Thursday, July 07, 2011

I am pulling myself out of a slump. I hope the times I spend down there are getting shorter and shorter, but sometimes it is hard to tell.

I know what did it:
-end of the school year/part of my Masters program madness
- decision to start trying to have a baby and the stress I was putting on myself
- anger at myself for that decision not resulting in a positive result month 1
- stress over roommate moving out (still!- think I am over it now)
- completion of one goal without the next one set up to keep the motivation going

Those are the main things. The worst part was the slip back into binge eating. I don't know why I do it when I feels terrible and makes me feel so guilty- and the whole time I convinced myself I would reach out to Spark right after I was done. But then I would put it off.

Another factor was thinking if I am trying to get pregnant, I don't want to track food while I am pregnant. I have been trying really hard to make god choices without tracking. Because when I rely on that, and then I run out of time to do it, I fall apart. So, I want to be able to make good choices without out, but maybe I am not ready to go back there yet.

Anyway- trying a new plan. I really want these lifestyles changes to become my NORMAL HABITS....not what I do to try to lose weight. What if the weight never comes off? I want to love myself even if that happens.
I have a goal sheet with 25 mini goals. (Sounds like a lot, but a few are gimmes that I just want to be able to check off daily like- take your vitamin, drink your water, brush teeth. Some are things I need to make more consistent habits- floss, move at least 10, 20, 30 minutes, eat small meals 5 times per day). I got my baseline data set up, am working on an intervention plan, and reinforcement system (the behaviorist in training inside of me insists that I can use these techniques on myself).
Oh, and I am weighing everyday. Not to obsess over it, but to keep myself informed. I need to see what eating a triple serving of fast food does to me, or a good day does for me...and see how normal the weight fluctuation is.

Another thing on the list- blogging daily. Will probably be mostly here...I promise I am back and will be better than ever.
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    I've just spent the last two weeks pulling myself out of a slump as well. I'm finding that the reaching one goal without another one set up is a major problem for me (and school being out, which throws my whole schedule off). Plus, my new job meant much less walking during the day.

    We're trying something new for the Try, Try Again team - we're starting to set up mini-goals to see if that will help get some motivation going, as well as make us feel better by reaching a series of small goals. Care to try it out? I know DECEMBERLYNN and I both did the first one, and we felt so good about actually getting something small done that we both decided to do another one right away. Maybe you can focus on different types of healthy goals, rather than tracking food - like, planning to eat certain types of food, while avoiding others (which could be even more beneficial leading up to and during pregnancy).

    Let me and your other teammates know if there is anything we can do to help!
    3589 days ago
  • SERENITY0808
    I have the slump award ... stop trying to horn in on my thing. LOL
    My slump was so bad that I just wanted to START COMPLETELY OVER. I gave myself a whole new sparkpage and decided to leave the past in the past. I'm trying very hard to not look back. THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE.

    I'm trying to keep active and positive on this go round. So I know what you're talking about. We can do it together!

    emoticon emoticon
    3592 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8332689
    Well, darlin' girl, you're right back where I am, again. We must be psychically connected or something. LOL!!

    Depending on the tracker is not a bad thing. You're still in the beginning stages, so it's understandable, and if that's what keeps you accountable, do it. It's hard to be dependent on anything, I know, but it's better to use it as a tool to make good choices.

    Have you tried using a word or image trigger? Like something you can think of or look at before making a decision that will help you make a good one? That's what I'm trying to do.

    You can always talk to me if you need to. I'll give you my email if you don't wanna Spark when you feel bad (which I totally understand). Remember, we're all in this together . . .
    3592 days ago
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