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Thursday, June 30, 2011

So you want to know what I finally did?
First let me explain I am very much in to stretching, pilates and yoga.
I pride myself on being as flexible as I am for someone who was such a couch potato and obese for so long.
I start every morning with stretches then some pilates. I end every night with yoga.
One of the moves I was trying to do consists of sitting with your legs out in the front in wide V shape. Then bend down and touch your head to your left knee then the right knee. Still sitting in that position bend forward and touch your head to the floor.
I could touch my head to my left knee, but was 3 inches or so from touching the right knee. I was 6 inches from touching my head to the floor.
It's been about two weeks or so since I tried to do all movements.
Today I tried again.
I sat and put my legs out to the side , I leaned over and I keep going slow but steady and I touched my head to the floor. I sat up amazed I had done it.
I leaned over and tried it again, sure enough I could touch my head to the floor.
I must have done it 6 or 7 times. Holding each time for a few more seconds.
Then I tried the head to the right knee, I could do that too. It's not as flexible as head to left knee, but I can do it. Word of caution, never try to do this by bobbing up and down to get to the floor. You could hurt your back,. It has to be one movement. Slow and steady. Hold for a second or so and raise slowly up.
You are probably asking yourself, Why, is she so excited about this? And why do I even want to be able to do something like touch my head to my knees or the floor.??
I want to do it, because I used to be able too. I like being flexible, with my arthritis and getting older I think it's important to be as flexible as you can be.
I love pilates and yoga so the more flexible I am the more I can do and the more I enjoy it.
Probably I want to do it because I can.
For so long I couldn't bend down to touch my toes. I had to ware slip on shoes, couldn't lean over to tie shoes with laces. Or buckle sandal's.
My stomach was so big, I looked pregnant,but my age said that was not possible.
My back would hurt so bad, from all the weight I could barely move let alone be bending down for anything.
I couldn't sit on the floor, for I couldn't get up without help.
Always had a fear of falling and having to call 911 for help.
I do remember one time getting down, I slipped on a stool that broke under my weight. I had to crawl over to a sturdy chair and with the grace of God I managed to pull myself up. Nothing was broke, but I never tried to step up on some little stool to change a light again. I didn't have a step stool that would support my weight. Most stools only support up to 250 lbs, sometimes 300 lbs. I was 335 or more at the time of my mishap with the stool.
Speaking of changing lights. I had to do that this week. No more calling my son in law or Grandson for that chore. I got up on the step stool. ( I have one now that supports up to 250 lbs. I have weight to spare. ) I changed 2 kitchen bulbs myself. I also climbed up on my bed to change the ceiling fan light.
There are so many little thing that most people take for granted . But to the obese even the simplest chore can be impossible to accomplish..
I had a good water aerobics class today. I did 90 minutes of cardio and then 15 minutes water jogging and another 15 minutes swimming laps.
Before the class I hit the gym's machine for some leg and upper body strength training. Used 10 machines 2 sets of 10 reps each. After that the water felt really good.
I had started out this morning with a big 8oz. protein fruit smoothie. I drink lots of water while at the gym, usually over two big bottles.
When I got home I was hungry, had my snack of grapes and a Babybel cheese.
I wrapped up my office work. Answered my mail, and checked in on Spark .
Had a pork loin roast marinating in the fridge for 24 hours so I browned all sides as cooked it in the oven. Just tasted it, very good. Used a hot spanish rub on it.
Put a little lime on it now and it brings out the flavors so well.
My girl friend Pam from my aerobics class made some veggie quinoa and brought me some. So that's dinner with a salad.
Salads are very much a part of my food plan.
I had lunch at Red Lobster yesterday.
I had checked the menu on line, so knew what I was going to eat.
I decided to have one of the famous cheese biscuit, 150 calories.
A side salad with the dressing on the side.
The crab legs, a small serving of wild rice pilaf and broccoli.
I ate the salad, small amount of blue cheese dressing on the side. I dip my fork in the dressing and then the salad. I ate my biscuit. It was so good. When you have a food that's not on you food rotation, a sort of no no food. it always tastes good.
When my entrée came I only ate part of it. I was full from the salad and biscuit.
So I had the crab and pilaf for my lunch today. Added some veggies and a sliced tomato.
I always track my food the day I am going to eat.
There was a poll the other day , the question was, "How do you use the nutrition tracker?"
37% said they use it after they eat to see how many calories they consumed. Isn't that like shutting the gate after the cow's have got out? Why guess at what calories you are getting or the nutritional value of the food. After you have ate it, you can't un eat it, if its too much. At least I hope not.
In the poll 27% said they track before eating to stick with their food plan.
I'm part of the 27%. I want to know the calories. The protein, the carbs and the sodium. If any one food group is too high, I can make a change, no damage done.
I think that is the sensible way to go.
Maybe at sometime in the far future I won't feel the need to track ahead . But it's so easy to do every morning or the evening before.
I have food groups , and my favorite so it doesn't take much time .
There were some people who only track when they feel like they have over ate and want to know how much. Then some said they never track.
I thought I would rest this afternoon.
I had looked in the office, thought about going on Spark..
Also looked at my work table with all the bead boards and unfinished jewelry pieces.
But also glanced at the bed in my nice semi dark room and it looked so inviting.
thought a little nap sounded nice.
But the dog wanted to play and since I am gone a lot I had to play with Titan,
After he got tired and wanted to lay down, I did my yoga and then I decided to Spark. I might even finish a necklace, I feel energized now. No time for naps.
I have taken a rest on certain days. When I am going to be out late and have been up since 5:30am and maybe worked out for 3 hours or so.
They say if you need to nap everyday, you are not getting enough regular sleep.
I have been sleeping very good.
I think my workouts help in that department.
I know I hardly watch TV any more.
The other night I watch Masterpiece Theater, now that was good. HBO has some good series, Showtime and Starz, AMC , BBC, PBS , sometimes. And of course the food networks. Love the cooking shows.
One more day of this month. Can you believe 6 months of this year have passed?
I had set a goal of being at my finale weight by the end of July.. But won't quite be there. If I had the tummy tuck I might have made it. Not sure how much will go when that procedure takes place, At least 10 pounds. So I will be close.
I have to wait for the till the first of the year. Need to complete my knee surgery first. My insurance only covers two surgical procedures per year unless an emergency. Two total knee replacement are this year. Tummy tuck is next year. and a carpel tunnel surgery on my right arm.
I think that will complete my surgeries. Unless I have a nip tuck in the neck area. But I have to cover that myself, so might try Lipo Lift, keep seeing it on TV. Going to ask my doctor about it.
OK that's enough about me. Pretty soon you will know all my secrets. I am such an open book. Smile!!
Thought for today:"We must accept errors, our own and other people's, if we are to learn from them."
Have a great 4th of July weekend..
Take care, enjoy and be safe.
Peace and Love
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good grief, you are AMAZING, Tisha! What a wonderful discovery of a longtime goal reached at last, by sheer gumption of hanging in with your commitment! Me too -- when I want a fresh dose of that attitude, this is where I can get it: from you.

