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Friday, July 15, 2011

Where does the time go?
I got up at 5:00 this morning to get my office work done. Had the end of the week to get all caught up on. Plus the middle of the month issues that have to be taken care of.
In between I got a little Spark done.
I then went to the gym to workout.
I did a lot better today. Didn't take any pain pills, and did the full workout on my own, no using the noodle to take the weight off my knee. I might not have jumped as high or worked quite as intense as I usually do, but I had my heart rate up there and I felt exhilarated afterwards.
I got in 165 minutes of exercise today, so far this week I have accumulated 870 minutes that's Sunday thru today. I will do at least 150 minutes tomorrow..
My water aerobics instructor, Margie, says I have developed very defined arms and a nice firm booty. The abdomen is getting tighter too. It should be tighter, I do 50 crunches every night before bed. That's on top of all the other things I do during the day.
Turns out exercising is not a problem for me, I like to workout. As long as I am doing something I enjoy .
I came home for lunch and to check on the office messages and return calls, e-mails.
Then I had to run errands, Pick up office mail, bank, mine and business. Stop at the post office, mail a package. Go to grocery store and stop at the tire store.
Seems I have a slow leak in my left front tire. Noticed it yesterday. The assistant manager said something to me about it. So I put air in it, but could hear it hiss as the tire was leaking air.
My son in law said take it to the Tire Store. I asked how much it will cost. He said oh they never charge him. Well they might not charge you, You're there a lot, but they will charge me. But I did stop today , and they told me it was a 3 or so hour wait. I made an appointment to go early in the morning. In the mean time I put more air in the tire. My apartment manager said if I have a problem , he will help me. He's a nice guy,
Sometimes , as much as I love my independence, I miss not having a hubby around to take care of these things. I sort of envy some of the long time happily married women who I know.
I say sort of. I have not had much luck in the marriage department. I think I like my freedom too much. Or never met the right person.
Who knows. What it is , is what it is,
Wore my gorgeous new swim suit today, Oh I can't describe how wonderful I feel in it. It's the colors I love. The style with the shirred drape in front is so flattering. It fits like a glove. My tummy has got so much flatter.
Next week I am going to AT&T and get a smart phone. I will then be able to take picture, even of myself. Well in a mirror that is.
Last Friday I shopped at my favorite GW store and found some terrific bargains.
Two pairs of white linen pants, name brands , a pair of white capri's , a lovely pair of beige slacks. One coral tee top. A pair of Cole Haan thong black sandals, just gorgeous. A pair of white Cherokee leather mules and a pair of water athletic shoes. The water shoes I got for $ 4.99, almost new. I paid $ 79.99 for my other pair. Anyway I got all the items I listed for $ 43.44. Can you imagine.?
One of the linen pants still had the original price tag on them, and they were more than I paid for 4 pair of pant, 1 top and 3 pair of shoes. And ladies if you know about Cole Haan, those shoes are not cheap. I tell you I have the best luck shopping.
This Wednesday was the senior discount day, 10% off. Plus they always have tag 50% off , a different colored tag everyday.
I refrained from buying everything I wanted or thought I wanted. But I could not pass up the brand new swim suit . Still had the original price tag of $69.99, for the low price of $6.99, with my discount I got it for $6.30. How cool is that???? I also picked up a halter swim top, I have swim shorts , for $2.99.
I have decided that is all I can afford this month. I will stay out of the stores.
