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Thursday, July 07, 2011

hmmm . . .where do I start?

Well school is out for me now for a while. I finished my first major educational goal and am excited about it. Just a couple more classes at that institution for one additional certification (three classes). I have applied to another school and am just waiting to hear back from them. Probably in just a couple more weeks and I will start in October if everything works out.

I am working/interning/volunteering whatever you want to call it and have been for some time now. I am still where I started with my internship but that is over and I put in more hours. The biggest problem, is funding and there is no funding to actually hire me right now so it is just a waiting game. In my area there are only two places that work with adolescents in the addictions world and that is what I want to continue doing so I must just wait for something to open up, hopefully at the place I am at.

The kids are doing great. They are loving summer and I hardly see them since they are always out and about with their friends and stuff.

Even with all that we already are doing we still try to find time to volunteer in other places. This up coming weekend we will be at Relay for Life. That should fun! Looking forward to it. Helping, having fun, and sunshine, what more can a person ask for?!?!?!?!?!

So where have I been? Life just got way to hectic and had to cut so,e things out, mostly computer time. Unfortunately I have also been on a horrible track recently. I have just gone in a poor direction. I hope to be getting back to where I was a bit quicker this time. I just need to take some baby steps to start. But at least I am starting again. That's a plus.

So, enough about me right now. . .how are all of you???

~we can, we will, we are doing this~

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