    3630 days ago
    Wow--you should be proud of yourself for being so flexible. I am very "unbendy" as we call it in my family. Just stiff from so many years of being morbidly obese. It really was hard on my joints! And now even though there's less weight on them, they're still not very good.

    I usually guess-timate what I'm eating before I enter it into my food journal, then when I actually enter it, I like the surprise of seeing how low I actually was. Sometimes if I KNOW what I'm going to have, however, I go ahead and put it in. I guess it's whatever works best for you.

    The pregnancy thing is funny. I had to have an x-ray for my kidney stone a week or so ago. The tech asked me if I was pregnant. I'm sure it's a question they ask all women, but it still surprised me. At 60, the answer is a definite NO. But I told her, "Thanks for asking."
    3633 days ago
    I completely understand your joy. I used to be quite flexible as well. Fibro has made me stiff and sore and one of the things I would take great joy in would be a return to some of my flexibility. I should do more yoga. It doesn't really hurt as much as other exercises, I just find that I get frustrated with the complete lack of movement in my body. You have inspired me to keep trying. Perhaps, one day, I will touch my head to a knee or even the floor.
    3635 days ago
    You are amazing! Way to go with your flexibility and the way you're living your life now.
    3635 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9394210
    I did a little bit of pilates on a DVD and i had sore abs for 2 days! emoticon
    And if ever I can touch my head where you can touch it,you bet your small bootie that i'll be announcing it here too! emoticon emoticon
    3637 days ago
  • JILL313
    As usual, I love your blog and I always love how open and honest you are!! It's a great accomplishment to be flexible again like you are--WOO HOO!! You are an amazing Lady and live the life most would envy. Have a great 4th of July--I know you will!!


    3637 days ago
    Hurray for nonscale victories! Have a wonderful weekend!
    3637 days ago
    As someone who used to be flexible, and no longer is, I know that was quite an accomplishment! Wonderful!
    3637 days ago
    I love Red Lobster and is is one of the easiest restaurants to eat on plan.

    It's great to be smaller and more flexible!!
    3638 days ago
    Your blog makes me feel energized. I remember when I was trying to touch my knee to my chin ... so .. long ago. .. You've come a long way and are making really wise choices. This is what I will learn to do.
    3638 days ago
    You are simply awesome! I love yoga too, and I love to try to get as flexible as I can. My back is fused due to scoliosis surgery, so I can't all of it, but I try.
    I would love to make jewelry like you do!! So talented!
    I also like to track my food ahead of time, so I know how much I am eating.
    You have an awesome weekend!
    3639 days ago
    "Probably I want to do it because I can. " Sounds like an excellent reason to me!!
    As always, I enjoyed hearing about your day and your thoughts. I learn so much and you always make me think about things.

    I am LOL about learning all your secrets! I am sure you have alot of secrets that we would LOVE to hear! Whenever you want to share! emoticon

    You have a great weekend too!
    PS. I made it to One-derland this week! emoticon
    3639 days ago
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