I am trying to be more responsible with my finances.
I paid off all my credit cards. Cancelled all but 2 and am not going to run up anymore bills. If I can't pay for it , I don't buy it. I am kind of compulsive when it comes to shopping. I wasn't for all my obese years. But now It's like I am ready to enjoy all the beautiful clothes and I have to refrain from going hog wild.
I want to wait now for fall and winter and build up my wardrobe. I should be a nice permanent size 8/10 by then .
You should smell my house right now. I just baked 7 layer brownies.
No, they are not for me. My grandson loves them, Asked for some to take to the church camp he goes to tomorrow for a week. Other grandson wanted some too, but he already left. He will get some when he gets back. The brownies are like the 7 layer cookie bars. But its got a brownie base, with layers of different flavors of chips nuts, coconut, topped with condensed milk and baked. They are very gooey, rich, come in at 260 calories apiece. I will keep two pieces. Split them up into four pieces. They freeze well too. Good thing I am not a chocoholic. They would be half eaten by now. They look and smell so good.
I am supposed to be working on my jewelry that is ordered.
Of course I choose a complicated design to make. A lot of little components I have to put together, before I start putting then on the chain. Getting them all on so the two chains drape just right is always fun . Oh well I have all weekend to work on it. I'll do a few more pieces tonight so I can say I did work on it.
We are having a lovely Art Fair in Bush's Pasture this weekend. A show I have done before, so I do want to go. I will see some of my art friends and catch up on old times. No one from that part of my life has seen me for at least 4 years.
I look a lot different now. I wonder what people will think or say.
I've got the air conditioner on and the house is so cool and feels so nice.
I don't know how people are coping with the sever hot weather without air.
Probably just like I did as a child, we never had air. Of course my Grandmothers house was shaded with huge oak trees. But I remember nights upstairs trying to sleep in the heat of the summer, yeah I remember. I wouldn't want to relive that experience.
My daughter and hubby are away for the weekend. I am in charge of watching the three dogs, Kibbles and Bits who are little white Maltese's and Jack, a golden retriever. They have a doggie door. But I have to feed them.
I also have to water all,( she has a lot) of the plants. Heaven forbid if any of her plants die. Think my son in law would be more upset. He puts in a lot of time working on his yard.
Good thing they have "Mom " to take care of things for them. I don't mind, it's nice to still be needed.
As far as my weight loss goes, it's coming along. Not seeing the big losses that I used to see. But that's to be expected, I am almost at my desired goal. When ever I get there, I get there. I'm not going to do a Biggest Loser and try to force myself to lose weight. As long as I don't see any gain, I am content to let it happen naturally in it's own time.
Well you have the run down on my past week. Once again I have managed to ramble on and on, making a long blog.
To everyone who reads this, thank you for all your support. I log on every morning, looking forward to seeing what everyone is doing. Commenting and clicking the "I like" . I read the comments friends leave, love that. I wish many a morning I could spend more time on Spark. There are so many interesting blogs to read , then I want to comment. I just don't have enough time for all that catches my eye. Maybe this weekend between working on the jewelry, I will get to spend more time on Spark. But in the mean time, I am thinking of you often.
Take care, stay positive.
Thought for today: "Why should I be afraid of looking foolish or too serious ? The only way to avoid mistakes is not to do anything at all."
Peace and Love, Tisha

