Happiness and frustration! Vacation 7 days out

Monday, July 04, 2011

Ok so my reservation for my class reunion is in and I leave in 7 days. Glad I didn't really buy a whole lot of clothes cause I went down more in sizes. 8 re definitely out of the closet and medium shirts are getting too big. Really hadn't planned on getting to this weight but I have been doing the mega load of toning. Cardio is integrated with weights, stretches, and good old fashioned sit ups and push ups. I have also really gotten into swimming. I started doing just 30 minutes of laps just regular old freestyle. No up to 60 minutes of free, breast stroke, and back stroke. I have really noticed a leaner look and my stamina has increased. It has helped my running by training me to breath better. My arms have toned up considerable and the low impact nature has given me less achy joints. I'm glad our base here has an indoor pool cause I am going to be able to continue in the winter. So a 90 minute cardio strength workout 6 days a week and 5 days a week of lap swimming for 60 minutes and I have managed to get down to 132.6 and firmly into small and extra small shirts and size 4 pants. I know that I am feeling and looking the best I can at 44 with four sons. I know I can upkeep this cause I love working out and feeling strong. Setting goals and exceeding them and now that I am varying my workouts there is no boredom factor. I am looking into spin classes next and bought a step and some videos. I am still a slave to the scale but I always will be to keep me in check. Only down side have had are the negative comments. People! I can't control where my weight comes off and sadly for me my face and shoulders seem to be the drastic ones. Yes I agree my face is too thin, yes my collar bones stick out, but I eat healthy, work out and take care of myself better than ever. I don't smoke, rarely drink, don't wear makeup to save my skin. I drink tons of water. Why is it that when you lose weight the haters come out but to your face! If I gained 100 pounds they would still hate but they wouldn't come up to me in public and say good god are you sick what happened ? Have you seen a doctor? Yes I'm leaner but insecure feelings are still there and easily hurt. If had always looked this way no big deal but because I chose to get fit and choose a healthier way to live and eat there is something wrong. Recently read a article on liarters. People who eat publicly to hold off criticism. That is so becoming me. If I'm out with friends and order a salad or fruit they make negative comments in being too thin, or enough already treat yourself. Uhhh HELLO I didn't work my ass off for six months to go right back to the way I was eating and gain it all back. I made a decision for a lifetime change. Yes it sucks sometimes I can't pig out and eat all day anything I want but who can without paying a heavy price? That is why we as a country are so overweight. By indulging in whatever we want without a care as too what may happen. And it's not just weight but health problems too. So now I just order the frigging pizza and work it off later. It's much easier and I don't have to defend my right to be thin and healthy. And that my friends in a nut shell is what got us all on here. The attitudes of those close to us and the public in general. You are dammed if you do dammed if you don't!
So as I begin to pack this week I am proud of the clothes I get to pack. And the hard work it took to get me here. I revel in my stronger healthy body and the perfect blood work I just had come back. 44 and I have perfect cholesterol, perfect pressure, perfect sugar, perfect for me BMI to go with my , yes I still have stretch marks, and cellulite, and wrinkles, but perfect for me image in the mirror!
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    Thanks y'all!
    3643 days ago
    Just ignore the negative comments ... those people are probably the ones that need to lose weight and are jealous!

    3643 days ago
    emoticon inspiration. I can s0 relate to the haters. For me it's my parents andthankfully my friends would never say anything like that to my face b/c I think they know they wouldn't be friends for long if they did, lol.
    3643 days ago
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