look, because I'm afraid that I might try and adjust things. If I enter all my food and THEN look at the nutrition info I tend to be more honest with myself. salad.. 458 calories! What the What?? How is that possible??? I look through the ingredients and artichoke hearts are crazy full of calories! 300 of my calories came from the artichoke heats. Sheesh!

Now, it's about 1pm. I have more than used up my calories and I feel SO guilty! I text my friend and i get told, 'This is why you don't eat pizza."

I then make a decision. Today is a flop. I will try and eat reasonably the rest of the night and just try again tomorrow. I'm not going to starve myself all evening, that's just silly. So, I have a snack, and I have dinner. My calories, carbs and fat are off the charts. I'm bummed, but it's ok. I'm realizing more and more the 'journey' aspect of this. One day should not derail me. One bad meal should not cause so much guilt. As long as this one day doesn't become everyday and as long as I continue to work hard and learn from my mistakes I should be fine.

I like that I seem to learn something new everyday. I am constantly challenged to perform better, eat better, live better and I like that. So while all pizza may not be created equal, each day comes with an equal chance at being a good day. So if one goes wrong, you can always look forward to tomorrow.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Haha! I didn't say it was YOU! But it was. ;) And I think the whole food court thing (should have been already) is off limits. I was aghast!

    Oh! I love the idea of marinating our own! They are SO delicious! (Who came up with the idea to eat that??)
    3653 days ago
    Ok ok, that's why you don't eat Sbarro! But you are correct, just because you can get away with it one place doesn't mean it works everywhere.
    The thing about the artichoke hearts is that they are packed in oil. Maybe we should marinate our own, since naturally they are actually very low cal and healthy!
    On the bright side, now we have the hard facts on this particular food court foe :)
    3653 days ago
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