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Tisha, I'm a little late in reading this but emoticon on those emoticon GW buys. Didn't get there myself this week as too many Dr's appt's with my Mom but will get right back into our weekly visit upon my return from vacation. Hey that gets me thinking, I should do a google search for one up in the Lakes region of NH. Maybe I can visit one on my vacation.
    Hope your having a lovely evening!
    BTW - Is the jewlery making your sole business? Is there a website?
    3611 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9394210
    emoticon emoticon
    3617 days ago
    How fun to get all those new clothes! Congrats on getting your credit cards in shape - did you cut them up in all sorts of little tiny shapes when you paid them off and stashed them away? That is fun, too.
    3619 days ago
    Congrats on the workout with less knee-hassle, Tisha!

    I sooooo relate to that. Me too, occasionally wishing I were 'handier' mechanically or had a spouse or a mom to look after things for me -- but after a quarter century on my own, it would be about impossible to let go of my independence. So, when hired help is beyond my means, I simply shrug and let things go for now.

    BRAVO for the gorgeous new swimsuit, the other bargain pretties -- and for the new phone to come!

    and thank you from my heart for this reminder:

    "Why should I be afraid of looking foolish or too serious ? The only way to avoid mistakes is not to do anything at all."

    3621 days ago
    Tish-Loved reading about your day. Hope the tire problem got fixed today. I depend on hubby for all our car and lawn care.
    I have not been good about practicing restraint when it comes to clothes shopping. It is just so much fun to be able to wear and look good in the smaller sizes--I can't resist. But I'm done now. Gotta save up for that fantastic vacation, somewhere?? and sometime??
    3622 days ago
    Sounds as if you still had a good week. Keep stumbling along - it's the only choice.
    3622 days ago
    You're so busy. That's great. I'm motivated by all you did in ONE DAY.
    Your weight loss is so inspiring. It really helps to see your success, and to know you earned it with your consistent hard work.
    Your clothes shopping experience REALLY makes me envious. I'm going to work, work, work, to get down to a smaller size.
    3622 days ago
    Hey Tish
    Sounds like you had a nice week. Sorry about the car tire. Seems there is always some little something going wrong with them. Hopefully by now you have it fixed.
    Careful what you wish for you might get it. LOL I am talking about a husband to fix things for you. LOL Oh course having a husband DOESN'T mean getting things fixed ALL the time ON time. Sometimes they are more trouble than they are worth. (just kidding) Mine has a "honey-do" list a mile long. But he works hard so I have learned not to push. He will get them done on his own time.

    Talking about getting a smart phone, I just got one yesterday because my old antique one died a few days ago. Let me tell you I have been wrestling with learning to use it. It is very nice and has a camera but I havent figured out how to use half the stuff on it. I think I am going to really like it once I actually read the manual. LOL But I was so excited I just jumped right in on trying everything out. Hey that is what you would have done right? LOL
    I have started asking myself "what would Tisha do"? I know she would pick the MOST adventurous and fun thing first! I love your wonderful outlook on life. emoticon

    Glad you found some good deals at GW. I love to shop there but mostly come out with books or sheets and pillowcases. I use the pillowcases and sheets to make pillowcase dresses for little girls in Africa. They are super easy to make and alot of times I can find brand new sheets packages at GW. Of course I wash them first and pick girly looking ones.

    Wow! The Cole Haan purse was a great deal and so was the swim suit. It is amazing how many things still have the tags on them. I guess people forget to bring them back to stores to exchange and then donate them to GW to get rid of them.

    Sounds like we are both doggie sitting this weekend. I have my daughters yorkie again this weekend. They have gone to Tennesee to do some overnight hiking to prepare for a trip to South America next year in February I think. They are really getting into this hiking stuff. Buying all kinds of clothes and equipment. But they are young and dont have kids yet so I am happy they are enjoying their lives.

    You congratulated my on my 43 lbs weightloss the other day and asked if 50 lbs was my goal. No 50lbs was my FIRST goal. LOL I want to lose another 50 but I might have to adjust that to 40 if I start too look to thin. But I will worry about that when the time comes. LOL

    Well I hope your grandkids enjoy the brownies! Brownies cant come into my house...one of my weaknesses. (bakery items!) But I DO love them. Another friend told me that Pillsbury has come out with a Sugar free brownie mix with Splenda and a SF canned icing too. I dont know if you do Splenda but thought I would pass it on. I know your grandkids should get the real stuff and I dont think you could make yours SF because of the delicious sweetned condensed milk in yours. Your recipe sounds delish tho.
    Sorry, I didnt plan on this being so long. I just love to read your blogs. emoticon

    Take care and have a great weekend. Raining here! but we need the rain. I am planning on finishing up on a small quilted wallhanging for above my sisters couch today. So I dont mind the rain.
    Talk to u later.
    3622 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/16/2011 11:31:21 AM
    Wow, you do more in a day than I do in a week! The brownies sound amazing (I'm not a sweets person myself, thankfully).

    Thank you for sharing your day, I enjoyed reading about it.
    3622 days ago
    I like reading your blogs. Undoubtedly you would be very bored at my house! Have a super fun weekend!
    3622 days ago
  • JILL313
    I always love reading about your busy day and how much you love and do exercising mainly aquatics it seems. Maybe with everything firming up you won't even need that tummy tuck you've talked about. I'm glad your knee isn't bothering you too much. When is your knee scheduled for surgery or is it? Enjoy your weekend my friend. I sure know what you mean about having someone to take care of things we don't especially know much about like car repairs, etc. but on the other hand I'm so set in my ways that no one would put up with me now--LOL!! You are Awesome!!


    3622 days ago
    YUMMMMMMMMMM on those brownies! I love your new suit, and can't wait to see you in it!!
    I am single too, and while most of the time I am ok with it , there are times when it would be nice to have someone here with me. Oh well ,what will be, will be right? We have each other and our health and our spark family, so we are not alone! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3622 days ago


    3622 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/15/2011 10:39:22 PM
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