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Friday, July 22, 2011

My aha moment emoticonarrived last week. I know I'm not alone. Read the success stories, oh wow, great, dang, they worked there butt off, that's gonna be me, but the question was, when? How many of us have said that?

God is Good!

Stress almost took me out! Walking around with overload, when internally my angel was telling me to sit down and let crap/people go! So sick it finally scared me to drive to the ER......I cried when the nurse told me my blood pressure, I cried when in the triage, I realized that I allowed boo boo to make my bp be at heart attack, but more so stroke level, and may have damaged my body, 4 days after a hospital stay I had time to reflect, self get yourself in order, practice what you preach and time to slow the workouts down, your not 26 anymore even tho folks think your younger than what you waaaaay really are, lol! I left with good news, no damage done so far, but avoid stress at all cost and take care of your self, your too young to be carrying so much stress, is what I was told!

So now the scales baby is moving down since the hospital 4lbs to be exact and its only been a week! Keep me prayed up cause of course I want to get back to my workouts, but no can do until my body says its okay, pray for me!

So don't let your body have to tell you what you've known all this journey, slow down, eat better, exercise daily, listen to your body, cut off the negative folks that mean you no good/that you can't help or change (pray for them and leave em where they stand), most of all recognize that STRESS can kill is a true statement, I learned the hard way don't let your life dictate why your still in the shape your in. Beat the stress at the door, before it beats you to the grave! Take 1 day at a time, tell the kids go somewhere and play, walk away from the mate when your on edge, turn away from the drama divas/kings in your circle, and realize without you life would be bland for the others!

Take this as kitty's aha moment for you and make the move today while you still have breath in your body to do it and be a testimony of success who need that extra umph! Small steps to a healthier you!

Now, holla if you feel me~
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